Exterior decoration for Christmas

Exterior decoration for Christmas

Exterior decoration Christmas

Advent is the time of Christmas decoration. Previously, the install of external Dekra desk for Christmas alone a task of cities and towns or shops in the inner cities, and homeowners were limited to the decor indoors.

Meanwhile, however, you want to enjoy their own Christmas not only in their own festive room - the neighbors also be placed on the solemn mood.

Therefore exterior decoration is becoming increasingly popular for Christmas in Germany. Often one thinks only of lights and outdoor lighting, but also door wreaths are striking a balance with glitter stuff definitely in the Christmas Außendeko.

Wireless fairy lights

Wireless lights are a good alternative to luminaires with cables. We explain in detail where the advantages and disadvantages are, cater to the operation and recommend products: lights without cables.

Fairy lights and Christmas lights

Lights make a Christmas tree only really atmospheric. This year's favorites for the Christmas lights are illuminated figures such as reindeer, Santa Claus or snowman - shaped from lights or a light tube. But it is essential to pay attention to safety when purchasing the Christmas Lights: safe Decorate with fairy lights and Christmas lights.

Exterior decoration for Christmas

Bastelanleitung: Weihnachtlicher door jewelry

A very simple but clever instructions for making a Christmas door decoration with fresh pine branches in Christmas tree shape. The highlight: the decorative baubles in this Christmas door decorations are even edible. tinker door decorations for Christmas

Exterior decoration for Christmas

Christmassy door wreath of pine cones

A Christmassy door wreath is true every visitor to the peaceful Christmas. Therefore tinkering a wonderful wreath of pine cones and presented it to the front door. Who does not rejoice at the sight of the sweet home and on the coming Christmas day? Christmassy door wreath

Exterior decoration for Christmas

Christmas crafts

Christmas is the best time of the year. Really comfortable but it is only when the decoration is right. In stores each apartment unit is usually something for every taste and suitable for. However, you can get even more into the Christmas spirit when you tinker your own decoration. On the website www.henkelhaus.de You can find great craft instructions on the topic: Christmas

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