Braai - barbecue in South Africa

Braai: South African barbecue - of boerewors to tamarind juice

Braai - barbecue in South AfricaBraai - Barbecue as in South Africa (Photo: Barbecue profile)

South Africa is considered the Eldorado of grilling par excellence of T-bone steaks, Lamb satay about Springbok fillet to ostrich meat everything comes on the grill or in boerewors rolls: Three-legged cast iron pots over open fires.

If you ask a South African after his favorite activity a word comes in three out of four cases in response: Braai. It is easy to translate, for it is said roasting or grilling. It used Wood not charcoal as in this country, the grilling gets a slight smokiness and you yourself equal to the archetypal Campfire feeling free addition.

on the grill comes first plenty of meat: Beef, ostrich, antelope, but are popular the Sosaties. These are Grill skewers with lamb and apricots, important is the spices: sumac, Fenugreek and Chili Habenero.

Also fish is popular, sweet potato, and even fruit, There is nothing that is not suitable for grilling. of course, belongs to the traditional braai a homemade dip bar, where next to sauces many colorful fruity Chutneys outdo each other in color and sharpness.

fried scallops with papaya salad to a Sauvignon Blanc Mellirs - the flavors can be further enhanced with the very good South African white wine, red wines, however, is not to be recommended. Not for the Castle Lager, the beer from the Cape. Brewing Tradition is written in South Africa for over 200 years large, so: Football, Beer and Castle Braai - is a perfect match.

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