build gates

build massive gates made of wood itself

build gates

Who is a robust and unique gates Wooden wishes for his fence, the garden wall or hedge, either to look far and dig deep into your pocket or builds the desired garden gate by yourself with our step-by-step guide the wooden gate, after. work or be implemented relatively quickly on the weekends. - And all this without nails or screws!

As required, the dimensions of the garden gate can of course be adapted to your needs. Here pay it, that the dimensions of the pins, slots, grooves and springs are also adjusted.

The rule of thumb is: wood joints should always account for roughly one third of the thickness of the workpiece. That is, at a board thickness of 26 mm, as here, an 8-mm-Nutfräskopf is the best choice. The boards for the frame have been deliberately selected at a thickness of 60 mm, the grooves may even be proud 26 mm wide around the boards completely take on the deposit of the cassettes.

Contents build on gates

  • Tools and materials
  • build wooden gate: Step-by-Step Guide
  • Cutting of boards and beams
  • The frame construction: longitudinal and transverse struts
  • Assembling and gluing the garden gate
  • dowel joints
  • Garden door building: other designs
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Tools and materials


  • square
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Crosscut saw (alternatively: Hand circular saw or circular saw)
  • Router, 8mm milling head (alternatively table saw and Stechbeitelsatz)
  • jointer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • mallet
  • Clamps (at least two clamps with a span of 1 m)
  • abrasive paper
  • Spirit level and guide the steel anchor

build gates

(For a door of 1.8 meters and 1 meter width)

  • 2x wooden beams 60x120x1800mm
  • 5x wooden beams 60x120x880mm
  • 1x wooden beams 60x120x960mm
  • 4x wooden boards 26x200x880mm
  • 8x wooden strips 26x45x400mm
  • 8mm plywood frames for wood joints
  • wooden dowels
  • wood glue
  • 1 to 2 Ground anchor for 140mm post and matching screws
  • Cement and gravel for the concrete base
  • 1 to 2 wooden posts 140x140x1800mm
  • Stain for the finish (at Robinia superfluous)
  • Bands for the suspension of the door
  • Latch or lock (depending on the tastes and needs)
  • possibly crossbar for passage
  • possibly doorknobs or handles for inside and outside

build gatesbuild gates

build wooden gate: Step-by-Step Guide

Of the ground anchor made of galvanized steel has already been cemented in advance. If the post is to be free-standing and can not be attached to a fence or a wall, the anchor should be particularly massive, finally, he must keep the whole door.

As a stop on the opposite side, either the front wall or another post, which is also anchored in the ground is used.

When setting the ground anchor careful work is particularly important because the anchor must exactly be perpendicular. So that the door later has sufficient support should the excavation 40x40x80cm be approximately. Although the anchor puts no 80 centimeters deep in the ground, but provides a generous concrete base for more stability. One can for excavation also a Fence Pfahlbohrer use, which you can borrow cheaply at the hardware store. With such augers are easier to clean holes can be created that does not taper, thereby creating much more stable foundations.

The mixing ratio for the concrete base is one part cement to six parts gravel sand and little water. The mixture should be slightly moist and relatively tough, so that the ground anchor it finds support and alignment easier.

build gatesbuild gatesbuild gates

Cutting of boards and beams

First, the boards and beams are brought to size. In this case, the wood of the coastal redwoods has been (or "Coast redwood) is used, which is also due to its reddish coloration in the US "redwood" is called. The wood is very durable and easy to edit. Alternatively, however, Black locust, oak or pine be used.

After cutting, two glued panels produced for the cassettes in the lower part of the door. For this, the 26 mm thick boards on the narrow sides are grooved longitudinally and then glued together with 8 mm thick plywood springs. The Leimholzbretter pegging with clamps, while the processing time of the glue must be considered and the time they need for binding.

After curing of the adhesive the two glued panels are cut to a square of 880x360 mm edge length. Always pay attention to the desired course of grain! A 2 centimeters wide margin slipped later into the groove of Embracing beams. Those who want to mill only 8 mm wide instead of a 26-mm-groove in the surrounding frame later, may provide the edge-of the cassette circumferentially with a 2 cm wide and 8 mm thick spring.

build gatesbuild gatesbuild gates

The frame construction: longitudinal and transverse struts

For the lower and middle cross connection two bars are connected to a 24 cm wide glued laminated timber. Here, too, the grooves are machined at first, then the parts are plugged together with a spring plywood and glued.

After curing, the three cross members are cut and provided long pins at the ends of 6 cm. Regardless of whether with hand tools or the router happens to be meticulous care in this case, so that the pins fit into the slots later exactly the longitudinal beams.

build gates

On the insides of the two longitudinal struts then each 3 slots are milled for the journals of the cross braces. (-, 26, or 8 mm wide, depending on whether the glued panels were milled, or otherwise) in the lower part of the longitudinal timbers a 2 cm deep groove is on the inside in addition to the planking of the cassette milled. Similarly, also provided the middle longitudinal strut on both sides with a groove, the same applies to the lower side of the center bar and the upper side of the lower cross member.

Through the circumferential groove have the edge-of cassettes later without glue sufficient support because a gluing of longitudinal and transverse wood is not advisable if cracks are to be avoided.

build gatesbuild gatesbuild gates

The detail recording (under this paragraph left) you can see the groove of the central struts in which the cladding is pushed. Since wood as a result of climatic variation in longitudinal and transverse directions greatly expands different and contracts again, this internal boards are not glued to the frame.

In the upper narrow side of the middle cross member and the opposite underside of the top cross member in gleichmäßgen intervals slots are milled for the lattice struts in the upper part of the garden gate. Those who want no milling 26x45x20 mm measuring slots can alternatively use here the 8-mm milling head and provided at the ends of the strips with a respective pin.

build gatesbuild gates

Assembling and gluing the garden gate

build gates

Before the parts are firmly glued, everything is dry at first assembled to check whether the wood joints fit. If appropriate, must be a little are filed and polished here and there.

If engage all parts are first all splices the inner wooden parts - that out of the longitudinal struts everything - only generously coated from top to bottom with wood glue and then quickly pushed into each other before the glue sets. The grooves in which the cassettes deposits are not vereimt so that the wood can work freely.

Finally, the longitudinal struts is their turn and the door is clamped with at least two clamps. It should be checked whether everything is at right angles, because now is the last chance to move the parts against each other to straighten everything.

build gatesbuild gates

dowel joints

Who wants to secure the pin of the crossbars in addition, can finally pierce the pin with a 10mm wood drill bit. Being careful to drill and not press too hard, so that the wood does not chip off on the back when the drill breaks through.

Now wooden dowels are beaten out appropriately delivered sawed-10mm round logs into the holes. You should be a little longer than 6 cm, so that they extend a minimum of the door leaf. They are then ground smooth completion and close thereby clean the frame of a door.

To prevent slipping out of the anchor when the wood works once, it can be sawing the dowel in the longitudinal direction before being struck with the mallet. In the resulting column in the end a small wooden wedge is driven, the forcing apart the dowel and puts under tension.

build gates

Garden door building: other designs

Other Design complacent? How to build a simple standard garden door, but this is much more robust than standard models is finished, read in this plan: build garden gate

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