Who the word "top, roof" listening, thinking usually first on a house roof. There are around the house not only this type of roof, but many others: There is for example the roof, which serves as an umbrella and parasol terrace, the roof over a carport, the roof of an equipment shed and the roof, a garden shed covering. What do all these types of roofs in common is the enormous importance that should be given to the protection from weather, wind and weather in designing and building. A roofing should always be well planned. The construction should be taken also essential that the materials used are adapted to the particular purpose.

Finding the right building material for the roof

Many roof types can be taken even by an experienced home improvement without major problems in attack. So he can not only save time but also costs. The modernization of a terrace or building a log cabin can be placed for example in a relatively short time on the stage. The decision as to the type of material to be used for the construction of the respective roof, one should make it a condition to which type of roof is and how the roof is to be used. Those who want, for example, build an open roof as patio roofs, carports and porches, should resort to cellular sheets or corrugated sheets. If the roof is closed, however, the handle to cellular sheets is recommended as this, among other things are very well suited for thermal insulation.

Plastic for the roof

Other aspects such as transparency, translucency, durability and UV resistance should also write it into the decision-making of the right material. PVC, for example, a plastic that is indeed cheap to buy, but also aging fast and dirty. Therefore, the material is not suitable for roofing a representative terrace.

Twin-wall sheets, which were made of polycarbonate, or profiled plates made of acrylic glass, are recommendable for this purpose. These offer namely for a long time a clear and uninterrupted view and additionally often on special features such as a "Sunstop"Which prevents excessive heating or a self-cleaning coating.

planning a roofing accurately

Anyone planning a roof on their own, is to nowadays all kinds of practical tools on the Internet. So you can select the desired material and have the required amount of material for the project with one click automatically calculated over a roof online configurator for example. These have to be entered, the dimensions of the future roof and taken to the roof pitch only - you can already buy the necessary materials at the hardware store. One should not forget the appropriate mounting accessories and - if not already - to organize also tools for fixing and cutting the roof materials.