build a sauna yourself

Sauna building with sauna kit

build a sauna yourself

A build a sauna yourself is the dream of many home improvement and wellness friends. The centuries estimated by the Finns as a health fountain sweating can using a Sauna kit be cost brought home. Because a sauna today is no longer unattainable luxury: Many manufacturers offer compact sweating cabins for home area. A few unused square meters in the home's basement are the ideal as a location. So you can at any time if the lust grabs you, go sweat a round.

A professionally supervised sauna construction is the guarantee that you have over many years of fun on the product. We have seen a professional Hoesch brand over his shoulder while a Prefabricated sauna built professionally. Self-construction, you should perform for two - Here's easier, faster and it makes twice as much fun!

Contents: build a sauna yourself

  • Sauna kit and planning
  • Sauna Building Instructions
  • backbone
  • Walls and ceiling
  • Accessories and sauna oven in stainless steel
  • installing benches and is glass walls
  • The sauna building is completed
  • Sauna kits and sauna producer in the analogue
  • Classic wooden sauna
  • Hot air sauna
  • steam bath
  • infrared cabin
  • Five of sauna in a sauna

Sauna kit and planning

Before selecting the sauna kit, the situation must be watched at home. Three key points are particularly important: the Location, to the sauna kit should be placed, the size, required for the cabin and the ventilation, required for air exhaust and supply.

The site

Ideal is a spot in the basement of a shower facility and one direct path to the garden offers. In a pinch, also reaches a large window that opens wide and can flow whereby a large amount of fresh air into the room.

Since the Atmosphere of the sauna room is crucial for the convenience of the sauna bath should also appealing next to the sauna resting place and a way to cool exist. If only for the sake of the children have fun at the water games after the sauna. therefore makes sense a water supply for applying a flood shower in an adjacent room. If it can be used for this purpose an existing bathroom, that would be ideal.

The size

The sauna cabin must be so wide that a grown man can stretch easily on the benches - should therefore a width of two meters are being considered. As a pleasant sauna and the ideal heat from one person to be felt otherwise, two or three beds at different heights recommended. Therefore, the car has to be so high that you can sit still upright on the top bench. It is important that absolutely horizontal surface, which must not necessarily be isolated. Highly suitable screed, clinker or tiles.


The Ventilation of the sauna room is the alpha and omega in planning, because it is extremely important for a healthy sauna. The Supply air opening must result in a space that can ventilate the area - only ensures a sufficient air exchange can be guaranteed. The Exhaust opening should be outdoors and only lead to trouble in a well-ventilated room next door. For the ventilation you should schedule a two- to five-centimeter gap between sauna cabin and wall.

The costs

Sauna kits are from about 1,200 euros available in stores. Top prices are no limits. The working hours for the construction, Electrical installation and the required Tool are not included here.

An average-sized family sauna consumes about six kW per hour. A sauna bath costs, with a warm-up time of four to five hours and an electricity price of 20 cents per kW / h, about five euros.

The electrical installation

Even as an accomplished handyman must install the heater and the control panel be carried out under all circumstances by a qualified electrician. All electrical lines leading into the sauna room must be heat-resistant insulated.

Sauna Building Instructions


build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

1. The Hoesch element sauna kit is high quality. By the unit construction, the construction craftsmen and skilled handyman is not a problem. After only three hours the sauna is assembled and ready for use.

2. If the installation location selected in the basement or in the bathroom, the base frame is assembled and bolted. All fittings are included.

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

3. Since not every floor is flat, the sauna area is aligned with leveling feet. A bottom base is installed to protect from moisture.

4. If the basic structure is, the wall panels can be installed and interconnected. Within a few minutes the sauna with rear walls is provided.

Walls and ceiling

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

5. After the side panels are secured in the frame, the input frame is connected to the rest. The construction holds in itself and offers excellent dimensional stability.

6. The ceiling panels are prefabricated at the factory and are easy to insert. The high fitting accuracy, the panels include a positive and keep the heat in the sauna interior.

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

7. Now the sauna roof is placed and secured with screws.

8. The sub-bank lighting for the sauna benches included and is attached to the sauna wall. The sauna lamp is protected against moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Accessories and sauna oven in stainless steel

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

9. Upon request, the sauna can be upgraded with moisture and temperature insensitive speakers. These are embedded in the panels and then screwed.

