Light and lighting - Living with light

Light and lighting - Living with light

Whether it's reading or working, at the dining table or in the bathroom: it is Really comfortable in the apartment until the lighting is right. Good lighting does not only depend on the design of the lights, but also of their placement in space, from the light color and illuminance. Around the house, good lighting is used both for decorative purposes and for your own safety after sunset.

Contents about light and lighting

  • Safety measures for electrical installations
  • Lamp
  • Connecting ceiling lamp
  • build lighting equipment itself
  • Outdoor lighting for home, garage and garden paths
  • Garden lighting and patio lighting
  • Tips for proper lighting design in the household

Safety measures for electrical installations

Work on electrical equipment also poses when connecting lamps hazards. For this reason, home improvement should pay attention to the safety instructions before any work on or with electrical wiring.

Safety measures for electrical installations

Light and lighting - Living with light


Those who want to replace the bulb in a lamp, is facing a wide range of light sources, each lamp has its advantages and disadvantages. Energy-saving lamps with LED lamps and diodes to fluorescent lamps: With this overview you find the right bulb. Lamp

Light and lighting - Living with light

Connecting ceiling lamp

Connecting a ceiling lamp is one of the electrical installations, can do the home improvement itself. Therefore, this guide explains how to connect a lamp on the ceiling and installed a low-voltage halogen rod system. Connecting ceiling lamp

Light and lighting - Living with light

build lighting equipment itself

It is often difficult to find the right lamp for the living room or other rooms. How about if you just build your dream lamp yourself? We have put together a collection of blueprints for various models, such as floor lamps or hanging lamps. build lighting equipment itself

Light and lighting - Living with light

Outdoor lighting for home, garage and garden paths

An outdoor lighting provides light in the dark for the entrance on paths and in the driveway. Those who can not decide with the huge selection, this overview of the various outdoor lighting helps. Outdoor lighting for home, garage and garden paths

Light and lighting - Living with light

Garden lighting and patio lighting

The right lighting makes after sunset for a pleasant stay in the garden and on the terrace. Find out what options are available to illuminate the garden and how you put up with certain lamps targeted accents. Garden lighting and patio lighting

Tips for proper lighting design in the household

Lighting Design for Living

A precise lighting design belongs in the redesign of a room just as important as the selection of wall colors, flooring and furniture. For a proper lighting sets spaces in scene and makes it easier to see. For the backlight Luminaires types which emit their light indirectly into the room, such as uplights, so lamps whose light shines upward own. But be careful: Too much indirect light takes objects their plasticity and can act spaces slightly monotonous. Is the large overhead lights not needed, use is smaller lamps, as table lamps, the reading light on the chair, a shelf or light spots on the wall of books. Extra comfort dimmer with which the brightness can be adjusted as desired. for a targeted effect lighting, for example, a low-voltage halogen lamp, you should calculate about 40 watts.

Wire and rod systems

Light and lighting - Living with lightCeiling lamps with rod system

Are extremely flexible cable or rod systems in a low-voltage version or with mains voltage. These all-rounders are content with only a ceiling and master the lighting task. So be on a rail spotlight with wide-beam light installation for ambient lighting, while spots deliberately put a picture or a sculpture in perspective. In addition, a long rope system also allows for lighting large living spaces with a single lamp connection. As such lamp systems are connected are listed in the instructions to connect ceiling lamp.

Lighting design in the kitchen

Light and lighting - Living with lightSmall mounted on the wall units lamps provide good illumination of the working surfaces

The kitchen is primarily a workplace where the lighting must be installed so that the cook at cutting board, stove or sink is always sufficient light. Thus, should all work areas with at least 50 watts suitably lighted. The wattage is also dependent on the bundling of the available light. The light should be directed at high angle to the work surface. are ideal flat luminaires, cm with the distance to the working surface is at least 50 individually or be mounted on tracks under the wall units. Since the lamps are mounted in the kitchen directly to the wall cabinets or in its immediate vicinity, only lights are approved, the next to the ENEC, VDE, - or GS mark and the M characters carry. Lighting with these fire safety are non-flammable up to 180 ° C.

Fluorescent lamps for the kitchen work space that start flickering thanks to electronic ballast that combine comfort with high light efficiency. Its luminous efficiency is six times as high as that of conventional bulbs. In addition, certain food manufacturers offer illuminated rear walls. More on these walls can be found on our consulting side splash guard and kitchen splashbacks at a glance.

Besides, a good General lighting necessary. You should illuminate shelves, cabinets and drawers. Good solutions are distributed over the entire ceiling surface, equipped with halogen lamps downlights or rope, rod or conductor rail systems. They bring light into every corner of the room and guarantee thanks to adjustable lights and spotlights high flexibility. The kitchen is already well lit at the working surfaces, a lamp is enough for several compact fluorescent tubes.

Lighting for the dining room

Whether separate dining room or a dining table in the kitchen: the ideal table lamp reaches about 60 cm above the table and should glare-free illumination of the entire table top without diving the faces of the people sitting around in the shade. Here, height adjustable pendant lamps have been proven. Usually two or three interconnected lamps are needed to illuminate a large dining table. For a dining area is calculated about 60 to 120 watts, for non-directional light something more. In addition to wire and rod systems as busbars with over the table abgependelten lamps are suitable. Also, it is nice when the light can be adapted to the particular atmosphere with a dimmer. In addition, set floor or wall lights atmospheric accents.

Lamps in the bathroom

Light and lighting - Living with lightThe lamps are mounted on anti-glare mirror.

Ceiling or ceiling luminaires are eminently suitable in the bathroom for illuminating tub, shower cabinet, cabinets or shelves. As field lighting at the washbasin, you should either side of the mirror glare wall lights to install. They light the mirror image of evenly and avoid shadows.

Since dark tiles reflect less light here more lights or more lights than bright tiled bathrooms have to be used. When buying bathroom lights on Safety approvals VDE or ENEC or on the GS mark.

Planning the lighting in the bedroom

In the bedroom is not only sleep but also read, cuddled and watched TV. Homely it is when multiple lamps perform different functions. light to backlight donate as ceiling or wall lights. Modern technology ensures additional comfort: Dimmer adjust the brightness as you wish and change-over switch on the door and bed, which allows you to operate the lighting, are extremely comfortable.

offer the bed rotating and swiveling reading lights the greatest comfort. Here satisfy even small wattage, such as a 20 watt low-voltage halogen incandescent lamp or a 25-watt bulb. So enjoy without disturbing your sleeping bed neighbors midnight thriller.

For a sufficient brightness in front cabinets and sideboards provide recessed lighting, for example, equipped with energy-saving lamps, or a rail system, the emitter directs the light in the depth of the cabinet and drawers. Another tip for last: If you like watching TV in bed, should pay attention to a glare-free backlight of the screen.

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