In children's rooms a good desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture and makes over the years usually sorts with. Both for the children and their parents would be optimal, would if so "grow" a desk by the first writing exercises and homework to university and you do not have to constantly buy a new table that matches the current life stage and size. A good desk should also support the natural urge to move and adapt to different "work situations". Finally, you sit upright times, times nor backward forward - depending on whether one is writing something that reads, calculates or records. Sitting still belongs already to the past - today it is known that so-called "dynamic sitting" not only improves posture and easy on the back, but also promotes concentration. That's why rigid furniture are also more likely to be unhealthy.

Variable height and tilt

Especially at low or too high tables are of concern in children. If a table too deep, the child must zusammenkrümmen - it turns out too high, it must be stretched unnaturally, which often leads to cramps. Such poor posture boost to later suffer back problems the risk. Moreover is hard to think of relaxed learning under these conditions. Those who want to create an ideal learning environment children should therefore rely on height-adjustable desks that flexibly adapt to the growth of the child. The model "Anderson" of Habermaass example, can be variably set at heights 58-72 centimeters. The optimum height of a desk is present, moreover, if the child stands with both feet on the floor, knees and hips are bent 90 degrees and resting the forearms horizontally on the tabletop. Since orthopedic surgeons for writing and reading recommend an inclined table top, can this also tend, with a round wooden barrier ensures that paper and notebooks from sliding off the table. Thus we find - in the truest sense of the word - easy the appropriate position for work and study.

From the nursery to the student apartment

For the benefit of the child should always pay attention to stable and sustainable furnishings when buying furniture. In particular, adjustable tables should also move throughout the adjustment process safely in the frame in order to avoid the risk of injury. Since adjustable desks are sometimes several years in operation, it is worth also, paying attention to a pleasant look, which also makes itself not only in children but may still in the first dorm room good.

Who is crafted with skill can build a height-adjustable desk for his children himself. An instruction with sketches and material list for building desk in our article.