Joints: tile joints and silicone joints

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Placing the tile is simple: Prepare the substrate - Bonding - gouging. Quite as easy as it sounds, it is then but not yet. Errors or defects in the joints and uneven look unattractive and are difficult to fix afterwards. Although tile joints can be repaired, but it will save you a lot of work if you do it right from the start. Which tile grout should be used? Where are silicone joints? How can you protect joints? On these and other issues and problems we enter in detail in our articles on Fugen.

Joints: tile joints and silicone joints

The right grouts for tile joints

Choosing the right grout for tile joints depends above all on the tile type and the width of the joints. For porcelain stoneware tiles and natural stone tiles, there are special grouts. the required flexibility and hardening in the processing for the selection is also important. There is valuable information for the selection of tile grout.

Joints: tile joints and silicone joints

Joint-impregnation and joint protection

Surfaces must be protected from stains and invading substances. But which impregnation is best to use in tile grout or silicone joints? With our advice about joints impregnation dirt, mold and pathogens have no chance!
More on that in our hygiene in the bathroom and kitchen.

grouting silicone

Simply grout silicone joints

Silicone joints have many advantages: they are permanently elastic and can therefore not tear. In addition, most silicone sealants now prevent fungus and bacteria in the sanitary joints. Therefore, the ideal silicone sealant for sanitary joints in bathrooms: silicone joints: joints and sealants

Joints: tile joints and silicone joints

renew silicone joint - with mold protection

If the mold has set once in the bathroom joints, often helps only the radical cure: Scrape out the grout and replace all complete. Fortunately, there are special silicones for damp and mold-prone areas to prevent the mildew in the future. More under sanitary joints with mold blocker.

Joints: tile joints and silicone joints

making permanent elastic joint itself

Elastic joint with silicone are now standard in construction technology. This article explains the properties of silicones and silicone joints, explains the distinction between silicone and acrylic and offers practical processing instructions.

The processing of the permanently elastic joint