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Bedrooms: All about a restful sleep

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Nothing is more important than a healthy and regular sleep. During this time we will relax and the body regenerates itself. In general, each person sleeps 7-8 hours a day. That's about 25 years of our lives.

For such a long time you should pay particular attention to the quality of the bed. For it is not the length of sleep it arrives, but the intensive schedule. Therefore, you should consult in detail about the different beds and mattresses and not a false economy.

An unhealthy and irregular sleep makes for a long period not only for back problems, but also leads to health and psychological problems. So that you are sufficiently informed about the different Sleeps, You can see here all relevant topics around the restful sleep.

Overview about healthy sleep

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  • Are there different gel beds?
  • Gel bed or water bed: What are the advantages and disadvantages
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gel bed

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An energy-saving alternative to a waterbed are so-called gel beds. By an air network that ensures good insulation, you do not need more space heating. So that you are informed about the advantages and disadvantages of Gelmatratzen, you will see here all relevant information on the subject: gel bed

Gel bed: Advantages and disadvantages of Gelmatratzen

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Unsuitable sleeping mats, frequently lead to back pain and cause little restful stages of sleep. Most of the mattress is too soft, too hard or just does not fit to the needs of the body. Water beds, however, are very adaptable and can be personalized for each body to adjust. Those documents provide a deep and healthy sleep. Waterbeds are heated by a heating foil, so that no one is at night on a cold surface. An energy-saving alternative to conventional water beds are so-called gel beds, the same amount of comfort and quality are like a waterbed. In the following we inform you in detail about the properties of gel beds and explain the difference to the classic waterbeds.

Are there different gel beds?

As a rule, a distinction between the full-size gel beds and the gelled water beds:

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1. Fullsize gel beds require no electricity, are self-supporting and thus do not require a foam frame. The gel is filled in a vinyl core and is surrounded by a 3D KlimaNetz reference. This air network ensures good insulation and ensures a warm sleeping without any additional heating. Through the gel to ensure optimum weight distribution and full size bed adapts to the entire body. The price is depending on the size approximately at 800 € -1500 €.

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Second Gelled water beds are the cheaper alternative to the full-size beds. As with a conventional waterbed foam a supporting frame is required here and also a large-area heating, the gel was heated to the required temperature. By a particular gel granules waterbeds are converted into gel beds. The subsequent addition of salt liquefies the gel again. A fill of classic waterbeds should be done only with FreeFlow beds, known as rimmed waterbeds. As a rule, but manufacturers do not guarantee the use of gel granules in commercial waterbeds. Granules for complete filling you get from just about 70 €.

Gel bed or water bed: What are the advantages and disadvantages

The cost of a powered with electricity waterbed amount to about 10 € a month. At a Fullsize gel bed fall off these costs. Even if you pay more for the purchase of a gel bed, already makes it through the lack of electricity costs in a few years noticeable. If the heating fail, additional costs are incurred by a specialist who has to make the repairs. Similarly, a conditioner is added to the water bed after some time, which protects against algae and bacteria. These sometimes cumbersome and costly applications dispensed with gel beds. If once the desired strength of the bed change, you have no possibilities to regulate at this waterbeds. the strength of each mattress you choose already purchase. At a gel bed You can always change the desired strength and customize your personal needs.

Video Tutorial: Building gel bed

Indoor fountains

Indoor fountainsNatural granite stone fountain

Water is the source of life. For thousands of years is water among all peoples to life, health, purity and prosperity.Indoor fountains
As a natural element of water forms the basis of earthly existence. Humans, animals and plants are composed of water and need it for growth and well-being. The body consists of more than 70 percent of water, the blood even 90 percent. Almost all metabolic processes require water. At the same time water can absorb information through its crystalline structure and pass (homeopathic principle). That is why water is a strong force of nature. It has a cleansing and refreshing. Nourishing and healing. Soothing and relaxing.Indoor fountains

Feng Shui

5000 years ago the Taoist masters studied in China nature, the environment and the interactions in humans. This science is called Feng Shui (= wind and water). With this knowledge be selected since the places and spaces designed to find optimal health and wellbeing support. Flowing water represents vitality.Indoor fountains

An indoor fountain or mist humidifier brings a bit of nature into your home and makes for a relaxing or invigorating atmosphere, harmony, happiness and prosperity attracts.
From water features expect refreshing, invigorating impulses. They create in residential and business premises a healthy climate, act as a decorative room humidification and provide pleasant fresh air.
This feel-good atmosphere created by the ionization of the air - a natural defect that occurs by moving water in nature at the beach or a waterfall.Indoor fountains

Even humidification

A water feature or indoor fountain binds suspended in the air, thus preventing drying out and irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. The uniform humidification (medically recommended humidity is 45 to 55%) also supplies the skin with moisture, improves immune defense and improves the ability to concentrate. A better quality of life.Indoor fountains

make candles themselves

A cozy and comfortable living atmosphere can have a relaxing effect on the human body. Candles are perfect for this well, for they ignite a comfortable and atmospheric setting. On this page you can find numerous instructions on how to make a wide variety of candles and scented candles themselves. make candles themselves