knitting scarves: Instructions

knitting scarves: Instructions© Robert Kneschke -

Scarves come in all sorts of shapes with different patterns. Once you have learned the basics of knitting, you can easily transfer to supposedly complicated knitting pattern and get great results. Slip into the role of the designer and design your warm accessories for this winter according to your wishes!

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  • The choice of the appropriate needles
  • What material?
  • Simple knitting techniques help you get started
  • Ideas and suggestions
  • knit recommendations on scarf

The choice of the appropriate needles

If you have an idea in mind? Floats you a cozy scarf with a thick cable knit front, or rather an airy cloth with hole pattern for balmy summer evenings? Carefully consider what material you want to use and whether, and if so, what pattern you want for your knitting project. Use thick, blunt needles for thick yarn, for example, these knitting needles from Symfonie Wood. For fine wool using sharp, delicate needles, for example bamboo knitting needles. For circular knit scarves Also, circular knitting needles are, as the name suggests, very good. These are two needles, which are interconnected by a cable.

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knitting scarves: Instructions

What material?

knitting scarves: Instructions© Ulla Trampert /

For a scarf different types of wool are concerned, depending on whether you prefer it fluffy and cuddly or rather smooth and easy to clean.

alpaca wool is thick and very soft, but in a light weight. For this reason, it is well suited for beginners.

angora is valuable correspondingly expensive but wonderfully soft. You can also easily process and should always be very loosely knitted.

mohair, which comes from the Angora goat, is by its structure very light and fluffy and should be processed with coarser needles.

cotton is very easy and comfortable to wear. The cotton fibers absorb color pigments well, so they are available in many different colors. Patterns come in smooth, fine fibers very good effect. Knitting pieces of cotton should be processed with fine needles.

merino is warming due to its special structure, much moisture can absorb and feels pleasantly soft on without scratching. Also it can be processed well with stronger needles.

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knitting scarves: Instructions© U. Hardberck /

Simple knitting techniques help you get started


If you choose to knit a simple scarf knitting technique for the beginning, you can easily achieve a beautiful effect by multi-colored wool. Choose your first scarf thicker wool and thick needles - the scarf is thereby complete faster and smaller blunders and irregularities are laminated. To achieve success quickly will also motivate guaranteed to stay on the ball or the ball of yarn and begin the next great knitting project. 

So Start with a series of air mesh - you do not need a certain number of times you can expect, you should not follow a particular pattern. This row of stitches determines the width of your scarf. A width of about 20 - 30 cm is enough for a cozy scarf and prompts you for the beginning not. To determine the length of your scarf himself later: It depends on the number of rows you knit.

Knitting Now "garter stitch"in both directions, which means right stitches. Because if you knit on one side of left and right on the other side stitches, the scarf can roll up ugly at the edge. If the scarf has reached the desired length, unchain him from. In our introduction to knitting, we tell you how it's done. 

Ideas and suggestions

The Internet gives you the ability to access many free knitting patterns and How. We have compiled a selection of interesting links:

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knit recommendations on scarf

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