build garden shed foundation

pour concrete foundation walls and assemble exactly

build garden shed foundation

Foundations are the fundamental basis not only for large stone houses, but also in small houses made of wood. Ideal have proven millions of times around the world concrete foundations. Even home improvement building a concrete foundation is not much of a problem, of course, provided a little expertise. Like most prefabricated garden shed manufacturer also offers Joda foundation plans to the extent and the shuttering of the concrete casting.

The preparatory work is relatively simple, but must be done with great care. Measurement errors and errors in the alignment of the formwork construction are later "cast in concrete" correctable only at great expense, it is even possible the need for a complete rebuild. When selecting the materials for the construction of large scarf emphasis should be placed on the stability: Concrete is a very difficult and yet liquid mass can exert strong pressure on the structure. Breaking or slipping sheathing boards can flow onto the lawn the concrete - that really want to experience no one!

Contents: foundations and walls

  • foundation preparations
  • pour concrete foundation
  • Video Tutorial: Laying foundation and concrete
  • Point foundation for small garden sheds
  • install floor construction and walls

foundation preparations

build garden shed foundationbuild garden shed foundation

A small excavator facilitates the necessary excavation for the garden house foundation immensely. Especially for heavy soils that are interspersed with rocks and roots, the engine power is very welcome.

After the excavation according to the plans of the manufacturer is ready, the sheathing boards are plugged for the concrete casting into the ground. Here must be taken with extreme precision: Deviations "in concrete" can not be corrected later. The formwork construction must have sufficient strength not often break poorly executed formwork and concrete pours on the meadow.

As filling material for the garden shed foundation gravel is used. The less concrete is needed for the cast and the foundation will receive a solid foundation. After the construction of the formwork of the gravel is poured and evenly distributed.

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pour concrete foundation

build garden shed foundationbuild garden shed foundation

For casting of the concrete foundation, the use of finished soft concrete is recommended. This is completely mixed with a truck delivered and can be pumped through piping systems directly to the site. Of course you can mix and concrete itself. To this end, however, exact knowledge is required.

In the stably maintained and filled with gravel scarf construction of the fluidized concrete is poured and a scraper, a lath or the like carefully distributed in all the corners. When the scarf construction finished and the concrete is straight, the foundation is ready. Now it has yet to dry.

Video Tutorial: Laying foundation and concrete

Whether for a terrace or a garden shed: The foundation as a solid foundation is the basis of many years of stability. In the following video the foundation is set in two steps divided: Roller burnish and formwork box.

Point foundation for small garden sheds

For a small summer house, in the garden tools and equipment are housed later, also suitable point a foundation. The supports should have a minimum diameter of 30 x 30 cm and require a solid surface. First, you mark out the positions of the foundation posts and lift the place of 80 cm deep. The concrete is then mixed of water, cement and gravel. 10 kg cement, for example, 40 kg of gravel and 5 liters of water are needed.

The mixed concrete then type in the excavations. Since no additional plate is used, the upper edge of the concrete should be at least 5 cm above the ground. Then the concrete is smoothed and leveled. he is cured after 2-3 days depending on weather conditions, but should be charged early least after 2 weeks. To the point foundations, the floor joists under which roofing is designed to protect them from moisture be mounted later.

Basically, the larger the garden shed, the more point foundation must be set. Therefore, the concrete slab above or a strip foundation should be built in larger houses.

install floor construction and walls

After complete drying of the concrete foundation of the floor structure is installed. The base plate has three parts in this model and must be aligned on the foundation. Well, if the foundation was carried out exactly decides.

The assembly plan is very important now: the first two wall elements show the way for a stable structure. If everything is straight and well aligned, the construction can continue.

build garden shed foundationbuild garden shed foundation

The construction is rapidly gaining shape: After mounting the first side walls, it is already the finished shape of the garden house guess. Since they are prefabricated elements, the assembly goes quickly out of hand.

On top of the roof can the "nautical" already guessed form. The rounding provides a stable support surface for the roof and has the additional advantage that rainwater can easily flow out of her. 

build garden shed foundationbuild garden shed foundation

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