IFOHA manufactures the world's first special foil for gluing door frame!

Bonding instead of painting

Gone are where the door frame had to be painted in painstaking brushwork the times - from now on the door frame in a new record time can be easily covered with an individualized and stylish special film.

Creative door frame design 

The so-called "door frame foil" not only revolutionized the home renovations and reduces the time it takes many times, but also offers completely new possibilities for creative door frame design in office buildings, stores, exhibition stands and so on. From subtle to extravagant, from informative to formative image there is a suitable outfit for every taste and every occasion.

Many colors are available

The self-adhesive special foil is available in many colors as well as in high-quality metallic, pearlescent finish. Whether puzzle look, jeans, flower meadow or checker plate appearance - standard are over 70 different styles to choose from. And if that's not enough, can be create their personal choice of design Also: with photos from your last vacation, the favorite pop band, an advertising message or company logo.

Precise elements

IFOHA Zargenfolie there are both wood, as well as for steel door frame. It is tailored and delivered already in dimensionally accurate, finished mounting strip. All designs are printed with a special high-performance printer, photo quality and laminated in a specially developed coating process with a protective film. This subsequent contamination to be easily and cleanly removed. The bonding of the foil parts is a breeze, even for laymen and done in no time without special tools. The special Klebermixtur the self-adhesive Zargenfolie ensures a smooth and bubble-free result.

"We are so far in Germany, the first and only provider of Türzargenfolien. Our product is scratch resistant, easy to stick and clean and we guarantee a minimum shelf life of 10 years, "said Marcus Nöll about its latest patented invention.

IFOHA door frame foil - Quick Reference:

? Simply glue instead consuming underscore
? Chic designs - even in 3-D
? Fast, bubble-free and dry mount
? Long shelf life without color fading
? Each time removed without leaving
? Ideally located in the private and corporate sectors

Further information: www.ifoha.com