Christmas star out of clothespins

Christmas star out of clothespins

Poinsettias can be made of different materials in all shapes and sizes fold and tinker. An original idea are stars made of wooden clothespins. These are easy to replicate and then decorate as desired. This way, you create individual poinsettias as window decoration or as ornaments for the Christmas tree.

This illustrated step-by-step guide you tinker the basic model for a Christmas star made of wood, you paint at will or decorate with glitter, silver and gold foil. Based on these basic instructions you can tinker different stars from wooden clothespins.

Contents: Christmas star out of clothespins

  • Material List for Christmas star from clothespins
  • form poinsettia from clothespins: Instructions
  • fix wooden parts with hot glue
  • stick together Stern

Material List for Christmas star from clothespins

  • Wooden clothes pegs (depending on size 8 staples per star)
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

Preheat hot glue

In the first step of the hot glue must Preheat. Depending on the manufacturer, this season is 8 to 10 minutes. The final strength depend on the temperature level. The hotter the adhesive becomes, the more support it offers.

form poinsettia from clothespins: Instructions

Christmas star out of clothespinsFrom clothespins the poinsettia is formed

After that, the crafting of the poinsettia made of wood begins: For you remove the metal wire of each bracket and forms of the wooden parts of the poinsettia. The number of required brackets depends on the shape and size desired. Each prong is formed from two pieces of wood, as a clothes peg. In this guide, we have crafted a star of eight clothespins.

fix wooden parts with hot glue

Christmas star out of clothespinsFirst you glue the teeth fixed

Now, a thicker yarn is placed between the two upper clamp parts and fixed with hot melt adhesive. The next step is glued together one after each points of the star.

stick together Stern

Christmas star out of clothespinsFinally, the wood-Star is assembled

Finally, carries the hot-melt adhesive to the top of the individual chevrons and presses them firmly together. As soon as the hot-melt adhesive is fully cured, the poinsettia can be hung from wood.

This way, you build different stars, such as tree decorations with five prongs or a 20-pointed star as a large window image.

Tips for decorating wooden star

Who are these stars to colorless painting the clothespins easily in the desired color in, covered them with silver or gold foil or decorated them with glitter. For a sparkling ice crystal of wooden star is painted with white or light blue. After drying, smears it with a thin layer of liquid adhesive and scatters glitters about him.

Christmas star out of clothespins

Courtesy of Bosch.

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