build Puppenwiege itself

Blueprint for a wooden cradle

Playing children like to imitate the adult world and practice in one important way for the development of psychological role-playing. The little ones often take on the role of adults who own is replaced by puppets. but so that they also get a proper environment, matching doll furniture should be available.

For a few plywood, square timbers and possibly some wood scraps a Puppenwiege can produce ourselves. Are necessary to only a few tools that are already available in most households.

Contents: build Puppenwiege itself

  • material list
  • building plans
  • building instructions

material list

2 Round end parts ∅ 33.0 cm 16 mm MDF panel
2 skids 35.0 x 8.0 cm 16 mm MDF panel
2 Sidebars below 50.0 cm long 20 x 60 mm jaw
2 Sidebars above 50.0 cm long 20 x 30 mm jaw
18 rods 12.0 cm long ∅ 8 mm beech
2 Brackets for fabric drape rod 4.0 cm long 20 x 20 mm jaw
1 Round aluminum rod 80.0 cm long ∅ 6 mm
1 ground 50.0 x 20.0 cm 6 mm plywood

Materials Required

  • A wooden ball 20 mm
  • A mattress from foam 3 cm
  • Material for the sky
  • wood glue
  • superglue
  • wood file
  • dowel aids
  • Screw and clamp ferrules
  • Universalgrund
  • Colored paints choice

building plans

front view

build Puppenwiege itself


build Puppenwiege itself

Horizontal section

build Puppenwiege itself

building instructions

Head and foot as well as the runners of the cradle are sawn from a 16 mm thick MDF plate having a Bosch jigsaw. It can be safely and accurately sawn, when the workpiece with a clamp (Lux) is clamped on the work table. Head and foot boards and the runners - after a possibly necessary rework the sawn edges with wood file or sandpaper - rounded off with a router around.

In the sidebar, the holes for the nine rods each have to be drilled. With the clamped in the drill with drill depth stop, they can be accurately incorporated vertically and equally deep. The rods (smooth 8 mm wood dowels) were cut with a Lux-miter saw in a matching miter box at 12 cm. (All Gehrungsladen not only guides for the 45 ° cuts, they also have notches for rectangular sections).

To the 60 mm wide side strips with a double or smooth plane (for example, by Lux) planed the detached from the drawing slope, so that the soil can be untergeleimt later. Thereafter, the side panels up and down with the round bars finished with UHU coll express verleimen.Die side portions and the upper edges should also - as the MDF parts - are rounded with the router. They can be pegged with the round head and foot sections. are of any help the MC plugs inserts with center tip with which the drill insert points can be accurately transferred to the counterparts. Thereafter, crimp with UHU coll express glue and Lux-clamps.

The runners are glued to the inside of the end parts, the bottom of the inclined planed edges of the side parts. Now the brackets are glued to the sky with solvent-free UHU coll express - wood screws generate the necessary contact pressure. The aluminum rod is bent to a round timber around at a right angle and inserted in the holes of the brackets. (See drawing point A).

Thus the pushed back from the bottom to the again taken out aluminum rod material sky can not slip forward later, is now stuck here with UHU plus, a 2-component adhesive, glued the wooden ball.

All wooden components should be coated before painting with environmentally friendly Alpina acrylic Buntlackenmit Alpina universal reason which makes an ideal bonding agent for paints. This is followed by two coats of the eco-label "Blue Angel" Alpina marked acrylic colored paints, which are available in many bright colors in leading DIY specialist markets.

This construction manual is presented by Alpina colors

build Puppenwiege itself

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