Decking Winterizing

maintain decking and decking

Decking Winterizing

Wooden terraces provide a natural impression and are very nice to look at. However, the splendor incorrect care does not last very long: decking boards are attacked by wind and weather, cracks and gaps arise. In this winter attracts a rainwater freezes this and blows on the boards, fungi penetrate the rotting floorboards.

But so far it has not come. With this guide, the wooden deck is not only next spring, but also the next year beautiful. 

maintain decking: Contents

  • Wood for decking: Good wood for durable terraces
  • Terrace care begins with the selection of wood
  • protect decking from weather
  • Decking: stain or oil?
  • Wood protection with olive oil: Is that possible?

Wood for decking: Good wood for durable terraces

Suitable for terraces is particularly Bangkirai, an Asian tropical wood that is highly resistant to environmental influences and rain. Who is not a fan of tropical timber, can also draw on Siberian larch or Nordic spruce. but these should be specially treated. Even pressure treated pine is suitable for the construction of wooden terraces.

Even with the screw selection can go wrong: who does not use stainless steel screws, has to live with later rust spots, at worst, screws can also rust and lose their heads. The result is loose decking and sometimes painful pitfalls.

Terrace care begins with the selection of wood

Decking WinterizingBoiler pressure impregnated wood

Wooden decks are unfortunately often built without great expertise and facing the lowest possible cost. The offers of discount hardware stores often have more sales than the shelf life of their product in mind. Come then missing or bad wood protection measures which will decking is rotting away within a year.

A wood protection in outdoor areas and decking is therefore imperative.

If the rotting be too advanced and have spread to the substructure, the entire deck must be replaced. In partial damage to individual boards can change, the rest can be adjusted by grinding.

For new terraces preservation of wood preservative stain for a winter protection is therefore required!

Decking WinterizingThere's nothing to save: Rotten wood (close-up)

protect decking from weather

Already attacked decking that are already graying, you can still effectively protect from the elements. The existing deck boards should be in front of the wood preservative initially very carefully cleaned.

In case of slight cracks on the surface can be given to a grinding off the terrace, but this is dependent on the type of wood used and should be discussed with a professional.

Danger: Old and rotten deck boards are often the cause of many accidents and unpleasant splinter in the foot. Let your children go barefoot on such a surface running.

Decking: stain or oil?

Decking Winterizinggraying wood

The question of varnish or oil is controversial with wooden decks. Basically commercially available thin glazes can be used for impregnating a wooden deck. However, decking Bangkirai Douglas fir or even without a glaze well over the winter, also a good wood oil can be used.

The painting itself is simple: The terrace is thoroughly cleaned in a long period of fine weather, here you can either proceed with the classic scrubbing brush or use a pressure washer. Subsequently, the terrace has to dry completely, ideally 48 hours.

Then, in the morning (and not in the rain!) Started to glaze the terrace. One to two coats should be enough. The use of wood oil is carried out in a similar manner. It is particularly important that all details and corners are glazed, because sponges and fungi sit down at junctions and exposed edges particularly like fixed.

Wood protection with olive oil: Is that possible?

Wood protection with olive oil or commercial vegetable oil? Yes, it works. However, one should have a robust nose: Like most vegetable oils and butter olive oil or sunflower oil rancid in the sun. Better is a wood preservative with linseed oil: This is available in any hardware store and gives the wood a distinctive scent. You can also protect a terrace, of course with beeswax: The application is painful and quite expensive in the required quantity.

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