cement mortar

Processing, coloring and more

cement mortar

cement mortar is versatile: It is suitable for the repair of broken masonry, bricks, bricks or stones and sand plaster in Indoor and outdoor.

It is often used for cellar masonry or vault, as well as a plinth plaster or for pouring of anchor holes. The building material is not quite as easy to work with, but he is ahead of the other mortars to stuff.

We explain exactly how to handle cement mortar and walk on one, what to look for when it is to be colored. Also on the subject lime-cement mortar and Trass cement mortar to find assistance.

Contents: cement mortar

  • A brief overview
  • process cement mortar
  • colorize cement mortar
  • Lime-cement mortar
  • Trass-cement mortar

A brief overview


  • Cement mortar has a very good adhesion
  • It is suitable for stable, load-bearing walls
  • It is weather resistant and frost
  • It is water-resistant
  • Cement mortar has a high compressive and impact resistance


  • Cement mortar cures to form cracks
  • He lets water vapor through difficult and takes little moisture
  • Poor to be processed comparatively lime mortar (mortar group II)

process cement mortar

cement mortarThe wall was made with mortar


The surface must be free of dirt, dust, and efflorescence. He also must be sound and completely dry. Highly absorbent surfaces are pre-treated with an adhesive emulsion.


Process Cement solution only at temperatures above 5 and below 30 degrees Celsius.


Cement mortar thing of the mortar group III and is made 3 to 4 parts by volume of sand, a portion of cement and Water according to the rule mixed. Apply the mortar using a spatula or trowel evenly on (order thickness between 10 and 15 mm) and strip the excess mortar from easy. Now you do the work only protect from excessive moisture loss - so from sun and frost.

Rule of thumb for water addition:

For the amount of water, the rule of thumb is that for each kilogram of cement or lime half a kilogram of water is required.


Avoid skin and eye contact with cement mortar. The building material governed alkaline when wet - that is, it can lead to burns.

colorize cement mortar

Cement mortar colorable not in any color. Umber, orange and ocher are excellent to make mortar visually. For this you need color pigments, the so-called oxide types. This you can easily add to the crude mortar and you will see the final color.

Lime-cement mortar

Cold cement mortar consists of two parts of lime (hydraulic lime, slaked lime), to eight parts of sand and one part of cement. but it is easier to process, but also less resistant. He is due to its flexible applications as a universal mortar.

Trass-cement mortar

Trass-cement mortar Easy to use, adheres well, but hardens more slowly than other types of mortars by the high Trass share. It is suitable for bricklaying and plastering of stone and for laying steps, paving stones or natural stone slabs.

To learn more about Trass cement.

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