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Wasps: The unloved beneficials

Wasp eats meat

Summertime is wasps time - the black and yellow flying insects, the cozy breakfast, sweet lemonade or the grilled steak can in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace give.

Lands a wasp on your table, you should stay calm and catch the animal gently with a glass or gently escort with a napkin from the terrace. Although the animals are considered more aggressive than the industrious honeybee, though only if they feel threatened, they also stand for.

If you behave properly, the conflict of interest must not end with a wasp sting. Below you will learn all the important information about the proper handling of wasps in the garden and useful tips for building effective wasp traps.

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  • Wasps in the garden
  • To behave properly
  • Tips for safe handling of wasps
  • Home remedies for wasp
  • Pet Friendly wasp repellent
  • wasp traps
  • Bait solution with suitable attractants
  • build wasp traps itself - the wasps can
  • build wasp traps from old PET bottles
  • Caution: Use of wasp traps is doubtful

Wasps in the garden

Only two out of eight of the domestic with us wasp species can be really annoying, the German wasp and the common wasp. Both nest in large States under the ground or in a nest in the protected roof beams. Their nests are usually so well hidden that they are only discovered when the wasps in the garden or house already be annoying or even dangerous.

Here, often fall on smaller spherical nests of other, more peaceful wasp species that were built in bushes, hedges or under the roof. Erroneously, these nests are then destroyed. This has meant that the very peaceful and protected species are threatened in their existence.

Wasps eat meatWasps are carnivores - a grilled steak is often served.

All wasps have a beneficial organisms an important task: They eat the larvae of beetles, butterflies and flies, and even carrion, which is mainly consumed by the Germans and Commons wasp. Just these two species are therefore the health of policemen among insects.

Wasps are generally not aggressive animals, but they are particularly interested in food and drink during the summer. As well as a covered kitchen table dinner is outdoors wasps on an attractive food source, because unlike bees the wasp is also attracted by savory food.

The behavior of the wasps is then very intrusive and often bothersome, while looking for the insects only for food.

To behave properly

Wasp trapped in the glassWasps can be easily trapped in a glass and exposed later.

Wasps, who are in search of food, usually respond not aggressive - but their behavior often appears to us as intrusive and provocative, but in fact is even the opposite is true:

Wasps are very shy, even timid. They shrink from the wild jackhammers fingers, but tightened again and again by the alluring scents. By rapid arm movements wasps feel finally provoked and defend themselves. then after the first light hits it defends itself with its sting.

In contrast to the bee, the wasp does not die from a sting and can sting multiple times because their sting has a different kind of anatomy.

Also targeted blow on the animals is counterproductive. The CO2 content of our breath affects wasps as an alarm substance which may encourage them to jump them.

Who makes the wasps alone, will not be bothered. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Accompany the wasp with a newspaper from the table away or catch the animals in a glass.

Tips for safe handling of wasps

Wasp on glass ColaWasps are attracted to sweet odors.

  1. Cover food and glasses of sweet or alcoholic beverages from always.
  2. Do not drink from a glass without advance to control it to uninvited guests.
  3. Drink from cans and bottles only with a straw.
  4. Keep garbage cans closed.
  5. Never run around barefoot in the garden.
  6. Do not use sweet perfumes, deodorants, hair spray and heavily scented creams.
  7. Remove fallen fruit immediately from the garden.
  8. Wear predominantly dark clothing - Wasps fly on flowery colors.
  9. Bring insect screens on the windows in order to protect the interiors.

Home remedies for wasp

fresh basilPlant basil in your garden. The smell of the herb deters wasps.

Wasps are among the most important beneficial organisms in the garden and many species are protected. A targeted killing must generally be avoided. With some home remedies you can chase away the black and yellow flying insects friendly from the garden. Wasps react odor sensitive. This characteristic can make use of the fact by distributing instensiv scented objects or plants in your garden.

incense suitable for example ideal as a home remedy for intrusive wasps. Enter incense as essential oil in a small incense burner, you put in your garden and burn it if necessary. Even the smell of fresh basil or roasted flavors of coffee powder have a chilling effect on small insects.

You should also make your garden bird friendly. Attach a birdhouse and feed the wild birds with special bird food on a rain-protected feeding site. keep many birds in the garden, automatically come less wasps fly, because birds are their natural predator.

Pet Friendly wasp repellent

alternative feedThey offer wasps feed alternatives such as salmon. attractantsEven sugar water or beer are suitable as an attractant.