10. The new color lighting system of Hoesch carries through a harmonic light to a better well-being. The lights are available as an option on the contractor.

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

11. Radiation protection is screwed horizontally. It protects the wood from excessive radiant heat of the furnace.

12 compact but very effective: The stainless steel oven is delivered as a unit and only needs to be mounted and connected. It has a protective screen.

installing benches and is glass walls

The comfortable sauna benches must not slip later. Inside the compact sauna bath with wide beds and a stable performance bench, a comfortable head wedge and the backrest shines.

A temperature sensor protects against overheating.

Finally, the glass walls are used. Screen printing on the eight-millimeter ESG (toughened) Glass is scratch resistant.

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

13. Installation of broad sauna benches in the interior: the lying device sits in a stable mount frame and can not slip.

14. Inside the Hoesch Sauna is a temperature sensor with thermal overload protection. The sensor is easily mounted and accessed quickly.

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

15. The frame is made of high quality Hemlock Wood. Before the glazing now takes place, sauna heater, backrest and chairs are assembled. Available, the system is also in northern spruce.

16. Mounting and fixing the scratch-resistant glass elements. The fittings are later no longer visible because they are hidden under the stainless steel side panels.

The sauna building is completed

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

17. The integrated into a stainless steel panel control panel provides the user with the "Design Sauna" a high comfort, easy access and easy operation.

18. Finally, the front door is hooked to the sauna and adjusted. Screen printing on the discs is completely scratch and chemical resistant.

build a sauna yourselfbuild a sauna yourself

19 Shapely and handy: The lushly landscaped door handle made of transparent acrylic completes the look and functionality of this sauna system perfectly.

20. The built-Hoesch sauna offers transparent elegance: After just three hours, the plant is ready for the first, second and third in the sauna. Who would have no desire to enter the same?

Sauna kits and sauna producer in the analogue

By modern Compact sauna kits it is extremely flexible in terms of seating for the home sauna. Even in the narrowest niche installing a sauna cabin is possible. For a four-person sauna, for example, only a minimal Area of ​​four square meters needed.

Although the cabin can be placed wherever enough space is available, but it should be a way to consist ventilation to the outside (Window or wall opening). If there is no ventilation so condensation can cause serious damage.

Worry about any other moisture damage, however, are unfounded since brand devices always have a vapor-tight closure, which prevents the leakage of condensation water from the cabin.

Classic wooden sauna

Wood species to taste selectable (Scandinavian spruce, Canadian hemlock, Douglas-fir) For risk groups not suitable (increased cardiovascular load)
Unlimited variety of shapes high cost
Space for several persons (social component) high energy consumption
Freedom of movement (sit or lie)

The company Röger sauna dedicated since the 1950s the steam baths and is one of the oldest representatives in Germany. They rely on high quality and comprehensive advice.

Take advantage of the free telephone hotline within Germany: 0800-00-72862 - or e-mail contact: [email protected]

Hot air sauna

Very small footprint (can be set up in the bathroom) Can only accommodate two people

Hot air saunas are designed special for the domestic bathroom and also fit into the smallest bathroom. The company Hoesch has with their model "Como" a two-person sauna created which impresses with its landscaped with maple and spruce wood interior.

Customer Service can be reached [email protected] within Germany under the telephone number + 49-2422-54-363 and e-mail address.

steam bath

Relatively lower temperatures (40 ° C upwards) Excessive humidity
Steam room and shower in a Requires a second room for the steam-treatment
High cost

The company Ruku manufacturing plans and implements customized steam rooms and can draw on years of experience.

Ask a personal request by phone at + 49-7303-9051-0 or via e-mail to [email protected]

infrared cabin

suitable due to the gentle temperatures for seniors and children
Low energy consumption

When planning an infrared cabin, we recommend the company Saunalux. Innovative technology combined with a modern design and the customized products convinced us.

Take for an information telephone number + 49-6644 / 86-0 or e-mail address [email protected]

Five of sauna in a sauna

The "samarium" combines five different climates (steam, hot air, Tropical air, aroma, sauna) in a single device. The Saunierende selected simply by pressing a button the desired climate. The special heater contains up to ten times longer than conventional heaters sauna stones.

Manufacturer of this sauna kit is the company Klafs. You can reach the service under the contact number + 49-791-501-0 and e-mail address [email protected]: //