Craft instructions for Christmas Angels

Christmas angel made of paper and wood

make Christmas angelThe finished paper Weihnachtsengel

At Christmas, many families decorate their homes with colorful Christmas decorations, they can tune in to the winter time. In particular, the colorfully decorated Christmas tree contributes to the wintry harmonious effect.

But even smaller decorations can create a Christmas atmosphere in your home. In addition, our Christmas angels everywhere in the house a place - at the window, on the shelf or used as decoration on a Christmas tree. 

We show in the following instructions step by step how to tinker with your child a magical Christmas of paper or wood!

Contents: make Christmas angel

  • Instructions for making a Christmas angel made of paper
  • materials
  • Instructions for making a Christmas angel made of wood
  • Preheat the hot glue gun
  • Angel's wings
  • Head of the angel
  • Rim of Engels
  • Instructions for making a devil of wood

Instructions for making a Christmas angel made of paper


  • Sound or folding paper in white
  • pencil
  • colored pencils
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Liquid glue or glue stick

Tip: Instead of Tonpapiers You can also use simple folding paper. Thus, the poinsettia can be easily folded.

Step 1

As a first step is to draw the outer contours of the angel and the head and feet on white construction paper or white cardboard. Then draw a large and two small stars on yellow construction paper.

angels recorddraw the angel with head and feet on white paperCut itemsCut out all the items of the Christmas Angel

step 2

Glue the two small stars on the shoes and the big star in the center of the wings of the angel.

Finished shoes Christmas AngelThe small stars stick to the shoes of the Christmas Angel.Items Christmas Angelstick the big star at the center of the wings and the small stars on the shoes.
Pavers Christmas AngelThe ready-painted Christmas angel

step 3

Finally, you stick with a glue stick all the parts together. Finish your Christmas Angel!

Attention: The decor may be stuck together with candles on the Christmas tree. Here there is an acute risk of fire.

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Instructions for making a Christmas angel made of wood

Two angels made of woodTwo finished wooden angel

During Advent angels and angelic choirs have a permanent place. They come in many different forms and manifestations. The Christmas Angel, for example, always displayed to emphasize his heavenly character with wings. The following Holzengel you can tinker within a few hours from a conventional wooden log and then personalize to your liking.


  • 1 piece of wood
  • 1 Styrofoam ball
  • 1 long nail
  • White craft carton
  • Colored woolen cord
  • Hot glue gun
  • hammer
  • Strukturpaste
  • brush
  • Alleskleber
  • Possibly. wadding
  • Possibly. markers

Tip: For the Christmas angels you can use a piece of wood in any size. Ideally, the height is approximately 25 to 35 cm. Clean the wood before tinkering with a brush to remove dirt and remove protruding splinters. 

Preheat the hot glue gun

Preheat the hot glue gun. To do this, place the hot glue stick into the gun and connect them then. After about 7 to 10 minutes, the adhesive has reached the proper temperature and can be used. During this time, you can customize the wings and head for the wooden angel. 

Caution: Make sure that when tinkering with children, an adult is present as a supervisor always, when working with a hot glue gun!

Angel's wings

In order to make the wings, draw any angel wings on white, stable craft box. You can free to decide whether you want to create a round or square shape. 

Tip: It is important that the two wings are symmetrically as possible. Ideally, you draw for a wing on paper, then cut it and transfer it to the photo board. Then contact your paper template and mark the other wing mirror in addition to the first wings. If you then cut both wings, they should be exactly symmetrical. 

To make the angels now three-dimensional effect, apply with a brush structure paste on the front. Is the front-dried, decorate the back. then for soft wings to coat the board with an all-purpose adhesive and glue on both sides cotton on the wings.

As soon as the hot glue has reached the right temperature, wear it carefully on the angel wings and stick them then on the piece of wood.

Head of the angel

Now you hit a long nail in the middle in the top of the wood-log. Make sure that you hit the nail too deeply into the piece of wood so that still sufficient room for mounting the Styrofoam ball. 

Tip: To test whether there is sufficient space, hit a piece of the nail into the wood and then put the Styrofoam ball on the nail head. If the nail is too long to take the ball off again and sink the nail to the desired length. 

Once you have found the ideal length of the nail, put the ball back on it, then decorate with structure paste and let it dry. Instead of Strukturpaste You can also paint a face on the Styrofoam ball.

Rim of Engels

a small ring for the Christmas angel is then crafted from a colored wool cord. Alternatively, you can but also bind with raffia or other materials the headdress. If the Styrofoam ball is dry, sprinkle them with hot or all-purpose adhesive and press the wreath then fixed to the head. 

Tip: Make sure that the splice for an optimal bonding result is clean, dry dust, and must be free of grease!

Now give even a dab of glue on the hole of the ball and press it on the nail, so that the head is stable. 

Now wait until the adhesive is cured. Finish your Christmas Angel!

Instructions for making a devil of wood

Devil and Angel made of woodThe devil and the angel next to each other

For those who want to tinker not only a Christmas angel, but also a little devil, we have created a supplementary instructions here. You need to use the same materials as for the angel and in addition the utensils listed below.

additional materials

In addition to the materials they need for the construction of the angel of log, the following material is needed:

  • Toothpick for Horns
  • Red color
  • Two narrow, short pieces of wood for the arms (of wood waste)

Instructions for making a devil

Also for this tinkering, you should first clean the wood with a brush so that it is free from dirt and debris. Then you hit a long nail to attach the head centered in the logs and put the Styroporkugen on. Then fasten the two wooden arms with short nails the side of the wooden log. This creates a high strength and prevent the arms can fall off. Finally, you make the head of the little devil. You can do this with a felt pen paint on Styrofoam ball with either Strukturpaste decorate (see., The instructions for crafting an angel) or the devil a face. Likewise, you paint then a toothpick with red paint and halve it. Once everything has dried, put the two halves toothpicks as devil horns in the Styrofoam ball. Enter a dab of glue in the hole of the ball and secure it on the nail. Even the little devil and angel Christmas're done!

Tip: If you want to make the devil in typical colors, simply paint all wood and polystyrene parts in bright red and a dark black on. Depending on the opacity of the color multiple coats may be required.

Have fun making!

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