Install bin in worktop

Install bin in worktop

An essential accessory in the kitchen is the trash can. For most kitchen work and the subsequent cleaning of the kitchen waste and dirt falls on that must be eliminated. By default bin are usually placed under the sink or in a corresponding base unit. However, an innovative solution for the placement of the trash can is the sinking directly into the worktop. 

Easy installation with the Ergo Master

The Ergo-Master is a trash can, which is already designed to be built into the kitchen countertop. So you just have to cut a hole in the countertop. You can order online the Ergo master in three different sizes (11/05/13 liters).

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First, you should choose the right material, which is their own demands. A 5 gallon bucket, there are made of different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or plastic, so that should be something for everyone handyman something. When choosing the bucket is also necessary to ensure that this has a handle to lift it later from his seat. For the assembly of the bucket in the working plate is a ring made of aluminum or stainless steel, which with suitable e.g. Epoxy resin is pasted onto the plate. The bucket fits into the ring and can be closed with a cover plate to e.g. To avoid unpleasant odors.


This solution to the waste bin is convenient, inexpensive and classy. When necessary work on the countertop, waste can be pushed directly into the trash without detours. The material is to be had at any hardware store and the implementation should be for every home improvement are not too big hurdle. If the countertop is not an ordinary wooden board in your own kitchen, but for example, Granite is given, it applies best to a stonemason to initially gather information for processing there.