A home workshop heard in this day and age, almost to the standard equipment of a house. Who has its own land including garden, requires tools and time again that setting up a home workshop is worthwhile. If the room is kept generous or rather small, everyone decides for himself. If only minor edit takes is a tool cabinet in the garage. Hobbyists and those who like to do carpentry, move on to another level. In fact, some things no one should be without.

What place is suitable for home workshop?

In general, any premises that have all the necessary installations are suitable. These include, among other outlets, and good ventilation. Important, please realize a home workshop only in a house. In rented accommodation such workshops are not in demand, because the noise level is too high. Exceptions should there be, if suitable for a basement and the landlord permits.
Ideal locations are:

  • garden homes
  • blanks
  • garages
  • basement, cellar
  • Own workshops of wood which are set up in the garden

watch for that in garages officially no workshop should be conducted. But no one will complain if it quietly works or short matters are settled. If the work is too loud, a neighbor could file a lawsuit because of that. Hobby carpenter should therefore be looking for an alternative that is approved.

These requirements must be met

In space a power supply should be available to work with electronic devices without restriction. In addition, the room must have good ventilation. Either a ventilation system or large windows that can be opened. In a workshop there is often a high fine dust and fumes produced during repainting harm the health. Therefore, there should always be a way to ventilate the room. Finally, the room should be insulated so that the noise for the neighbors remains tolerable.

This equipment should not be missed

Each home improvement has their own idea of ​​what it requires in the end. Some people have a combination wrench and is satisfied with it. Others require a wide variety of rotary hammers in different Joule heights. The basic equipment in every case: hammers, screwdrivers, saws, drills, nails, screws, dowels and Co. These are the little things that should not be missed in an apartment. A proper home workshop is it then, if the necessary equipment is available.

This includes, for example, a workbench. The workbench is a robust basis for different crafts. Then it can work even better. Boards are clamped and can be sawed there without slipping. To this end, there are practical vices, which can be attached directly to the workbench. The other requirement is based on the needs of each handyman. One may need a circular saw, the next a grinding machine, because it workpieces are updated regularly. Here, every handyman should choose according to his taste, and obtain the necessary tools.

Who performs, for example, many woodwork, should not do without a workbench. So that furniture can be creative and professionally produced. Those who do nothing at all has the hat and painted prefer things is, in turn, provide a set of paints in the workshop. Here everyone goes his own way and directed his workshop one to your taste.

Safety and legal things

When working in the home workshop, special attention must be paid to safety to avoid injury. Anyone with children should complete the workshop or shut off at least the cabinets that no one comes illegally to the tool. Further, in the home workshop, a first aid kit should not be missed to rapidly perform first aid measures in case of emergency. watch for that certain tools may be operated only from the age of 18 and is also necessary to find out in advance which rest periods apply in each residential area. Sunday is a rest day in general and should not be hammered or sawn loud at that time. For more information on air pollution, noise and the like can be found to the legal text. For longer work which account for a high noise level, it is advisable also to inform the neighbors about it in order to further trouble to spare. Then the home improvement, nothing stands in the way.