Luggage rack for your car

Luggage rack for your car

Earlier, the case was simply strapped to the car and it was good.

Today, of course, is not so simple. There are rules such as the charge fastened, secured and must be labeled if necessary. These rules are intended to prevent release charges, spread on the road and thus ensure accidents. Also the pursuit of a least possible fuel consumption has become a major influence on the vehicle load. Streamlined roof boxes provide storage space and keep a consumption limited.

But even bulky items such as bicycles, skis or snowboards need tethering options. The market offers many possibilities and it is sometimes hard to keep track.

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  • Roof rack
  • Legal regulation for securing the load
  • Jetbag or roof box
  • Jet Bag or roof box Buy - What should I look for?
  • rear carrier
  • coupling support
  • Ski racks for the roof
  • Attaching ski racks

Roof rack

A roof rack is a practical helper in everyday life. With its help large and bulky parts can quite easily from A to B transport. However, the fuel consumption increases dramatically by the mounting of a roof rack. Depending on the load, driving speed and model the consumption between 20 and 50 percent. This can cost you a lot for long distances so. Nevertheless, it outweigh the benefits. 

are roof rack either to an existing roof rail or special control points (vary from manufacturer to manufacturer) bolted or clamped with clamping feet and hooks in the door.

  1. Pay attention to the permissible roof load. These refer to the manual of your car.
  2. Secure the luggage on the roof with additional thick ropes and inflexible straps.
  3. Adjust the tire pressure to the extra weight.
  4. Mount the racks carefully and exactly as directed.

Legal regulation for securing the load

The Highway Code states (Highway Code) §22 charge:

  1. The charge, including devices for securing the load as well as loading devices have to be stowed and secured so that they can not slip, fall down even when full braking or sudden deflection movement, backwards and forwards, fall or can create avoidable noise. The accepted engineering standards must be observed.
  2. Vehicle and load together may not wider than 2.55 m and not more than 4 m. (...)
  3. The load must not extend forward of the vehicle to a height of 2.5 m. In addition, the charge may be allowed supernatant of the vehicle to the front up to 50 cm.
  4. the charge may protrude up to 1.5 m, but in transport over a distance up to a distance of 100 km to 3 m from the rear; the periods outside the scope of this regulation distances are not considered. Projecting the outermost end of the charge more than 1 m over the reflectors of the vehicle backwards addition, it is to be indicated by at least

    1. a bright red, not less than 30 x 30 cm, apart held by a crossbar flag
    2. an equally large, bright red, transversely to the direction of oscillating suspended shield or
    3. a vertically mounted cylindrical body the same color and height with a diameter of at least 35 cm.
  5. Projecting the charge laterally more than 40 cm on the vehicle lights, in motor vehicles over the outermost edge of the light exit surfaces of the limitation or tail lamps addition, it is, if necessary (§ 17. 1) to be marked, namely laterally at most 40 cm from its edge and at most 1.5 m above the ground at the front by a lamp with a white, to the rear by a red light.

Source: laws

Jetbag or roof box

Luggage rack for your carJet bag

Jetbags or simply called roof boxes are popular with travelers. They are, at best, waterproof, provide additional storage space and relieve thereby the interior. Thus, a greater driving comfort is guaranteed. The roof box is mounted on the base support, having maximum dimensions of about 2.30 x 0.9 x 0.4 meters and sums between 50 and 75 kilograms. Their most aerodynamic design has a less negative impact on fuel consumption than normal roof racks. However, a higher consumption of around 2 liters is measured per 100 kilometers. A positive feature is but to continue that also greatly decreases by the streamlined shape, and the noise in the car. However, you should reduce safety and to fuel consumption, not exceed a maximum speed of 130 km / h.

roof box loaded

When loading the roof box it is particularly important to pay attention to an even weight distribution. In the worst case, individual items of luggage might like some kind of projectile flying through the wall of the box. Heavy luggage should rather be stowed in the trunk to keep the center of gravity of your car as low as possible and to achieve better stability. Also pay attention to the permissible roof load.