The common wasp and the German wasp are state-forming insects and highly trainable. This behavior you can make use of the fact by one the animals in the same place alternative feed to offer.

Suitable would be over ripe fruit, a bowl of sugar water or raw meat. Experience has shown that wasps also like to fly to Salmon - try the animal-friendly method simply made with different foods.

Watch for some time the flight behavior of wasps and set the attractants at some distance from the dining table, but within the flight path on - the wasps then return to this place, the table on the terrace, however, remains wasp free.

Also, placing a so-called wasps fright can provide relief. Visually, the wasps terror reminiscent of a hostile hornets' nest, whereupon the wasps avoid the apparently already occupied garden.

Alternatively, you can also toxin-free Wasp Spray with essential oils Apply or on your garden furniture fragrant Feuerschalen up at the dining area. Even with these two methods the smell or the smoke deter the animals.

The insects learn over time, this place to avoid and to seek their food in other gardens.

wasp traps

wasp trapWasp traps are commercially available, but can also be built themselves.

Do not grab the tips above and the wasps become more widespread, so you can draw on additional measures. The market offers several wasp traps to keep the insects away from you.

As wasp trap specially prepared vessels, which are deliberately filled with sweet baits to attract the wasps apply. then Hung this safe distance from the people in order to bind the wasps there and distract.

In this way, the insects are busy and do not come only in the temptation to seek proximity to man.

Bait solution with suitable attractants

Wasps can be lured by a special bait solution into the trap. Since the insects especially like to fly to sweet foods, is sugar water for the animals catch very well. but even beer or fruit juice (Eg, apple juice or orange juice) contain enough sugar and fragrant.

vinegar has proven to be wasp attractant as bees and bumblebees perceive the smell as a deterrent and thus avoid the trap. An additional splash dish soap alters the surface tension of the mixture, after which easily perish wasps and thus drown faster.

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build wasp traps itself - the wasps can

Wasp trapped in glass containersWasp in glass containers

Are the wasps despite the use of insect-friendly home remedies too intrusive, effective wasp trap can be built.

materials needed:

  • a sealable plastic jar with lid
  • four bottle cap (plastic or aluminum)
  • stable wire for Henkel
  • 30 mm Forstner bits
  • 12 mm Holzbohrer
  • 6 mm drill
  • plastic adhesive
  • Bait solution (sugar, vinegar, fruit juice and beer)

building instructions:

Around the plastic box around about two centimeters below the rim are drilled with the Forstnerbohrer four holes into the can. In this centrally pierced with the 12 mm drill bottle caps are inserted and glued carefully. Through these holes the wasps slip into the case, the inwardly projecting bottle caps prevent the escape.

Now the wire for the handle is bent. Drilling two holes for the handle in the lid, inserting the handle through and turn the ends to.

Then the bait solution is filled: 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup beer 1/2 cup of vinegar and three tablespoons of sugar lure reliable wasps. The projected nature bees avoid the trap due to the presence vinegar.

the case can now be placed at some distance and start the barbecue!

build wasp traps from old PET bottles

Bottles as wasp trapEmpty PET bottles can be easily converted to recyclable wasp traps.

A simpler alternative is the wasp trap in the form of a PET bottle - the materials needed can be found in every household and easy process, also this method is extremely effective.

materials needed:

  • empty PET bottle (without cover)
  • bait solution
  • scissors
  • duct tape

building instructions:

Cut the upper third of the plastic bottle and fill in the lower vessel the bait solution consisting of water, sugar and fruit juice. Then place the cut end upside down (like a funnel) into the bottle and fix everything well with tape. By the tapered input the wasps can easily get into the trap of the way but they can only be found difficult.

Alternatively, you can still give a dash of vinegar and a drop of detergent in the bait solution - by the strong smell of vinegar and bumble bees stay away and washing up liquid can drop the wasps faster and drown.

Set the wasp trap further away from the dining table on. If the wasp trap not served, replace the fruit juice through beer.

This wasp trap is easy to clean and reusable and are therefore ideal for eco-friendly Wasp control in your own garden.

Caution: Use of wasp traps is doubtful

Situated one wasp traps attract more wasps from the surrounding area. The number of these animals is much too low to seriously hurt the people that count more than 5,000 individuals in August. In addition dying wasps send out special pheromones that signal an alarm and summon additional animals to the rescue. By deliberately attracting the wasps in the back of the garden, the problem is therefore often intensified rather than resolved.

Therefore, the use of the wasp trap is at your own risk.

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Wasps on Nest Wasps

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