Lawn edge and lawn edging

Lay lawn edging stones

Lawn edge and lawn edging

While limiting the edges of lawns, flower beds, paths or the garden pond the laying of curb stones is a good solution to prevent sprawl of the lawn. Lawn final stones serve as Mähkante, simplifying lawn care.

When laying the lawn edging stones there are different ways and a few tips that you should follow. One can lay of sand or on a foundation of cement mix lawn edging stones in a bed. If the soil is heavy and loamy, sandy sufficient as a basis mostly made in loose soil a proper foundation is recommended. The mixture should be coarse mason sand and part concrete of four parts and mixed with a little water so that it is tough and easy to process.

The foundation is not cast but tamped. Otherwise, the preparations are similar to those when laying in the sand.

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  • Lay lawn edging stones properly
  • Lay turf limiting Curved
  • Cascading of curb stones
  • Laying of curb stones
  • Pond surround with curb stones

One can the sand in the ratio 3: mix with cement one, but the 4: 1-cement mixture as stable in this case, and can later be easily removed again when the beds are to be changed once or a garden pond is created.

Is a worthwhile effort in advance to carry out a Beetplanung in order to later work to spare.

Be inspired and find below important information on the correct installation of curb stones.

Lawn edge and lawn edging

Lay lawn edging stones properly

to install lawn edging stones is not particularly difficult: Lift a small ditch along the region to limiting lawn piece of. This should be so deep that as yet can project three to four centimeters of the stone from the ground and at the same time can be placed on the bottom of a subgrade of about three centimeters of sand.

Then the stones be positively inserted into the ditch and nailed down briefly with a plaster hammer. Provided that the edge is to run at ground level, the alignment should be checked with a short spirit level.

The excavated material is distributed into the remaining gaps in front of and behind the curb stones and also compressed. If after a little wobble sample everything is, you have done everything right and now a permanently enclosed lawn edge in your garden.

Lawn edge and lawn edging

Lay turf limiting Curved

Edging stones must not be laid strictly geometrical: With special installation systems, for example, have front and rear rounding, even curves and Schlängellinien can be laid. Thus, an organic form of the lawn is produced unlike the strict rectangle.

Consult which block making would be ideal for putting your plans in a garden center.

Cascading of curb stones

Lawn edge and lawn edging

Edging stones may also be laid ascending cascading, for example, in a hillside. So soil erosion and run be effectively prevented.

For large distances between the demarcated border areas must then be given to a captive foundation stones however. Here, either cantilevered foot structures or in concrete are possible.

Check out our article on different Verianten the slope stabilization.

Laying of curb stones

Lawn edge and lawn edgingLawn edge and lawn edging

To lay one should use a special patch hammer. This does not damage the stones and ensures, thanks to its great weight, for a stable and secure fit of the stones in the underground. 

Thanks to the rounded heads of the lawn edging stones also curved beds or statements are easy to create. 

Lawn edge and lawn edgingLawn edge and lawn edging

The lawn edging stones form a clean finish between bed and lawn. You should be laid two to three centimeters higher than the subsequent lawn.

With curb stones your imagination knows no boundaries. Be inspired by magazines and create individual garden sections by clear or curved lines. To simultaneously create structure and a harmonious overall concept.

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Pond surround with curb stones

Lawn edge and lawn edging

Edging stones take for example, the pond in the garden - so the water in the pond and the grass stays outside, where it belongs. The pond edging remains stable and erosion resistant, which increases the longevity of your pond clear ..

Therefore, lawn edging stones are suitable not only as a bed enclosure, but also for binding water areas in the garden. They provide for delimitation and thus increase the safety in the garden and influence its shape positive.