Cushion the front of the Jetbags with a thick blanket to protect your belongings in case of emergency braking from damage and get driving breaks to control the mount.

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Jet Bag or roof box Buy - What should I look for?

Here is a checklist for buying a high quality and safe Jetbags:

  • Material: Is the material UV-resistant?
  • Safety Standard: Is a GS mark available?
  • Security: If the model is locked? Are metal bars or metal lock in place?
  • Slip resistance: Are good lashing in delivery included? (Lashing prevent displacement of the charge and a sudden change in weight distribution)
  • Assembly: If the attachment via a quick release system? (Note: Here necessarily retain the current test in view, because many models slip easily!)
  • Water resistance: Many models do not protect the luggage adequately from the elements.
  • Cover Condition: If the tension springs in good condition? the cover has perhaps sharp points on or falling to too fast? (Risk of injury!!!)
  • Opening the box: When opening the lid facilitated by a gas-powered or mechanical system?

rear carrier

Rear carrier are usually hooked on the tailgate and additionally propped up on the bumper.


Rear luggage carriers are low, due to their height easily loaded and used flexibly. In accident situations, they pose less risk potential as a roof rack is and by the transport of cargo in the slipstream of the car the impact on fuel consumption and driving behavior are also less negative. In addition, the rear carrier when not in use can be easily stowed in the trunk.


The major disadvantage of the rear carrier is probably the fact that the access to the trunk by the load at the rear extremely difficult, if not impossible. It can also come during installation quick to paint scratches or dents and the cargo is much more polluted than on the roof. Cars whose tailgate consists mostly of glass, are also likely to have some problems finding a suitable rear-carriers.

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coupling support


Due to their even lower height clutch carriers are easier to load than normal rear-carriers. That is why they are particularly suitable for bulky or heavy loads. For models with exhaust or Abklappmechanik also the access to the boot is easier again. In addition, the potential danger and the fuel consumption is very low in this variant.


Carrier for the tow bar are usually expensive and have a high weight. In addition, bicycles are more polluted here, especially in rainy weather. A great danger poses serious charge. The leverage effect and stern-heaviness of the car can cause impairment of driving behavior. Furthermore, coupling support, difficult to store other than rear-carriers.

Ski racks for the roof

When the frost comes over the land and the first snowflakes fall from the sky, it is for many winter sports enthusiasts: from skiing! warm sweaters, long underwear and thick woolen caps quickly thrown into a suitcase and brought the skis out of the basement and loaded the car. But how to get the skis or snowboards in the car? This task is almost impossible. And that is why there are ski racks for the roof. Here the skis, poles, sleds and snowboards are simply strapped to the roof and secure.

Ski racks and its benefits

Even if you drive a station wagon or a van, it can be tight when fully loaded and occupation. So ski racks offer convenience - and not only that even when it comes to security you are well equipped with ski racks for the car roof, because the car lying around skis, you can seriously injure during heavy braking or in case of sudden changes of direction.. In addition, the corners and edges of the skis tear on the pad and bring the skiing and snowboarding with moisture in your car. Another advantage of ski racks that many can be easily converted into bike rack.

Attaching ski racks

Mounting with base support

Conventional aluminum ski holder also need a base carrier and a roof rack. On this, the holder is fixed with screw and provided with a lock. So he is not only solid, but also at the same time protected against theft.

Phonetic stomach ski racks

Ski racks, sit with magnetic resist all expectations, just as strong and safe as conventional ski racks and are about to install a snap. The large magnets attached to the car roof and keep the skis by the combined suction cup technology in place. The roof must for this, however, relatively flat, not corrugated or highly arched be and must of course be made of sheet steel. Aluminum or plastic, the magnets would not keep. On the carrier itself a pull cord is usually attached that loosens a loop, thus interrupting the magnetic force.

It is important that the places where you intend to mount the magnets, previously thoroughly cleaned with paint cleaner to achieve optimum grip.

The only drawback of the magnetic ski rack, that he is not thief-proof.

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