keep Christmas tree fresh and prevent premature needles

keep Christmas tree fresh and prevent premature needles

Christmas trees remain with fresh water

Normal tap water without additives is sufficient to keep the Christmas tree fresh, so he does not needling. The tests have shown the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Horticulture center Münster-Wolbeck Chamber of Agriculture tests were applied to the use of cling agents for Christmas trees in blue and piercing spruce. These branches were set up in jars under living room conditions and evaluated weekly.

The addition of sugar does not hurt, but the longer fresh Christmas tree is so not. This also applies to cling agent. On addition of cut flowers fresh holding means must be taken to ensure that pets do not drink from the water.

keep Christmas tree fresh: Contents

  • Well-filled Christmas tree stand to prevent needle loss
  • Fill the Christmas tree with branches

Well-filled Christmas tree stand to prevent needle loss

The Chamber of Agriculture recommends not to let the Christmas tree dry standing over the holidays or use antifreeze. When using glycerin, the tree showed Bräun-reddish discoloration. Moreover, formed in the water molds. The Chamber of Agriculture advises on, always fill the Christmas tree stand with enough water. Especially the spruce responds to the lack of water with premature needle drop.

An alternative to the Christmas tree stand is the purchase of a Christmas tree with pot and intact root ball. Through the remaining roots of the tree can still hold enough water to stay fresh even in the living room temperatures up to the new year. Prerequisite is of course also the regular casting.

From a later planting of the Christmas tree in the garden but is not recommended especially in the Nordmann fir, since it forms a taproot that is so badly damaged in the bale removal that no growth guarantee can be given.

Fill the Christmas tree with branches

Sometimes you catch a Christmas tree, which looks rather bleak, because it contains too few branches. But you put a little work into it, can be a beautiful Christmas tree and from an initially pathetic level of fir.

You will need:

  • coldglue
  • a cordless screwdriver or a small drill at low speed
  • a wood drill with four millimeters thick
  • a wood drill with six, maybe even eight millimeters thick
  • a sharp pocket knife
  • green or colorless thin nylon band
  • gloves
  • safety goggles

Pull before starting work the Hanschuhe and the goggles on. Begin then, in the later the additional branches are to be plugged with the holes in the First vorbohrt with the thin drill small holes in the trunk. Drill it down slightly so that the branches later show up. After that, the small hole with a larger Borher must be reamed. The thickness of the hole should vary, depending on whether the branch is attached to the lower or upper end of the tree. 

Now the branches must be processed. Tip to the appropriate branch with a pocket knife, give the cold glue on the top and stuck the branch into the wellbore. If the road to the drying of the cold glue beads or similar carry, connect the road through a nylon belt with lying next higher. For this connection to notice immediately, you should not too far are on the edge.

Proceed with all other branches in the same way before and you will see that the barest fir can be made into a respectable Christmas tree.

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