Clean marble floor and polish - grind stone ground

Clean marble floor and polish - grind stone ground

A natural stone or marble floor gives the rooms a glossy finish, but this leaves over time through exposure to and the natural stones are set on edge. At the latest at this time you should clean the stone floor and polished to give him back his old appearance. But already in the choice of detergent caution is called for when the lining should not be damaged. Likewise, only certain grinding machines suitable for polishing of such stone floors. Special processes such as crystallization ensure a long-lasting shine and a more resistant surface.

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  • Clean natural stone and marble floors
  • grind and polish marble floor
  • maintain natural stone floor with crystallization

Clean natural stone and marble floors

Who wants to clean its natural stone floor, should it not use a conventional cleaner. Surfactants are used in many detergents and leave residues in the stones, which in turn attract dirt. In addition, the soil is sensitive to acid, especially limestone, like a marble floor coverings or travertine are affected. In addition, hard sponges can cause scratches.

Cleaning tips

Marble flooring best cleaned by first gross contamination and dust are removed with a broom and a damp floor wiper. Subsequently, freed from the stones Fats and sticky dirt. This is ideally done with a special cleaning agent for natural stones. For stubborn dirt, the agent must act off before it can be washed off. To this end, soaking a cloth with the natural stone cleaner and putting it on the affected area. Nevertheless, the manufacturer's instructions must always be considered. Then you should wipe with warm water without cleaner dry the stone floor. Attention, Microfiber can scratch the surface in marble and other sensitive rocks. By a impregnation Natural stone floors are less sensitive to contamination.

grind and polish marble floor

When sanding the damaged surface is removed with special grinding equipment, so that a flat floor is created. This is followed - depending on the condition and type of rock - the fine sanding and treatment with a natural stone polishing.

Especially for calcareous deposits, which include marble and travertine, the process has the crystallization proven. Here, the claimed natural stone floor wet ground and at the same time wet crystallized. Through this process, the deep structure of the stone changed since the microfine crystals penetrate the stone and harden there. Thus, the marble flooring is durable, less sensitive to dirt and gets a new shine.

Clean marble floor and polish - grind stone groundTyp of grinding marble floor with a floor sanderClean marble floor and polish - grind stone groundA marble staircase - before and after

maintain natural stone floor with crystallization

Clean marble floor and polish - grind stone ground

After crystallization see natural stone floors marble, terrazo, travertine and granite again classy. Discoloration, traffic lanes and penetrated dirt have been removed and the stones have been restored to their natural appearance. They are also less slippery and more resistant to acids that would otherwise penetrate the stone and damage it. Another advantage: After this treatment, no separate sealing or polishing is required.

The method of crystallization is used for grinding and polishing of newly laid stone floors as well as older coverings. In addition, can also refresh dull marble stairs with him. If the natural stone floor water repellent be a special impregnation is advisable.