A garden house has many advantages. It can serve as a shelter for lawnmowers and Co., or things that have no place in the house. Some owners work their garden shed even a sauna to or spend in their weekend. In addition, a summer house and the place ideal places for evening parties - especially in the summer. In return, offers a small terrace in front of the garden house, on a barbecue can be set up.

Those who want to realize the dream of a garden shed on the property, but must first clarify some basic questions.

build from scratch or buy?

First of all, you have to realize a garden shed in your backyard can choose from two different variants: You can build this yourself or buy ready. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

build the first garden house itself

Who wants to build his garden shed completely change needs to first observe the local regulations once. Not everything that looks beautiful is allowed. Above all the legal requirements for the dimensions must be observed. Apart from that, has the build yourself a garden house various advantages and disadvantages:

+ You decide - within legal limits - even how your garden house looks like and can also realize things that you do not get done commercially.

+ Especially through the use of material remains of a self-made can be much cheaper than a garden house that you buy completely finished in the trade.

- Who is not gifted technically, should rather refrain from a self-made. For this, a lot is necessary to know how and experience.

- to build a garden shed itself, requires time and patience.

2. Buy Garden House finished

The second variant is to be ready to buy a summer house on the market and set up. This method has advantages and disadvantages:

+ So even laymen can realize the dream of owning a garden shed.

+ Who can order a complete garden house and build, have to worry about anything and can enjoy the result after a short time.

- Mostly, this solution is much more expensive to build than the garden house itself.

- When selecting you are limited to the supply on the market. Individual solutions are hardly possible way.

An intermediate solution represent kits. These are build by laymen and relatively cheap compared to the total garden shed.

What materials are interesting for summer houses?

Basically, a garden shed made of different materials can be made. In choosing not only the look is crucial:

- Wood provides a healthy indoor climate and exudes naturalness and warmth. Durable it is, but a regular maintenance is necessary. That wood and the weather can withstand show caribou garden houses made of weatherproof wood.

- Garden stone houses are very robust and store the heat perfectly. However, they are also to build costly.

- Garden houses made of metal or plastic offer themselves especially for small tool shed. They are very stable and resistant to deformation, but significantly less natural in appearance as variants of wood.

For greenhouses is also offers glass, for a "traditional" garden house, this material is less suitable.

Think carefully

Would you like to realize a garden shed on your property, gives you an almost unmanageable variety of ways. Take your time and think carefully about which option best meets the requirements in your case. Then, a garden house is a lifetime investment that you will not regret.