build wooden advent calendar

Blueprints for Advent calendar made of wood

build wooden advent calendar

Advent need not be transient. As a handyman finally knows with sustainability and therefore prefer to build something solid wood. Therefore we tinker here two wooden advent calendar, which can be re-set up and decorate every year.

Such Advent should timeless beauty - and also be good to stow away again when the holiday season is over. Ideas, there are many, but these two models that we show here are particularly decorative. Who can build with our advent calendar Bastelanleitung an advent calendar itself?

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Board Advent Calendar

build wooden advent calendar

material list

  • 1 clamping plate (125 x 60 cm, 10 mm thick)
  • 2 strips of wood (2 m long, 10 mm thick, 6 cm wide)
  • saw
  • pencil
  • Carpenter angle with miter
  • glue
  • Black panel color (or colored)
  • brush
  • chalk
  • Colorful packing tape / ribbon
  • Wrapping paper

Additional info: The times when there was the classic blackboard paint only in green and black, are long gone. The manufacturers rely on bright colors. Chalkboard paint is obtained from Lac and can be described by its insolubility in water and a damp cloth with chalk. There are two types of table color, even the blackboard paint and the actual panel color. The plaque color is particularly well suited for walls, has a non-glossy surface and a high proportion of dyes and pigments, the color is thus particularly intense color. Blackboard paint is particularly suitable for surfaces that are made of wood, metal, plastic or mineral material. For China there is a very special blackboard paint, which can be burned in the oven.

Tip: Remember when buying blackboard paint the manufacturer's instructions. The designation panel color or blackboard paint is not consistently differentiated: It can draufstehen blackboard paint and actually blackboard paint be in it.

Bastelanleitung: board Advent Calendar

build wooden advent calendarMark cut edgesbuild wooden advent calendarCut the boards

Mark the cut edges
Measure the lengths of the individual strip elements that are to be distributed on the clamping plate and placed, and mark with a pencil. also called stop bracket with a carpenter angle, can be said about angle the edges clean, so all pencil lines at right angles are to the board edges.

sawing boards
When sawing the boards should be somewhat inferior, so you can saw off the bar slightly increased. The best way is to work at a workbench. Anyone who wants to make this Advent itself, however, does not trust the sawing, can make the necessary parts to saw in the hardware store.

For the sawing can be used both a handsaw and an electric saw. It is important to observe the safety regulations in order to avoid injury from the saw blade or machine setbacks.

The following points should always heed: protective clothing in the form of goggles and earmuffs is mandatory. The saw should be selected according to material type, workpiece size and Cut. Use only correct and flawless saw blades. And the saw always operate with both hands and at the provided handle areas.

build wooden advent calendarMark the positionsbuild wooden advent calendarGluing the items

Mark the positions
With a pencil where the individual pieces of molding to be placed on the clamping plate is marked. Do not forget to number the matching pieces and lines the same. So there is no confusion or ambiguity when applying the strips.

Verl One of the items
For the attachment of the strips, the clamping plate horizontally on a flat surface (z. B. on two wooden supports) is placed. The plate must be free of dust. the manufacturer's instructions glue applied appropriately to the edges of the strips and the lines of position on the backplane, let dry and to compress each other. During the drying time does not contact the workpiece.

Anyone who wants to achieve a larger cache stability or need an Advent calendar with more carrying capacity, which can strengthen the construction with additional wood screws. For this you need a wood drill and a Handversenker so that the screws can be flush with the back of the Advent calendar.

paint Advent
When the glue is dried and cured (usually this takes 3-4 hours), it is possible to paint the stockings with the panel color. The color, apply a first time complete with a brush, let it dry and then apply a second time nationwide. The edges of the particle board around not forget!

If all is well dried, can be marked with chalk the different places with the numbers 1 to 24 and / or leave small Christmas greetings. The 24 Advent packages will be provided to the appropriate numbers on the strips. Have fun tinkering and at present!

