beautify garden shed

Our advice: beautify the garden house and greening

beautify garden shed

called a summer house, and gazebo or arbor, is a must in every garden. It usually serves as a shed for tools, gardening tools and fertilizer. In allotments but also very often as a place for temporary stay - such as than spend the night in the summer.

Therefore, it must also be maintained in good repair. This includes especially the painting of the garden house. For weather-proof wood is the be all and if you want to have many years some of the arbor.

Many also wonder how to beautify the old garden shed or greening. For example, with climbing plants, to name just one of many possibilities.

So the next garden season is no more obstacles.

Contents: beautify garden shed

  • underline garden shed
  • make Garden House modern
  • What is to be considered?
  • Garden House greening - with climbing plants

underline garden shed

A garden shed in the older suffering from the effects of wind, weather, and especially under the sunlight. Captures the wood to spot, helps only one thing: to beautify the garden shed. For example, with a new color. The new coating ensures that again a real gem adorns the garden. We show how to do it best to let beautify the garden shed.

First, the old wood is cleaned. Are all surfaces clean and dry, sanding old paint residues can begin. In such work, a respirator should be used constantly, so you do not inhale the dust. Are all the preparatory work done, you can paint the garden shed twice with a wooden base. This prevents attack by blue stain fungi and enhances the adhesion of the Finish Coat.

For the final coat using a weatherproof paint. After a drying time of two to three hours, the second coating follows. Is this also dried, we will emphasize the most important part of our act Gazebo: The actual color. Depending on the type of garden or gazebo a color must be selected that suits the overall picture. How about, for example, with the transformation of an old cottage in a brown-white Swedish house?

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make Garden House modern

Of course, the scale is mainly used as storage space for equipment and tools. Still, the Garden House can look modern and chic. here The handyman has the opportunity to put his Bautalente to the test, beisielsweise with large windows, a flat or pent roof or unusual design elements.

Today, a garden shed must be fashionable and beautiful. There must be found a good mix between functionality and visual appearance. We have put together some ideas for it.

What is to be considered?

  • Garden theme select and highlight the shed in this color scheme
  • Create custom templates and spray great pictures on the garden house
  • let various climbing plants to grow around and through the garden house
  • Horizontally mounted wooden strips transform the shed into a house Sweden

Garden House greening - with climbing plants

beautify garden shedWith climbing plants, the outer walls of the garden house can be embellished

At Garden House-greening arises naturally first question: With what? We recommend climbing plants. Ideal are plants that do not grow too aggressive, otherwise there is a risk that they damage the wood of the garden house. They should also have no strong adhesive feet, as these are very difficult not to remove up. We found some climbing plants for this field that bloom almost all months of the year.

Evergreen Honeysuckle

Thanks to the evergreen leaves honeysuckle may very well be used to beautify the garden shed. It is probably the best alternative to the ivy, which, unlike the honeysuckle can be removed again very difficult. Can the roots absorb any more water, the leaves roll together - but they fall off only in harsh winters. In the spring, then the new growth begins. The growing on a trellis planting only needs an occasional pruning.


Evergreen Purple Kriechspindel

Another alternative is the schwachwüchsige Purple Kriechspindel, which can be particularly good for the garden shed-planting in the wall sockets. This plant, however, to pay attention to a permanently adequate soil moisture until late autumn and winter. The hardy plant will thank it. The brown-red winter coloring fits brilliantly to the white of the snow-covered garden soil.


genuine blackberry

The True blackberry, also called Common blackberry or Common blackberry, suitable for their lush growth and almost evergreen leaves are highly suitable for planting a garden shed. With a lifespan of two to three years, it provides sweet and aromatic berries from June. However, a lattice or trellis is required with sufficient room for development. In the summer distant rods can already separated for the next year and be connected.