make birdseed itself

produced humanely raised bird food for the winter

make birdseed itself

Not all domestic birds flying in the cold season in the warm and sunny south. Many of our feathered friends stay all year in their home and look on the frosty ground for food. Therefore, it is important to support titmice, robins, finches, blackbirds and many other birds foraging. 

The habitats for plants and animals are sometimes in very poor condition. Threatening the existence of many species. Therefore, in some areas in Germany and a year-round feeding of wild birds and the provision of breeding grounds makes sense. In order to support the birds and makes for a more stable and more diverse bird population.

On this page you will find valuable tips for making birdseed and learn about nesting boxes, bird feeders and Co.

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Feeding wild birds

Those who opt for a year-round feeding of wild birds, should ensure that a wide range of soft and seed eaters present. Depending on the type and beak shape the birds eat namely different grains, fruits and insects. One should therefore accurately provide information about which birds live in the vicinity and then adjust the food supply accordingly. Otherwise, the well-intentioned food stays put at the feeding station. Not all wild birds eat the same food. There are the so-called soft food eaters and seed eaters among birds.

make birdseed itself

To the Soft food eaters include robins, woodpeckers, blackbirds, throttle, wrens and Star. Their diet consists mainly of insects and fruits. In autumn and winter, these birds therefore prefer soft lining in the form of berries, oats, wheat, spelled and nuts.

Fruits that grow on the trees should remain strictly depend on the bushes on the cooler seasons of time. Because whether as a solitary shrub, hedge planting or Klettermaxe - even in the frozen state are Vogelnährgehölze for many birds nutritious and tasty.

make birdseed itself

To the grain eaters include birds such as finches, sparrows and tits. They feed on seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, paddy seeds and all types of nuts. Their beaks are much stronger than that of soft food eaters, enabling the diet with grains. Even in winter, these wild birds prefer all kinds of seeds that they can crack with their powerful beaks. 

Natural Bird Food

make birdseed itself

Especially in the autumn and winter months Vogelnährgehölze have something to offer in several respects: The fruits are very nutritious, not only for birds and significantly expand their diet - a high-yielding bush with its magnificent berries is an eye-catcher for the viewer.

For example, the Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) in birds extremely popular. Often it is referred to only as rowan and is an undemanding plant that thrives on brownfield sites and in clearings and forests. The mountain ash is very resistant to cold as well as wind and for many other species an important forage crop.

In addition to the rowan include the Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), the Vogel Church (Prunus avium), the Spindle tree (Euonymus europaeus), the Sloe (Prunus spinosa) and Dog rose (Rosa canina) a popular diet of many species of birds. But they not only serve as food sources, but also suitable as habitats that offer both protection against hazards as also represent ideal nesting sites.

Another natural bird food is the Common Amelanchier (Amelanchier ovalis), the one thorn-free and rich of branched shrub is. Your fruits that ripen in August, are black or dark blue, and not only in birds popular: The apple fruit tastes mealy-sweet and is also made into jam.

But not only berries are considered a prized source of food for birds: For some types as conifers, with their fruits or cones for nutrition plan, such as the Fir (Abies), of the (Thuja), the Spruce (Picea), the Juniper (Juniperus) or Common yew (Taxus baccata).

collect bird feed itself

Of course you can buy ready-made bird food mixtures commercially in order to produce fat balls, birdseed cookies or feed bells. However, if you already spend a lot of time in nature in the late summer and fall, can save the money and themselves collect fruits, nuts and seeds, for example,

make birdseed itself

  • from trees, seeds of pine and fir cones, conical pin, beech nuts, birch and maple seeds, apple, pear, cherry and plum seeds, rowan berries, walnuts
  • of shrubs: hazelnuts, elderberries, privet, Haw, Snowball, euonymus, hawthorn, rose hips
  • of grasses, shrubs, flowers and cereals: millet, thistles, burdock, chickweed, evening primrose, sorrel, reporting, knotweed, heather, plantain, shepherd's purse, Poppy, dandelion, Asteraceae
  • At home you can pick up for the homemade bird food melon and pumpkin seeds: from purchased fruit and vegetables

Making Meisenknödel itself

make birdseed itself

Meisenknödel or food rings contain all the nutrients that a tit. The lining is formed into balls, placed in a net and suspended at a suitable location. Thus, the tit can settle on the hanging dumplings and eat quietly. With just a few ingredients, you can also make the Meis feed itself. Here is a guide to a fat ball.

