Barbecue marinades for meat, fish and grilled sausages

Marinades Recipes: make marinade itself

Barbecue marinades for meat, fish and grilled sausages

A marinade is grilled meats and grilled vegetables a spicy flavor and makes for more variety on the grill. Although supermarkets offer ready seasoned meat on, but it tastes in a homemade marinade much delicious and comes without preservatives and additives from.

Grill friends who want to make their own marinades themselves, but require only a few ingredients, such as canola or olive oil, garlic, onions or fresh herbs. It is important that meat and vegetables are coated not only with the barbecue marinade during cooking, but first be inserted at least two to three hours. In this way the grilled food takes on the flavors and can pull.

Contents: make barbecue marinades itself

  • Acidic marinades Grill
  • So successful is the perfect barbecue marinade
  • Recipe for a dark beer marinade
  • Marinades and dressings for grilled vegetables

Acidic marinades Grill

Marinades do not necessarily have oil as a base. can instead be acidic foods, use as apple or lemon juice, vinegar, beer, yogurt or buttermilk. Unlike oil, they change the structure of the food by the acid contained decomposes the protein compounds. Therefore, you should not marinate grilled fish and seafood with them, but be swept towards the end of the cooking time with them. Otherwise, they fall apart on the grill. The same is true for low-fat meat. In contrast, barbecue meat with a high fat content, such as spare ribs soft and dissolves more easily from the bone.

So successful is the perfect barbecue marinade

Barbecue marinades for meat, fish and grilled sausages

If you make a dressing or marinade itself, you should not overdo it with the spices and different flavors. Especially with herbs, less is often more. Also, does not taste any spice to any grilled food. For example, marjoram or thyme are suitable for pork, garlic beef, mugwort for poultry and mint, rosemary and garlic lamb. Who garlic is too strong smell, replace it with mugwort. This has to create a garlic-like aroma, without the long-lasting scent.

The situation is different with meatballs or hamburgers classic: Here, the meat may be quiet neat seasoned and flavored with strong barbecue sauces.

Tips for grilling marinated grilled food

After marinating the food to be grilled must take several hours. Before grilling should drain the meat and cook definitely in an aluminum dish, otherwise drop marinade and fat in the fire. This allows more smoke and carcinogens forms arrive with him in the flesh. Even whole herb stems should be removed as they develop bitters. Only for indirect grilling, for example, a smoker, the herbs can remain on the meat.

Recipe for a dark beer marinade

ingredients for 4 persons

  • skinned 200 g red and yellow peppers and diced
  • 4 tablespoon tomato paste
  • 1 pinch cinnamon
  • 1 clove
  • 1 pinch vanilla powder
  • 1-2 splashes dark rum
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 500 ml of strong poultry or vegetable
  • 500 ml of dark beer
  • 50 ml grape seed oil
  • ground coriander
  • spice mix
  • Salt, black pepper


For this marinade of dark beer you measure the ingredients - as stated above - and pour it all into a large bowl. After that verührt thoroughly. Wash the meat and pat it dry before you put it to marinate for at least 3 to 4 hours and chill. Drain the front of the grill and dab gently with paper towels.

Marinades and dressings for grilled vegetables

Barbecue marinades for meat, fish and grilled sausages

Vegetables, tofu, and grilled cheese taste particularly good in a spicy marinade or with tasty dips. Especially vegetables with a faint taste of its own, such as zucchini and mushrooms so get a delicious aroma. But other grilled vegetables taste varied with them.

Suitable dressings are for example, vinaigrette fresh herbs, olive oil, vinegar, salt and Pfeffe and garlic. Among her best-known representatives include the balsamic vinaigrette and eggs vinaigrette that fits both cold salads and grilled food to warm.

Both Ingredients for marinades Are virtually no limits as long as it tastes. Other ingredients include: lime or lemon juice, ginger, curry, chili, wine, vinegar, soy sauce or exotic lemongrass. Salt on the other hand does not belong in a marinade for grilled vegetables as they cut him water and it will dry faster. Only after marinating it can add a pinch. To avoid bitter substances are suitable for barbecue marinades especially oils with a high smoke point, such as olive oil or peanut oil.

marinate vegetables

Basically you should vegetarian barbecue food, such as grilled vegetables, grill cheese or tofu for at least two to three hours lassen.dabei should pull in the marinade the vegetables or tofu be completely covered and cooled in a sealed vessel.

Vegetables with an indigestible skin, such as peppers or tomatoes, grilling is just before marinating. The skin can be removed more easily later.