The days are getting noticeably shorter now, often, fog sets across the country. The world is silent, contemplative and the signs that Christmas is coming up, piling up. Now, a time in which we want to take you inside cozy and conjure up a festive atmosphere in our home starts. Especially hobby home improvement interior, but also numerous amateur handyman are now creatively. And rightly so, because the "Feast of Love" offers countless opportunities to live out his creativity.

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Light always plays a big role when decorating for Christmas. It's romantic, atmospheric and brings in the true sense of light in our minds and hearts. No wonder resorting repeatedly on lanterns, lanterns, lights, candle arches and other luminous figures to decorate the home festive. This classic will never get bored, because lamps and lanterns you can re-decorate every year and equip with candles, LED lights or fairy lights. This year is more rustic in terms of decoration's.

Wood, wool, cork, lichen and feathers are in demand this Christmas. So you can thoroughly magical decorate lanterns and lanterns. Also around Arches and characters you can customize lichens, wool and feathers atmospheric decorative landscapes.

But how would it be if you create your very own flying buttress? Unique, no one has. Other figures can be cut out of wood or MDF.

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Such self-designed and crafted things are of course not only exceptional decoration and home accessory, but also a special gift.


Instructions for the design of a Christmas tree in 3D wooden

Draw two fir trees on thin MDF and cut the parts.

Cut then to a tree from top to the middle, and the second from the bottom to the middle as one that can be stuck into each other degree angle, the two parts in the 90th

Make sure that the cuts are not too big and not too small. If they are too narrow, the trees can be difficult or impossible to slide into each other. If they are too wide, they wiggle back and forth and stay sometimes are not correct.

The two fir trees, you can also decorate with circles or patterns. To do record it according to your taste and cut out the inside. By thus created openings you can drag fairy lights and make the tree into an individual lighting object. Or reduce the cut parts accordingly and drill a hole in their edge as well as the opening in the MDF.

With a ribbon you can hang them as Christmas decorations in the openings. As alternatives, you can hang in there and right balls. Depending on your taste you paint then your Christmas tree and all its parts.


Classic balls, tinsel and wooden figures are too boring for you? A very special idea is to hang photos of families and friends on the Christmas tree. This, print your photos about the size of balls and other Christmas tree ornaments made so that the images on the tree act not oversized. You can also then combine your individual jewelry by selling Christmas decorations.

Cut subsequently matching of cardboard or plywood frame (two each in the same size and shape), which connect to each other with craft glue or glue. If you want to exchange your photos once you attach the parts so that a sufficiently large gap remains. Then you can zoom your pictures and slide back. Then, you can still make the frame color and decorate with decorative elements (for example, precious stones, glitter, etc.). Do you color from your individual jewelry on your home or Christmas decoration by printing your photos in black and white or sepia. At the same time creates a romantic and nostalgic touch.

For more nostalgic flair, you can cut the frame in the form of old ornate picture frames and paint them accordingly.

Speaking of nostalgia: We all have somewhere safe in the basement or the attic least a box of old Christmas decorations from the past, from grandma and grandpa. At that time hung especially apples, pears, walnuts and straw stars on the tree. You can now retrieve it and aufhübschen with paint and spray. The moment is right on trend. More inspiration for Christmas decorations are available at