Colored contact lenses for carnival

Correct handling of colorful contact lenses for a perfect costume

Colored contact lenses for carnival

As a home improvement you can make many parts of his carnival costume itself. But in some icing on the cake, for example, colored contact lenses, you have to fall back on-selling. But that also has its good reason for making contact lenses themselves, which is not yet possible. Since they exist, colorful motif lenses are the rage. With them you can turn his eyes in virtually everything: Alligator eyes, snake eyes, vampire eyes, smileys and much more.

The enormously high availability is a major advantage that contact lenses are not a pure ophthalmologist domain a long time. However, the slight Buy may also be tempted by recklessness, which is especially fatal when certain hygiene principles are not observed. For wearing the colored contact lenses does not enter the eye, the following tips should be followed.

Contents on Carnival Contacts

  • Problems with contact lenses
  • Clean lenses, use it properly and remove
  • Colorful contact lenses and security in everyday life

Problems with contact lenses

Contact lenses are like a thin film directly onto the eye. Although the material is very soft, is it however not very permeable to air and leads to faster fatigue and dry out the eyes. Although the lens wearing is made in the eye, it still represents a foreign body, which affects the exchange of tear fluid. Lack of air and moisture so it can quickly lead to irritation. In such a case, the lens must be removed quickly. The maximum gestation period is eight hours a day anyway. Days and nights long celebrations without lenses break is therefore not feasible.

In addition, many cheap colorful contact lenses are so-called "daily Disposable"Which must be disposed of after one use. Alternatively, you can access more expensive "monthly lenses" fall back on. Even colorful lenses with prescription lenses are available - here the optician of confidence is the ideal partner. However, a strong astigmatism can be in colored models usually not fully offset.

To wearing contact lenses have to get used. But when the colorful contact lens from the beginning is painful, you should not even try to ride out the pain, because that is not possible. A painful contact lens must be removed immediately - it is dirty, if inserted incorrectly or damaged. Very sensitive people may develop problems when worn without apparent disturbance factor, just try it out beforehand.

Clean lenses, use it properly and remove

useBend forward for easier insertion of the lens forward.

Before you remove the colored contact lens from the container, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and dried thoroughly. It is important that no subsequent Fluseln the towel or stick to the finger remains a greasy film. Also eingecremte hands must be washed, otherwise there is eye irritation.

Open the lens container and remove the lens contained with dry fingers without damaging the material with long fingernails. Place the lens now so your fingertip that they can be easily inserted into the eye. The rule is: The more moist the lens and the drier of the fingers, the easier the contact lens can be put into the eye. In the contact lens but no liquid should swim.

tipIf you are not sure whether the lens is right side up on the finger, helps an oblique view. When the lens on the tip of the finger has the shape of a cut-through sphere, therefore straight edges, it is correct. If it is the wrong direction, the edges bend outwards, such as with a soup bowl.

lensSome contact lenses are especially large and cover the entire eyeball.costumeZombie costumes benefit from multi-colored contact lenses.

In a first use, the lens is sufficiently cleaned and can be used immediately. It helps if you put a mirror on the table and do not use the wall-mounted bathroom mirror. Hold for example, with the right hand, the left eyelids apart and put on the lens to the left eye. You will quickly draw on their own and slip after a few seconds in the optimum position. If necessary, you can move the contact lens and carefully with your fingers and turn.

tip: Colored lenses are often significantly thinner than conventional contact lenses with prescription lenses and can not be used quite so easy - just try around a bit until the wobbly thing sitting in the eye. Put handkerchiefs ready, the eye may well tear something.

After at least eight hours, the lens has to be removed to avoid unnecessary stress to the eyes. Wet your fingers with contact lens solution - at a pinch is also water - and remove the lens by sliding the left and right margins at the same time to the center. Even with slightly closed eyes possible. Clean the lens then with contact lens solution - no water that hardens the lens! - in your palm and enter it finally returned to the storage container. the contact lens is cleaned before the next use.

tipMedium to moisten the eyes can during the day to provide relief when the eyes become dry and rub the lenses. For contact lens Suitable products at any pharmacy.

Colorful contact lenses and security in everyday life

lensColorful lentils restrict the field of vision is a tremendous.

Eye lenses with fashionable colors not usually serve eye correction but are only used for an external effect. Therefore, they provide no means for a better vision but limit it may even require a.

Depending on the lens motive also only a small opening through which the light can get to catch the eye. Therefore, one should avoid sitting with such colorful contact lenses behind the wheel or generally motorized or be out on the bike it absolutely. Especially during the Carnival period, in addition, the police checks piling - who is caught with colorful contact lenses while driving, can it even be prosecuted.

Furthermore, it is recommended to practice wearing lenses before the carnival days because they affect the tear fluid and could be perceived as a nuisance. Also, the removal should be rehearsed several times before it becomes more complicated in drunken state. If you want to wear contact lenses all day, you should have additional products for moisturizing the eye there. These eye drops can be bought at any pharmacy. Make sure only that the product is suitable contact lens.

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