Building instructions: make trellis itself

make trellis itself

Whether on the balcony or in the garden - wants to almost every gardener make a trellis itself sooner or later. Whether bean, climbing rose or tomato - there are numerous plants that are aiming high and need support.

Bicycle rims and spokes are just very popular with the do-it-yourself community. Nothing is more obvious than in order to build trellises itself. They are weatherproof, offer both tendrils and Spreizklimmern maintenance and are also an interesting garden decorations.

Discarded bicycle rims you get at bike shops, online auctions or from the basements and garages of friends, neighbors and family. Who has a junkyard near, can also be successful in finding.

Our guide is meant in any case as an inspiration for many other possible implementations.

Contents: build trellis itself

  • Material requirements and Required Tools
  • Step 1: holes for trellis
  • Step 2: screw trellis together
  • Step 3: All follow suit and set up

Material requirements and Required Tools

Material requirements:

  • 5 bicycle rims from the junkyard
  • 4 stainless steel screws, machine screws M8 x 50 to 3.10 €
  • 12 stainless steel washers M8 - 3.40 €
  • 8 stainless steel nuts - 3.60 €
  • 2 stainless steel threaded rods - 4,70 €

Needed tools:

  • drilling machine
  • metal drill
  • combination wrench
  • metal file

To make such a trellis itself, you do not need much. The time is very limited. The possibilities are endless. You can do it just as well mounted on a wall as well as provided with ground spikes and mobile use in beds for annual crops.

Step 1: holes for trellis

By aluminum wheels can be relatively easy to drill. A metal drill is still necessary. With a universal drill you do you hard unnecessary. Thus the whole trellis at the end is not wrong, you should identify the center and there make the holes in any case. Each wheel gets a hole in the first pass.

The two wheels that sit below should get out of the hole that connects them still one further hole intended to receive a spike straight down. The bores, which are intended to connect the three upper rim to the two lower later are respectively first drilled in mounting.

Center drill for connectionsCenter drill for connectionsWhen drilling sharp burrsWhen drilling sharp burrs

Tip: After drilling remove the burrs with a file coarse. Remove all metal chips from drilling and deburring carefully. Unlike most wood chips are sustained sharp and pointed. Not only is there risk of injury. Once entered a shoe sole, true to damage to the shoes and floor coverings.

Step 2: screw trellis together

During assembly of the espalier washers Always use on both sides. This contributes to stability. Also, you have to tighten the screws and nuts after screwing with two wrenches - a combination wrench holds the screw head, the other turns the nut.

Your screwed with our example again the top three wheels together and the remaining two also with each other. These two lower rims each get a spike stainless steel threaded rods.

Insert screws with washersInsert screws with washersput mother and washer on the other handput mother and washer on the other hand

Next, you set the two rim rows to each other (the trellis stands on the head) and drilled and screwed the two series together. Clamps or two additional hands are helpful for this purpose.

and then tighten align with wrenchand then tighten align with wrenchEarth spikes mounted on trellisEarth spikes mounted on trellis

Step 3: All follow suit and set up

At the end again tighten all screws and place the trellis at the desired location by posting it infected with Erdpießen into the ground. Now the plants need to grow up only on the trellis, then you have built an absolutely trendy trellis itself.

make trellis itself and usemake trellis itself and usebe covered trellisbe covered trellis

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