Brushcutters and Price comparison

Brushcutters are the best way to create in an overgrown garden right times fine. Tall grass, small trees and shrubs, brambles: these devices clean up. We tested five different brushcutters for you. This can be particularly well autonomously and use in large gardens and offer thanks to the built-up chainsaw motors high performance.

We will show you which makes sense right compost - in our brushcutters test.

Content overview for brushcutters test

  • Brushcutters with petrol engine: Security and trivia
  • Brushcutters Test Candidates At A Glance
  • Brushcutter red fox RS-2500MFS in review: The Japanese Wollmilchsau
  • Brushcutter Denqbar 3-PS: Mysterious origin with big promise
  • Brushcutter AL-KO BC 4125: inconspicuous, reliable, durable
  • Brush cutter Einhell BG-BC25: prize!
  • Brushcutter Wolf GTS 4-29 L: High price with high expectations
  • Brushcutters compared Winner: Red Fox RS-2500 MFS
  • Price performance winner - the discount Sense

Brushcutters with petrol engine: Security and trivia

Safe alternative: helmet with ear protection and solid visor

Brushcutters with petrol engines are particularly useful in larger plots, pastures and land with dense trees and bushes. Unlike a lawn mower, they are extremely flexible and can trim the Green decent even in inaccessible corners. 

Depending on the performance and intended use various tools can be placed on the brushcutter: So with thin to medium grass trimmer head is the drug of choice. This "beats" with rotating nylon threads from the grass. Even in the high grass, trees and fences and walls, the line head can be used easily as he yields in more solid obstacles, and not damaged.

Should it go to small Baumschösslinge or even blackberries, a knife can be mounted forward for most brushcutters. This is made with smaller trees, but should not come into contact with stones. 

Optional attachments for brushcutters Baumsägen- and hedge trimmer attachments; these facilitate the work in long and tall hedges or in the care of fruit trees.

For all applications that are carried out with a brush cutter, must Noise and eye protection be worn. From flying splinters and stones can lead to loss of sight, the rattling engine reaches maximum power at dangerously high sound levels. 

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Brushcutters and Price comparison

Brushcutters Test Candidates At A Glance

Device Power Weight Accessories Price (approx) 
Red Fox RS-2500MFS 0.7 kW 5 kg Line head, saw head, hedge trimmer head, shoulder 150 €
Denqbar 3-PS
2.2 kW 7 kg Shoulder strap, nylon head 140 €
AL-KO BC 4125
0.85 kW 7.8 kg

Shoulder strap, nylon head

176 €
Einhell BG-BC 25
0.75 kW 8.63 kg Knife, shoulder strap, nylon head 100 €
Wolf GTS 4-29 L
0.8 kW 6.7 kg Eye and ear protection, nylon head, shoulder 289 €

Brushcutter red fox RS-2500MFS in review: The Japanese Wollmilchsau

He does it all, the fox from Japan: scythes, saws, cut - the red fox RS-2500MFS is definitely the accessory King of the test. How long all this holds we can not say, however: Behind the sonorous name of Germany red fox, the Japanese manufacturer Zenoah hidden. For long-term use of the equipment under severe conditions, this does not suggest much good, the price is quite low with the extensive accessories.

But he cuts and cuts as it should, the red fox through the meadow goes smoothly, even longer stalks are cut off confidently with a nylon head and knife blade. The engine is indeed noisy but reliable and consumed by the relatively smaller displacement less fuel. It is also worth the low weight: 0.7 kW are not a big difference to the other test candidates, however, 2 kg already.

Overall, one can make a recommendation for the red fox quite: While in Asia, but not cheap products and processed fairly well he does in medium gardens good service. Perhaps no purchase for life, but functional and variable.

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Brushcutters and Price comparison

Brushcutters and Price comparison

Red Fox RS-BC52: Pros and Cons


  • light
  • an enormous amount of accessories
  • processing ok


  • Durability doubtful
  • weakest engine in the test


Buy red fox RS-BSC online

Brushcutter Denqbar 3-PS: Mysterious origin with big promise

The origin of Denqbar brushcutter is undoubtedly a mystery in itself: Actually useful brushcutters the 3-HP class offered significantly more expensive, the manufacturer remains behind the Saxon retail brand in the dark, a model number for the device in vain. This gives hope for little positive sales and spare parts service; some parts of a brush cutter are quite susceptible to wear.

