Christmas candles and Advent candles

Christmas candles and Advent candles

The pillar candle - the candle classics to hard

Timelessly beautiful red pillar candles are from Bordeaux to Lila, who are mostly used for classical Advent wreaths or -Gestecke. Specially present some manufacturers so-called self-extinguishing candles or candles with leakage protection, the -. Can extinguish the candle by itself and thus provide more security - through a patented mechanism.

The pillar candles structured and solid-colored models are (resulting dyed a particularly beautiful light) in trend and belong in every imaginable size - from mini maxi over to XXL - the most popular forms!

Contents on Christmas candles

  • Ball candles as a snowball or Christmas ball
  • Tea lights and night lights
  • exotic candles

Ball candles as a snowball or Christmas ball

Christmas candles and Advent candlesKugelkerze in Snowball optics <br />(Photo: European Quality Association Candles)

see Ball candles either snowball balls confusingly similar to or reminiscent of shiny Christmas baubles and have this time of year, of course, high season. Ball candles can be used both as a festive table decoration and for the wreath. Popular trend colors for
Ball candles: white like a snowball, red and orange, gold shiny, red or silver painted.

Dekotipp: Different-colored candles one color family seem more interesting than more of the same candles!

Photo: Winter feeling pure exudes as this white ball candle with the RAL quality mark. Contrasting color is the green container with the silver decorative accessories.

Tea lights and night lights

Christmas candles and Advent candles

Teelichter advance more and more Dekostars and come in many colors, with glitter and mica as well as in countless fragrances thus: "spiced up" with little effort they are so into real change artists.

New and trendy so-called "Night Lights". Significantly higher than "normal" tea lights and with an approximately twice as long focal length (ie about 8 hours) they ensure long and intimate evenings by candlelight!

exotic candles

star candles fit great at Christmas time and pick up the starry winter sky right in your own home.

scented candles - by the glass, as tealight or pillar candle - beguile in the cold season with scents from A for aniseed L as in Gingerbread to Z like cinnamon!

Candles in glass make sure Christmas decoration. A great eye catcher is created on the dinner table when you combine white More wick candles, pillar candles and candles together in the glass.

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