Artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees

An artificial Christmas tree as an alternative to Tannenbaum

A Christmas tree does not needling is the dream of every housewife. However, an artificial Christmas tree is not for everyone. Practically, this artificial tree but all - and can be taken as travel to warmer Christmas Urlaubsgefilde.

Artificial Christmas trees are popular in the US, however, found in recent years become increasingly popular in Europe. Most artificial Christmas trees try natural trees as realistic as possible to simulate - partly with an integrated Christmas tree ornaments and fairy lights. On the other hand, there is the trend towards bright fashion items, which ironically evokes the image of the bad taste in the art trees.

Originally the art trees from natural materials such as feathers or bristles were made, however, a modern artificial Christmas tree is usually made of plastic or fiberglass. And because it keeps an artificial Christmas tree can be quite a low purchase. Another advantage is the low fire hazard. In addition, allergies need not be afraid of allergens to have.

As a popular accessory of the artificial Christmas tree often accompanied leisure travelers who use the Christmas holiday to trip to warmer climes, but do not want to give up Christmassy atmosphere at the resort. In this case, there is room cheap mobile versions, often affectionately known as "Anne works" designated.

Contents on Artificial Christmas Trees

  • Artificial Christmas tree - decorated ready!
  • Artificial Edeltanne
  • Robust art tree with pine cones
  • Anne works as a noble Faltbaum - built in record time
  • Illuminated art tree
  • The "slightly different" artificial Christmas trees
  • The Christmas tree for Selberbasteln
  • Jazzy Christmas trees
  • The Christmas tree for nerds
  • Print Christmas tree and hang the wall

Artificial Christmas tree - decorated ready!

Perfectly prepared you are equipped with a fully decorated artificial Christmas tree. If you are the traditional Christmas rituals like tree cutting and decorating, its related side effects such as the annoying dropped out pine needles, Abschmücken and tree-disposal skeptical about, then here is the perfect, stress-free solution. And yet the more traditionally minded family members can not complain. There are also small models to 120 cm in height, which are equipped with stars, balls, pine cones and berries. Some trees have permanently installed LED lights and are suitable for both indoors as well as outdoors.

Artificial Christmas treesArtificial Christmas trees (seen in MyParadise)

This extremely realistic artificial Christmas tree is modeled on the tradional German spruce as a Christmas tree. The snow-covered fir branches serve as a reminder of past clinking cold white Christmas. The build quality of the tree is very high. The Christmas tree stand is included.

Artificial Christmas treesArtificial Christmas trees seen in hagebau)

Artificial Edeltanne

These practical Christmas trees made of plastic are exactly replicated the natural models. In this case, the art trees of green noble fir or a blue silver fir are modeled. Alternatively - by global warming increasingly in demand - there's this silver fir with pre-applied artificial snow on the pine branches. The Artificial trees are available in different heights.

The stand is, of course, with built-in and after the feast of the tree is again collapsible and can be stored in a small space. Please note: the tree decorations is not supplied in this case. Therefore, the art tree is so cheap.

Artificial Christmas treesWorks Annen-art tree

Robust art tree with pine cones

This art tree does not want to act naürlich but plays with the abstract representation of a fir tree. As a certain something the pine cones that are additionally applied serve. Art tree is very robust and forgiving a harsher treatment. The height of this art tree is 60cm, the stand is included.

Anne works as a noble Faltbaum - built in record time

This Faltbaum is ideal for the Christmas preparations at the last minute as a surprise for the celebration unwilling family. In just 2 minutes, the tree is built. In addition, a real space saver: When folded in a box just 15 cm high, it measures placed all 180 cm, slightly overhangs the assembled family. And yet no compromise on taste must be made. The folding tree is completely decorated with 200 lights, balls and grinding - optionally a tasteful red or discreet beige.

Artificial Christmas treesArtificial Christmas trees (seen in hagebau)

Illuminated art tree

Also this artificial Christmas tree is already decorated beautifully finished and lighted. It is particularly suitable for the fainthearted as it is flame retardant. Simply set it up, unfold branches and into the socket and shines the Christmas spirit. The lights in this art tree are carefully incorporated. At height 130 cm 150 radiate lights, with height 165 cm even 350 lights.

The "slightly different" artificial Christmas trees

As a gag gift idea, there are now more and more artificial Christmas trees, which have a high fun factor - but without straining the wallet. Here you can see a few examples of "modern" Christmas trees.

The Christmas tree for Selberbasteln

Artificial Christmas treesChristmas Tree Kit: Totem X-Mas Tree

This artificial Christmas tree kit of cardboard is not only environmentally friendly, but also promotes creativity. With the Totem X-Mas Tree each family can cobble together an individual and colorful glowing Christmas tree itself. punched baubles, angels, reindeer, doves, tree candles and the treetops Star are available for the colorful decoration of the basic tree stand. The 150 items can also be completely free connected to other creations course. 

The totem X-mas tree is made of recycled cardboard and comes in a flat package that takes away until the next season little space on the memory. The kit was excellent by the way also by Time Magazine as one of the most environmentally friendly top products in the world.

Artificial Christmas treesPoppy Christmas tree in neon green (seen in revenge Shop)Artificial Christmas treesDepressive Christmas tree in deep black for hearty Gothic Christmas

Jazzy Christmas trees

These artificial Christmas trees come in screaming neon colors or in a depressed Gothic Black therefore - and are affordable for the miserly Christmas haters ... Just right for techno-geeks who have to spend all the money for disco drugs, but nevertheless a Christmas Bude facilities want! Or world pain-receptive Dark spirits to whom everything is anyway no matter.

No matter how wild it happens at the party: the branches of 30 cm high fir tree can be bent arbitrarily.

Artificial Christmas trees

The Christmas tree for nerds

Who most of the time hanging around in virtual worlds, do not want to separate Christmas from his beloved computer itself. To spread some Christmas spirit at least in darkened rooms hackers, this USB Christmas tree is ideal. The suction cup Christmas tree stand without complaint adheres to all types of monitors Connection is simple via USB connector -. And even the USB Christmas tree spread Christmas cheer.

Print Christmas tree and hang the wall

Artificial Christmas treesChristmas tree to go - Christmas dummy hanging (Product illustration: Artido.de)

Who can not to prepare a Christmas tree for reasons of space, will appreciate this special Christmas dummy: Christmas tree to go.  - These are the printed on a cloth banner of a decorated Christmas tree lush and can be hung on the wall to simulate a hard tree.

The Christmas tree to hang printed high-quality and available in different sizes. A nail in the wall sufficient to hang up the cord on the support rods. while there are five different Christmas designs to choose from - depending on your taste in terms of tree ornaments.

Conclusion: Artificial Christmas trees are not just a trend in the US - also with us they have become home to be in their niche market now more and more successful and. And most travelers do not like to go without their practical flap Anne go.

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