You need:

  • 170 g fat
  • 200 g Körner and fruits
  • fixed string
  • soft net

As the basis for all the fat feed unsalted tallow from mutton or hydrogenated vegetable fat is used. The grain mixture should consist of fine seeds. Oatmeal and bran - but also poppy seeds and raisins - are suitable for the production of fat balls. Now the fat is heated in a pot. To the liquid fat about 180 g of the granules mixture are subsequently added. The pot is provided for cooling next to the stove. Only when the fat is almost cooled, shape of the mass the individual balls and pull the string through it. The remaining grains are then added to the formed balls and pressed on. Now tense, only the net around the fat balls, close the opening with string and hang the food at the designated place.

lining bell

make birdseed itself

If you do not have an old clay pot, you can cool the entire fat food mix well in it. Put a little more stable road through the opening, giving the liquid feed into it and hang the entire lining bell on. The wild birds in your garden will enjoy the delicious food availability.

For food bell, incidentally, also coconut peel, orange peel or the birdseed mixture is filled other vessels, are suitable. Care must be taken that the material is not harmful to the birds.

make birdseed cookies themselves

make birdseed itself

see this birdseed cookies not only decorative, they are also a great treat for wild birds. They can be hung in the garden, on your balcony or taking a walk with the whole family.

You need:

  • 1 package coconut fat
  • 1-2 EL oil
  • Finished birdseed mix or sunflower seeds, seeds, oatmeal, nuts, raisins, etc.
  • large cookie cutters
  • straws
  • line
  • Baking sheet and baking paper

Here's how: Melt the fat in a saucepan without boiling. Then stir in the bird food, but not too much. The larger the amount, the more likely there is a risk that the followers become brittle later. Therefore, some oil is added at the end, so that the bird cookies remain supple. Now it goes to the forms of the trailer. To line a baking sheet with parchment paper, lay out different cookie cutters and fill with bird seed mixture. Thus the bird cookies can be hung later, cut off a piece of straw and put it in the places where later, the line should be drawn through it. leave overnight in a cool place to harden and press the cookies from the molds the next day.

More recipes for homemade bird food and bird seed is available in our collection of bird food recipes.

make birdseed itself

bird feeders

The bird feeders is probably one of the most classic feeding of wild birds and can be found in almost all gardens. There are countless variations of bird box. From modern and failed, to classic wooden, there is something for every taste. The diets are simply placed in the feeder and the local wild birds delight in the rich offer.

  • build birdhouse
  • Instructions for building birdhouses

make birdseed itself

nesting boxes

Nesting aid supports the conservation of native wild birds. Animal lovers can not only watch birds in their natural habitat, but also provide them during the breeding season a suitable nesting place Offer.

Although preferably not each species a cavity for their breeding business, but so-called cavity nesters - like the woodpecker, some Meis species and the Star - hatch their eggs in cavities. However, natural nesting sites for wild birds are decreasing, so that a nesting box is a great help for many bird species. You must consider the following points when choosing a suitable nesting aid:

  • Link directory instructions for building nesting boxes

Place the nest box early in the fall. The nesting box should be placed at the proper height so that cats and martens have no way to disturb the birds. Likewise, you should not hang too close to your house, the nesting box. protected and somewhat apart from wind and heavy rain, would be ideal. The right direction is helpful in the breeding business. Is the loophole in the south, the permanent sunlight can raise the temperature in the nest box. should nesting boxes be placed in an easterly direction.

Video Tutorial: clean nesting boxes

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