Advent Tree

build wooden advent calendar

material list

  • 1 wooden bar (15 mm thick, 6 cm wide, 70 cm long)
  • 1 round wooden strip (2 cm in diameter, 140 cm long)
  • 2 round wooden strips (5 mm diameter, 2 m long bar, a bar 150 cm long)
  • A wooden figure
  • Wood screw and nails
  • Wooden dowels (5 mm thick)
  • Holzbohrer
  • Electric screwdriver / drill battery / drill
  • glue
  • Carpenter angle with miter
  • White and pink wood color (or color of your choice)
  • Colorful packing tape / ribbon
  • Wrapping paper

Bastelanleitung: Advent Tree

build wooden advent calendarsawing stripsbuild wooden advent calendarNailing the stand

saw stand
For the stand two parts of 30 cm and two pieces of molding of each 5 cm in length are required. With a pencil and a carpenter angle ablate the dimensions of the strips and subsequently sawing these. This should be inferior to something or working on the workbench.

tack together stand
The longer pieces are nailed to a isosceles, right-angled cross. However, avoiding the center because it is needed for the later installation of tree and stand. The two cut pieces are mounted at the two ends of the later overhead bar of the cross flush with the outer edge. In this way the foot can stand on a level surface.

build wooden advent calendarDrill holes for branchesbuild wooden advent calendarmount branches

Drill holes for branches
In the round wood (2 cm diameter) drilled at regular intervals from the bottom to the top seven holes with a diameter of 5.5 millimeters. When drilling alternately easily change the angle in the horizontal and vary so that the set-through strips are not all later only one flight above the other, but look a little more playful. If you prefer a strict, which should put the holes accordingly.

establish branches and mount
Mark with a pencil, the individual pieces along the 5 mm thick strips of wood in the following order, and then cut to length: allocating first bar (150 cm long): 80 cm, 50 cm, 20 cm; second strip (2 m): 70 cm, 60 cm, 40 cm, 30 cm.

The longest piece (80 cm) so stuck down through the pre-drilled round timber, that the projecting ends are of equal length. Then, in order, the other strips as by plug (70 cm, 60 cm, 50 cm, 40 cm, 30 cm). The top 20 cm long bar sits just before the later tree top.

build wooden advent calendarPre-drill standbuild wooden advent calendarConnect stand and tree structure

Pre-drill stand
In the middle of the wooden cross previously prepared pre-drill a hole for mounting the stand to the tree. The diameter should be selected according to the fixing screw. Which should have a maximum thickness of 16 Milliemetern so that the wood of the tree stand not tear out.

fasten stand
Therefore, one should pre-drill a hole in the tree. With a long screw, the stand and the tree frame can be connected to one another subsequently.

build wooden advent calendarMount tree top

Mount tree top
After stand and tree structure are connected, you can place the tree and pre-drill into the upper end with a 5.5-millimeter wood drill a hole. The depth corresponds to half the length of the wooden dowel. In the figure also wood drill a hole with the same depth. In both holes give some glue and insert the wooden dowels into the wooden figure. Insert then the wooden figure on the tree. let the glue dry well.

paint Advent Tree
Paint the tree depending on gusto. We have painted it here with white and pink wood color and because small gifts in Oberammergau, pink, orange wrapping paper and pink ribbons hung it. We hope you enjoy the Advent calendar tree that can be a great alternative to a Christmas tree!

And what I hang it or I put this?

If one wants to make these two Advent itself, then you should also consider what great little things can be hung or placed. Here we give an appropriate range of ideas and suggestions:

For children:

  • Beautiful crayons
  • eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Duplo figures
  • Hair bands and barrettes
  • Sticker
  • murmur
  • Pixi-Books
  • bake cookie cutter as coupon for cookies
  • Small soap in the form of a little animal
  • Krippenfiguren
  • finger puppets
  • balloons
  • Small toy cars
  • roundabout
  • soap bubbles
  • dough
  • Plastic Animals
  • And of course sweets !!! How about times with grape and nuts?

Or 24 Lego parts that together form a whole.

Or great Christmas ornaments, with which you can decorate the tree together on 24 December.

For adults:

  • individual chocolates
  • key Chain
  • bookmark
  • Mini Mind games
  • Small highlighters, Post-it block, fine pens, erasers funny
  • Postcards with sentences, images, etc.
  • wine Piccolos
  • Labello, small cosmetics
  • scratch Cards
  • Compilation discs

Or a self-designed puzzle and 24 parts in sequence packed into the bag.

Or 24 coupons for:

  • the favorite place
  • the movies
  • a theater
  • a concert
  • a walk  
  • Go swimming or in the sauna
  • game night
  • a VHS course (theater, dance, photography, language, etc.)

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