Blowing eggs

Blowing eggs

Tips and tricks for blowing out eggs

Before you can start by painting the decorative Easter eggs, one first has to blow out the eggs. This is very simple in principle and children already can help in blowing out.

Preparation: Blow out eggs

For the Eierauspusten you need a large needle and two bowls. For the prevention of the transmission of potential pathogens (salmonella) should definitely wash the chicken eggs before blowing out with warm water and detergent or soap. Who wants to play it safe, you should wash your hands well in between.

With the large needle the egg is pierced at the top and bottom. Following is carefully enlarged the hole at the blunt lower end of the Easter egg. It should have about half a centimeter in diameter.

Contents blow on eggs

  • Eggs auspusten: With straw, syringe or mouth
  • Clean out Pustetes egg
  • auspusten egg with straw: Video
  • Health Tips: Be careful when blowing out of Easter eggs

Eggs auspusten: With straw, syringe or mouth

Thus, the content - so white and yolk - can be better blow out, you mix both with a toothpick or a long skewer. Now the blowing out starts: either you blow so long vigorously with the mouth in the smaller hole at the top of eggs until the contents have completely emptied into the bowl, or use a straw. Cutting a drinking straw a piece and slide the pointed end into the top opening of the ice. Blow into it through the straw air to egg white and yolk are pushed through the lower opening. Alternatively, you can also filled with air disposable syringe take or small pump. In this way, the mouth does not come with the eggshell and thereon salmonella pathogens in contact.

Tip: In addition to the "Two-hole technology" can also work with an opening in the blunt end of the egg, the blowing out. To do this, push into the straw, the pump or the syringe and fill the interior of the ice with air, which also squeezed the contents down.

So that nothing degenerates, you can prepare the egg white and yolk mulled a delicious scrambled eggs or an omelet.

fresh eggsFresh eggs in a carton.Blowing eggs with pumpHygienic is the blowing out with a hand pump or air-filled disposable syringe.Egg during AuspustensEgg during Auspustens.
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Blowing eggs

Clean out Pustetes egg

In the next step, the egg shell from the inside is cleaned. These dipping the egg completely in transverse position in a bowl of water and let it tanked completely. Keep both openings and gently shake before the water mixture may also run. Repeat this step once or twice, until the egg is clean. Otherwise, the interior can begin to rot after a few days and developed a strong odor.

Finally, place the blown egg with the opening at the blunt end down to dry in a egg cup or egg carton. Then you can dye the Easter eggs or paint.

auspusten egg with straw: Video

Health Tips: Be careful when blowing out of Easter eggs

Blowing eggsThe eggs are blown out, now it can go to the painting

Despite all the anticipation for the beautiful Easter tinkering: When Eierauspusten caution. On eggs salmonella and other germs can occur, especially children can be infected with it.

In addition to raw poultry meat raw eggs are a major source of salmonella. The germs may be on the shell, rarely, in the yolk. Children should not blow out the raw eggs with the mouth to prevent Salmonella infection, therefore, if possible.

Who also noted the following tips includes a gastrointestinal infection pretty sure of:

  • Blow only clean, fresh eggs and paint
  • pierce the egg carefully and then clean the tools used thoroughly
  • thoroughly blown eggs - inside and out - with lukewarm water and a little detergent
  • Clean work surfaces thoroughly
  • Wash hands after work

You certainly want to play it, you can paint hard boiled eggs or those of wood, styrofoam, or plastic.

Everything for blowing out eggs