The fear of wear does not seem entirely unfounded: So the scythe at work is very hot, indicating strong friction and high manufacturing tolerances. Even so, come from the promised three horsepower not too many forward on the working head of the device. Rather hesitantly quite bulky and heavy brush cutter goes through grass and brush, and the divided handle bar ensures vibration and a somewhat strange handling. The shoulder strap is also no ergonomic revelation. Something unpleasant to the nose and the environment is also the 1: 25 two-stroke mixture for the engine: The high oil content, it mieft huge, modern appliances do with a 1: 50 mixture with significantly "unöligeren" Exhaust gases.

Overall, the Denqbar brushcutter for smaller plots, sporadic use and light to medium clippings is recommended. Whether it this however needs an alleged three-horsepower machine in these dimensions is, undecided. 

Denqbar 3-PS Test: Pros and Cons


  • Cheap


  • is hot during operation
  • not a particularly good cutting performance
  • Spare parts support with many question marks
  • 1:25 mixture ensures poor exhaust values


Buy Denqbar 3-PS online

Brushcutter AL-KO BC 4125: inconspicuous, reliable, durable

The AL-KO BC 4125 is a discreet device that performs well and is in every way a good average. While the Sense works loud, but vibration and, with 0.85 kW is the second most powerful engine in the test. The supplied strap is acceptable, but also has a lot to haul: At 7.8 kg, the AL-KO is the second heaviest Sense in the test.

Trade-offs must be made with the equipment: where the cheap offers mitliefern a tree saw, a hedge trimmer and much more, are available at the BC 4125 just a line head and a knife. Both are however well made, works and adequately sized for the amateur use. Even with smaller bushes, the AL-KO-Sense along well.

In summary, the AL-KO BC 4125 can be recommended well: A normal companion for your garden.

AL-KO BC 4125 Test: Pros and Cons


  • good workmanship
  • good belt
  • attractive power


  • high weight


AL-KO BC 4125 buy online

Brush cutter Einhell BG-BC25: prize!

Einhell one is inexpensive usual, but these 100 euros are something special: Staying positioned well below the two Far East products Einhell offers its BC-25 brushcutter at a competitive price. Admittedly Without the Far East you can not live even with Einhell at this price, spare parts problems are also possible here.

Otherwise makes plenty of overweight (8.6 kg!) "Maschinchen" his cause not so bad: With 0.75 kW or a German horsepower it mows the grass reliable, their edges and smaller bushes carefully. The engine is high in order and done noisily but unobtrusive his work.

Overall, the Einhell Sense a recommendation but is well worth: How long by holding the device and that if you get spare parts is doubtful, but for occasional Mäheinsätze the device should be easily compatible.

Brushcutters and Price comparison

Einhell BG-BC 25 Test: Pros and Cons


  • price
  • engine


  • processing
  • mass


25 Buy Einhell BG-BC online

Brushcutter Wolf GTS 4-29 L: High price with high expectations

"Ha, a branded device", This may representative of Made-in-Germany fraction now cry quietly to the end of our tests - but so completely not true. What's under the renowned name "Wolf-Garten" is sold, is in fact a product of the US parent company MTD. At the latest when the service has to stand out to the customer - whether it can justify the additional price for the most expensive device in the test?

Actually, not necessarily. Neither the engine power nor the weight nor the processing of the Wolf-Garten gasoline Sense are above average, mows the device and works without special problems, but not spectacularly well. The included shoulder strap is quite uncomfortable, the sometimes strangely translated manual is unnecessary riddles.

Overall, one would have expected as more: after all, spare part availability is guaranteed by the parent company. Otherwise, this sense can not, what the others not to.

Brushcutter Wolf GTS 4-29 L: Pros and Cons


  • Spare part availability
  • comparatively quite low weight


  • processing
  • shoulder
  • operation manual

Brushcutter Wolf GTS 4-29 L buy onlineBrushcutters and Price comparison

Brushcutters compared Winner: Red Fox RS-2500 MFS

A comparison winners from the Far East: The Red Fox RS-2500 MFS  is the roundest offer in the test: neither particularly expensive nor particularly cheap offers the multifunction saw more for the money than your competitors. It is reliable, and lightweight, with akzepabler performance. In the class up to 200 € quite a buy recommendation. 

Also the AL-KO BC 4125 doing anything wrong: they work, is quite powerful and does not fall on negative. Only the decor is a bit thin and measured performance and dimensions, quite heavy. In return, these Sense has the best harness in the test - for all other devices of this was lacking. 

Price performance winner - the discount Sense

Brushcutters and Price comparison

The price-performance winner in this test is the Einhell BG-BC 25-Brush cutter - actually only because their price. She is doing her duties unspectacular and reasonably powerful, the processing is measured by the price quite well. Those who only occasionally mows a small to medium-sized lawn, is not badly served with the Einhell Sense. The engine is acceptable, the service fine. Buy recommendation for tighter budget!