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Tile paint with tile paint.

Hues that are still in the sixties and seventies "in" were, the bathroom can now look old. In contrast to today's bright colors they can be combined with different contrasting colors also bad.

Who wants to give a new design its tiles, but shies away from a lavish bath or kitchen remodeling, can still give a new look to its tiles. There is no need to tile the walls new, remembered sweeps it with a special tile paint in the desired color. This method is especially recommended if the old, ugly tiles are not damaged.

For painting the tiles no craft knowledge is required, so even novice handyman able to realize this project.

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  • Legal: tile paint in rental housing
  • Instructions: tile paint with tile paint
  • Underline floor tiles
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Legal: tile paint in rental housing

Unfortunately, the sweep of the tiles can not be undone often. Tenants who want to beautify their bathroom with tile color must tune the in any case only with the landlord. The best are allowed to register for a written permission.

emphasize tilesold ceramic tileemphasize tilesprimeremphasize tilespaintworkemphasize tilesthe new bathroom

The ink application is composed of two layers. For both - a primer and top coat - Epoxy resin should be used. You can mix the dealer in any desired color shade and are distinguished by extra durability.

Epoxy resin are two-component systems, consisting of paint and hardener. These are combined and thoroughly stirred, then applied liberally with a brush or roller. At the hardware store, there are also special tiles to buy paint sets, where everything is included that is needed.

Instructions: tile paint with tile paint

It is important to prepare: Although it may seem annoying - thorough cleaning and inspection of the tiles and grout has a decisive effect on the end result.

Underline floor tiles

In general, it is possible to remove all the tiles, but it should be remembered that floor tiles are particularly affected subject. Therefore, most of Note "Wall tiles" or "for vertical tiles" noted. Special two-component coatings are also suitable for floor tiles, which are much more durable. However, you should also be used with reservation. Small errors in the preparation can already quickly cause damage.

1. Check the joints Before painting

First, the joints must be checked. Cracks and small holes can be repaired with joint white. See silicone joints already badly battered, it is advisable to remove them. With a sharp knife, the mass can be easily cut and then rub off. Also helpful is a special silicone remover. If the valves do not let unscrew easily, they should be carefully covered with tape.

Important NOTE:

Commercially available silicone is not paintable and therefore must be taped or removed. To avoid heels, it is advisable to remove all the silicone joints and renew after removal of the tiles.

emphasize tilesClean the surface thoroughly.emphasize tilesclean tiles with a sponge.

2. Clean the tiles thoroughly

clean the tiles in the next step. Crucial condition: The surface must be clean, dry, dust and grease.

This can be achieved by a thorough treatment with a soap or vinegar cleaner. There are also special tile cleaner that act specifically against dirt and grease. Also, alcohol or even a hydrochloric acid-containing agent (Caution, caustic!) Fulfill this purpose.

Check again carefully: There must be no adhesive residues, for example from old towel hooks, give more.

Some tiles paints require a roughening of the tile surface before painting. The tiles must be uniformly roughened. even better - - sanding fleece, which is available in stores for this is classic sandpaper or suitable. for example, with 240 grit sandpaper.

This is especially true for tile paints that do not require a primer. Always follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer!

emphasize tilesPrimer or first coat of paint tiles.

3. primed tiles

Now the real work begins. The primer with the tile primer comes with a fine foam roller and inexperienced slight of hand. Apply the well-mixed components swiftly.

Some manufacturers offer 2in1 products where a first primer is no longer necessary, but will begin simultaneously with the first varnish application.

4. First drying phase

After 16 to 24 hours of drying time, the primer is ready for the first lacquer layer.

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5. First paint

Mix the tile paint carefully and start immediately with the application. In return, a hard, closed-pore foam roller is suitable. After mixing the paint is only about 6 hours to process, after which the curing starts. So be sure to prepare the appropriate quantity of paint and not to interrupt the work with long pauses.

6. Second drying phase

If you have applied the first layer, a re-drying phase of at least 12 hours is necessary.

7. Second paint

emphasize tilesEndanstrich- letze the layer of tiles color.

After curing the first layer, the second painting can begin. Mix the appropriate amount tile paint again and wear them with a fresh roll on you. You will see how well the paint covers very dark tiles, giving you a brilliant result at the latest after drying, this second painting. Especially dark tiles need at least three coats of paint job so that the old paint showing through.


8. curing of the tile color

A good and sufficient curing can take up to three days, only then you should continue with the further steps.

9. Finishing Touches

After curing, the valves can be mounted again. Now you can issue the joints with joint white or another color of the tile colors. Subsequently, the silicone joints of bumps and corners with sanitary silicone and possibly joint tape to be renewed, for example on sink and bathtub.

Pro tip:
Place several of the respective foam rolls ready, because this may be attacked by the special preparations and must be replaced.

Tile paint from Molto

The tile paint is sufficient (a tub or two shower trays) for 2.8 m² and is available in all colors.

After 5 days of drying time the tub or tile mirror can be used normally.

The professional set consists of:

  • 2-component lacquer
  • brush
  • foam roller
  • spreadable tub
  • Entkalker
  • cleanser
  • Tack cloth
  • 4 sheets of sandpaper in 2 grain sizes

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Ökotipp: let it dry brush or roller after work and dispose of with household waste. So need polluting solvents to are not even used.

The guidelines for sweeping the tiles must be complied with for reasons of health in each case meticulously. Is the primary coating dried overnight, they should be evenly sanded to give the final coating durability.

This is then applied in the same way. So that the makeover is complete. Will the new "skin" not shocked with strong chemicals, remains their "complexion" immaculate for years.

Tile primer
Tile Paint
1-10 m² 250 ml 1.5 l
11-20 sqm 500 ml approximately 3.0 l
21-30 sqm 750 ml about 4.5 l