Bleigießen New Year's Eve

Bleigießen as a New Year custom

Bleigießen New Year's Eve

The lead casting is one of the most popular New Year customs of predicting the future in the new year. Indeed, but not really is the casting of lead, but Zinngießen. Lead is highly toxic and therefore unsuitable for the fun oracle. Tin, however, melts easily and is easy to edit.

The savvy handyman course, has everything it takes to lead casting, already in the house:

  • Tin, for example from the roll
  • a small burner to melt the tin
  • a melting spoon
  • a bowl of water for cooling the figures

Or you can buy one of the popular Bleigießen sets that are offered each year to New Year's Eve again anywhere. There, however, a candle flame is taken to melt in general - which takes longer.

To the lead casting, the metal is heated in a spoon over a candle or a Bunsen burner until it is liquid. The molten lead or tin is then poured into the water bowl. Because of the cold water, the metal solidifies immediately and forms interesting forms that must be interpreted by the participants of the lead casting.

Contents for Lead casting

  • Bleigießen interpretation
  • Love and Family
  • Professional and business
  • Luck and chance
  • Environmentally friendly alternative: The wax-oracle

Bleigießen figuresSymbolic figures in the lead-pouring. Can you predict the future?

Bleigießen interpretation

For the interpretation of the molds, the metal is viewed either directly or interpreting the shadow cast by the mold on a wall.

Here is a list of typical figures in the lead casting and their interpretation follows:

Love and Family

pineapple silent love
infant domestic peace
ax Disappointment in love
broom Beware of the law!
bed Caution is advised during sex
BRA. Fulfillment in love
bee Wedding in the offing
flower It is a new friendship develops
pretzel Entanglements in love
egg addition to the family
bucket Satisfaction in the relationship
elephant A lot of power in relationship crises
Angel Heart calm and happy old age
Falcon Someone is jealous of you
Mrs You are loved
garden A new love enters your life
antler Unrequited love, jealousy
guitar Secret longings
Bell jar It heralded junior at
gummy bear Someone wants a child
hand loyalty
heart You'll fall in love in the coming year
Beetle An affair is imminent
wreath A dispute is a good end in a reconciliation
slipper A wedding is imminent
pistol Fraud in love
chimney sweeper Lucky in love
stork Kindersegen
vase You fall in love

Professional and business

Eagle sucess at work
anvil Caution at work
automobile A risky venture is imminent
Letter Now something new plan
triangle financial improvement
owl Cheap future planning
barrel prosperity
rock There is still a lot of work in front of a
golf club A new offer should not be knocked out
bushes You should see the other skills
hook Obstacles blocking the way out
hammer You will go your way
House Your projects bring success
deer Profit outlook
horseshoe Professional success or profitable business
boat Luck with your plans
camel new taxes
cone Be careful when shopping!
trowel Financial loss
Crown You become rich
ladder A job promotion or success in school and study
moon expected honor you
nail Better times are coming
nut manage a project
medal You gain fame and glory!
plow You have to work harder
saber Problems at work
scissors Important decisions lie ahead
Snake You are jealous of your success
sled Use your relationships
sailboat Success in the job ahead!
stairs You will be honored
dwarf You underestimate yourself
cylinder Important things are waiting for you

Luck and chance

field happiness
fishing rod Pack happiness with both hands
cup happiness
broom A conflict is imminent
bag Wonderful opportunities
fish Lucky You
frog lottery win
sheaf happiness
face honor
golfer A lucky strike is imminent
dog We learn an incredible news
cap Good news
pot Unpleasant complications are arising
chalice Happy future
cloverleaf Happiness and satisfaction in the New Year
pipe There is danger before
deer happiness
equestrian lasting happiness
butterfly Your happiness is impermanent
vice Be satisfied with the what you have!
pig Lucky You
Sun Happiness in all things
dancer Do not take life too seriously
Clock Good times are coming
birds You'll be lucky
cube lottery win
Zeppelin Everything will be fine

Environmentally friendly alternative: The wax-oracle

A look into the future would like to throw a New Year's party every revelers. Mostly for the finished Bleigieß sets are purchased, which gives it almost anywhere just before the turn of the year. But that need not be. Although the Bleigießen but it is a very long time no toxic lead, but harmless tin used, it is for the environment conscious and price conscious as a simple alternative to the "wax oracle" or "wax casting" to upgrade.

To do this, simply collects the candle remains particularly often accumulate during the Christmas holidays. The wax residue is brought in a large spoon or a ladle over a candle or a burner for melting and pouring the liquid wax instead of the tin in the water bath.

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