decorate Easter eggs: With scissors cut, tissue paper and more

Intricate Easter decoration: eggs decorate with paper cut

decorate Easter eggs: With scissors cut, tissue paper and more

Nicely decorated eggs are as decoration for your own home or as small gifts for friends and family to Easter easy to do so. make a delicate, very artful way to Easter, we would like to present: Easter eggs with paper cut designs. The silhouette was originally a very old crafts from China. Meanwhile, he is, however, known around the world and became popular mainly in the Age of Goethe in the 19th century in Germany. With very fine scissors or special knives while the outlines of a motif, a pattern or an ornament to be cut so that once created the motif and its negative as a decorative element in the ideal case.

This technique is ideally suited to realize Easter and spring motifs such as rabbits, chickens, eggs, tulips and flowers in general any kind as a paper cut. These can then be glued to the blown out and cleaned chicken eggs.

Contents: papercut Easter eggs

  • material list
  • Silhouette motif
  • stick paper cut on the egg
  • Videos about Easter eggs with paper cut
  • Ideas for self-made Easter eggs
  • glue eggs with tissue paper
  • Video: decorate eggs with decoupage
  • Video: Easter eggs with seeds

material list

  • eggs
  • Scissors cut paper in a color of your choice
  • wallpaper paste
  • brush
  • Fine scissors and / or knife
  • pencil
  • white paper for sketching
  • paperclips
  • paste
  • brush

Silhouette motif

First, you need to tinker this Easter decoration course a suitable subject. It is important to make sure that all parts are interconnected. Either you stand in front of the subject for your Easter silhouette on a white sheet of paper which you attach later with paper clips on the scissors cut paper. Or draw the motif on the back of the paper cut paper.

Then it's time to cut. for use a small, pointed scissors, so that the subject can be possible detailed and clean cut. There are also special for paper cutting scissors and -Messer.

stick paper cut on the egg

If it is possible, you can try to cut a motif so that the negative that arises because is not damaged. This you can use very well as a decorative element that is.

If you have made the paper cut, you have to fix it only on the cleaned and dry easter egg. Very clean and tidy, you can stick it using a wallpaper paste solution. Stir this on a little paste with water: Make sure that there are no lumps in the paste are and it spreads easily, because otherwise there is a risk that the silhouette is damaged when sticking.

Now move the brush a thin layer of paste on and push the paper cut carefully - and you're finished with the design Easter eggs! The adhesive needs to dry for a few hours and already the silhouette egg can take place in the Easter basket or be hung on a branch Easter decor items. 

Videos about Easter eggs with paper cut

In these video tutorials for more suggestions for designing your Easter eggs with paper cut:

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Ideas for self-made Easter eggs

In addition to the silhouette, the classic egg coloring and painting Easter eggs, there are many other ways to make colored eggs, z. As by being covered with colored tissue paper or seeds.

glue eggs with tissue paper

Easter Egg paste with tissue paperglue eggs with tissue paperEaster egg with tissue papercolorful Easter egg

Those who want to Easter painted eggs or color, they can paste over with colorful tissue paper or crepe paper. The so designed Easter eggs decorate Easter shrubs or -nester. For boiled eggs, we recommend our craft ideas for eggs dyed with natural colors.

Materials for colored eggs

  • Starting blew eggs
  • Silk or crepe paper in different colors
  • Glue or craft glue
  • scissors
  • Possibly. a bristle brush

glue eggs with colored paper

First, cut out the tissue paper many colorful shreds and stir in a small amount of glue. Then you sprinkle the whole egg with glue or craft glue.

Press the individual bits of paper completely into the paste and rub it smoothly until the egg shell is no longer visible. Then apply again paste and glue the eggs with a second layer. Then let dry.

Tip: To hang the eggs, the top opening in the egg shell should remain free. Halve a match and tie a thread at one end. This is gently pushed through the opening. Tie the other end of the thread into a loop and have the pasted with tissue paper egg can be hung, as tilted the match inside.

Video: decorate eggs with decoupage

Video: Easter eggs with seeds