With a new mounting system of the laminate manufacturer Classen brings all the advantages of a laminate floor now also on walls and ceilings.

The revolutionary, patent-pending mounting system is introduced at the DOMOTEX 2010 to the public. With this idea, the company once again shows his extraordinary ability to innovate.

Continuation of the laminate flooring

The idea to develop such a system, with the new generation of laminate formats and decors quite obvious. In particular, in tile floors, it is also so that they are up to the shoulder height continued to the wall. With the current tile formats, and e.g. Stone decors this continuation is of course obvious for laminate flooring. In this way, unsightly walls get a very homogeneous, clean and therefore extremely attractive face again.

Flexible quick installation system

At the upcoming Domotex, from 16 to 19 January 2010 Hannover, the visitors can see for themselves the real innovation and can astound the result of this unusual vertical installation technique.
This is enabled by a patent-pending mounting system that consists of various system components. Along with laminate floors that are equipped with the Classen megaloc quick laying system is produced in this way something new. Each laminate flooring with Classen megaloc is very easy to install on the new mounting system on walls and ceilings. With mounting clips, the boards are easily mounted on a rail system.

Easy installation on the wall

If the mounting rails Once assembled, attaching the laminate planks on the wall is no more difficult than laying on the floor. The hall is - Classen megaloc typical - just set and swung. And as expected from megaloc, the connection snaps with one click. Those who place on attractive, high-quality-looking wall surfaces value comes to this mounting system in the future, certainly not over. In addition, classes of course also brings back new decor trends and collections.

Effective sound insulation space

Since the summer of this year, the rollout for the new high-impact sound insulated laminate floor running, soft&silent 'with success. This was presented at the recent Domotex still under the working title, Harmony '.
The innovative, Airsolution 'said insulation technology, provides for a room sound insulation of over 50%. It is based on an air-insulated surface above the HDF carrier and the classic integrated insulating mat under the wood material carrier. The result is a real Quiet laminate.
The new technology Airsolution the laminate uses reflected sound already there effectively on where it originates: above the HDF board, which is the real cause of the room sound.