Early bloomers from bulbs

Bulbs plant and care

Hyacinths are planted

Early bloomers set color accents in the still winter garden and are therefore often planted by amateur gardeners in the front yard or flower bed. But even as a potted plant on the balcony or on the terrace easy-care plants thrive.

For the colors in the spring, you should set the bulbs in the fall in the prepared soil. Particularly early flowering cyclamen, but also crocuses, grape hyacinths and daffodils can be admired from March.

DangerAll daffodil varieties are highly toxic.

In the following article you will learn more about the proper cultivation and maintenance of targeted early bloomers from bulbs.

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  • Buying Tips and ideal storage of bulbs
  • Claims and proper location of the early bloomers
  • Blaze of color in the spring - when the flowers bloom onions?
  • Plant bulbs properly
  • Care of the early bloomers

Buying Tips and ideal storage of bulbs

Early bloomers are available in numerous varieties and advanced breeding. Here it is important when selecting in advance should be noted that magnificent places, ill-suited for naturalizing and should find their place in the well-kept flower bed.

Note: A naturalizing flower bulbs means that multiply the flowers by themselves and spread throughout the garden. The onions are unaware of in rows, but planted naturally distributed.

Garden centers and online stores offer a wide variety of flower bulbs. Do you prefer strong and large onions and check out the bulbs on pressure points.

Ideally, you plant the bulbs bought directly in the humus-rich soil. Is a fast planting impossible, the onions can be stored airy and dry in a cool room.

tip: Splendor varieties can be stored easily in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for several days.

Claims and proper location of the early bloomers

Crocus as early bloomers

Most Frühblüher varieties prefer a sunny spot with nutrient-rich soil. But even in partial shade some bulbs for example the blue star, snowdrops and winter aconite thrive very well.

tip: When uncertainty about the ideal site selection easy on the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging.

Bulbs suffer from an over compacted soil because the tender roots can develop in the solid substrate and spread difficult. Also waterlogging must be avoided, since the sensitive rotten onions quickly.

Ideally, the soil is good durchlockert and prepared with compost to counteract nutrient deficiency. In order to avoid moisture in the standing tree pit a drainage layer 1-2 cm wide can be filled from fine-grained sand. This loosens the soil in addition to preventing the fouling of the bulb.

tipThe colors of the onion plant is particularly well before immergünen conifers or ivy advantage. The color contrasts achieved enliven the winter garden.

Blaze of color in the spring - when the flowers bloom onions?

Hyacinths and anemones

The cultivation of flower bulb vegetable gardeners between early, summer and fall bloomers must distinguish. The proper planting time is crucial here.

early bloomers, the flowers already in late winter or early spring, should be planted from September to early November. Cyclamen even be set as early as mid-August in the earth, as they especially early form the first pink petals.

The yellow winter aconite, the colorful crocuses and snowdrops light are also among the first signs of spring, and as of March finally blooming yellow daffodils, the high-growing tulips intensely fragrant hyacinths and blue star with her six blue petals. In April, the purple iris and red-orange Fritillaria follow.

tipOutdoors is still frosty, cold-sensitive early bloomers may flower already in flower pot on the sheltered balcony and are eventually planted in the garden. Learn more here pull cuttings on more.

colorful gladioli

The summer flowering bulbs be planted in the flower bed or in the flowerpot in March. Especially popular varieties are the beautiful lilies, colorful gladioli, dahlias and the elegant filigree summer hyacinths here.

However delicate summer-flowering varieties such as the tiger flower or Hakenlilie should be put into the open from May until - now the nights are warm enough.

When starting to discolor the leaves of the trees in the fall, is the time of autumn flowering dawned. The bulbs should be planted from July already in order to ensure healthy plant growth over the summer. Splendid autumn flowering are the autumn crocus, special Herbstkrokusse and Madonna lilies with their strikingly large flowers.

tipNot only in the garden or on the balcony the magnificent flowers can convince all bulb plants are also great to include in springtime bouquets or colorful Easter wreaths.

Plant bulbs properly

Planting early bloomers

Is the ideal location determined in the garden, the bulbs can be planted. Lift favor of a planting hole that is twice to three times as deep as the bulb wide - the bulb is 5 cm wide, the planting hole should therefore be about 10-15 cm deep. When the onion planted too shallow, the soil is too dry, the roots develop poorly.

Here, the rule of thumbThe larger the bulb, the deeper the planting hole.

Also, the ideal planting distance depends on the bulb size: For large onions should keep a distance of up to 8 cm, with smaller copies satisfies a distance of 4 cm. Remember when planting distance the desired effect in the flower - the flowers are too far apart, they seem lost quickly. Therefore, select prefer slightly smaller the distance between each onion.

The planting hole is dug, the bulbs with the tip and the sprout side up and the root approach are laid down in the soil and covered with the excavation. Finally, the Earth is slightly pressed and carefully watered.

tip: Will the earth and also prepared with compost, healthy plant growth is supported.

Care of the early bloomers

Early bloomers as a pot plant

Early bloomers from bulbs are considered as undemanding and easy to maintain. Make sure that the soil is not too dry nor too moist. With superb places, it is advisable to remove weeds targeted and cut off dead leaves. The administration of organic fertilizer supports plant growth.

Fertilization, pruning work and the annoying weed removal omitted in verwildernden species that reproduce themselves, thus transforming the entire garden into a color carpet. They thrive very well even on lawns and under trees.

Flower bulbs can linger after flowering in the soil and open up again next year as a harbinger of spring, the new gardening year.

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