Football cushion craft for garden benches and chairs

tinker football pads

Whether theme party, birthday or for the European Championships and World Cup: come on a football party only with an intimate decoration really freak on. Cover boring beer tables with grassy green table runners or tablecloths on football look. For a long and pleasant sitting at the BBQ or to tenterhooks the games provide comfortable cushion. This football Pillow Tinker entirely without sewing skills, instead, you just need a tacker, a craft knife, a pencil and foam board, hardboard and thick, sturdy fabric or fleece that fits in a bright shade of green for football party.

You can also tinker with these instructions also comfortable chair cushions or seat cushions for the garden. Using rubber bands and Velcro closures, the cushion can easily be mounted on benches and chairs without constantly falling from the seating. Be inspired and create your own pillows for football or other theme parties.

Contents: tinker football pads

  • Instructions for making a football pads
  • Ideas for football furniture and decorations
  • Video: build soccer-seat box

Instructions for making a football pads

Materials and tools

  • Green nonwoven fabric or robust
  • foam pad
  • Hardboard in the width of the seat surface, for. Width of the bank B.
  • rubber bands
  • Possibly. Velcro fasteners
  • tacker
  • scissors
  • Cutter or carpet knife
  • pencil

Tip: 3 mm thick hardboard can be cut with both a cutter knife with a sharp blade and having a dip and jigsaw to the desired format. Pay attention to a firm fixation of the plate.

cut upholstery, fabric and hardboard

cut foamWith a utility knife trim the foam.festtackern nonwoven on the foamfesttackern the lawn green mat on the foam and the hardboard.

The first step is to determine the size of the pillow, this measure the width of the bank or - in the case of a chair - the format of the seat surface. Transfer the measurements to the hardboard, fix it before it is cut.

Then insert the tailored hardboard on the foam pad and cut it to the same size. It is then placed on the web and signed their contours. Add a border of 5 cm on each side and should also mark it with a pencil.

Tip: If the web has a beautiful and less respectable side, the markings are made on the less beautiful side.

festtackern fleece on the cushion

After cutting, position on the green fleece the foam inside the pencil lines and lay on him the hardboard. Now the protruding edge of the fabric is folded over the edges and stapled. For rectangular football pillow is it easier to staple the long sides first. Repeat this step with the short side. In round shapes up fabric scraps may overlap, cut off in this case too much rough edges.

attach rubber bands

fix rubber bandsfix the rubber bands with staples.

In order not to slip the football pads from the bank, you can attach one or two rubber bands. Depending on the size of the seat cushion to be stapled at a distance of 5-10 cm from the outer edge so that their ends point inwards instead of to the edge of the pad.

Tip: If a Velcro on the underside of the Football cushion and at one end of the rubber band attached, you need festtackern only the two tape-end and can attach it easily even in the middle of the garden bench.

This pillow is also sitting on the football grandstand at the public viewing, comfortable in the stadium and on homemade football stools crates.

Tinkered football padsThere goes your football pillow.Fasten seat cushionBy rubber bands, it remains safely lie on the benches.Football pads and football tableAt the grass green seat cushion fits with green fabric-covered football table or a table runner in football look.

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Ideas for football furniture and decorations

With a robust green fabric or fleece also seat boxes, tables or goal walls can string it. If you have a build Torwand, mark the opening on the fabric and cut them out zig-zag shape. Then pull the fabric tight over the wooden plate and staple the edges on the back firmly.

In conventional beer tables the design is even simpler: The thick fabric is stapled over the table and stretched on the bottom. But if you want to remove for washing him should Fold the outer edges inward and ideally be missed - as an alternative without Sew a seam iron band or hem fleece on. Finally, Velcro is attached to the folded edge and the table base, so that the tablecloth on the underside of the plate can be attached with Velcro connection.

For a small Football table stringing a wooden plate with the green fabric and paint with a white fabric pen marks on the football field. small soccer goals be tinkered then composed of three logs, which are fixed with short nails on the field. a piece of mandarin network for the network is used for example. After all, you only need a mini-football and even the game can begin.

Video: build soccer-seat box