make Easter flower vase itself

tinker vase from a coconut, egg shells or plaster: for Easter flowers

tinker Easter flower vase

tinker a flower vase from a coconut? This creative decorating idea conjures up an exotic and festive atmosphere at Easter, without the need to always be colorful plastic eggs or small hares. The umdekorierte drupe introduces a whole new facet of Easter decorations and puts this beautiful spring flowers such as daffodils, in the center.

Suitable for Easter, the vases are crafted in eggshell finish. In addition to a coconut, you can also access plaster or Paperclay. Who uses real egg shells, they decorated with small early bloomers and presented them or decorate them with the board for the Easter breakfast.

Be inspired and crafting your own Easter vases and bowls made of various materials from our ideas and instructions.

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  • tinker vase of coconut: Bastelanleitung
  • tinker Easter vase made of eggshells
  • tinker Easter vase made of plaster: Video
  • make Frühlingsvase from Paperclay yourself: Video

tinker vase of coconut: Bastelanleitung

material list

  • pencil
  • knife
  • spoon
  • coconut
  • broad brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Wooden ring (5 cm diameter)
  • Dremel 8100 and sanding belt 407
  • EZ SpeedClic Cutting Wheel SC544
  • EZ SpeedClic mandrel SC402

grind coconutGrind coconut.

grind coconut

To tinker with the coconut, you should first abgeschleifen the rough surface using the sanding belt so that later the white color can be applied.

sawing coconutsawing coconut.

Saw off the upper part

With the pencil, draw on a zig-zag pattern on the top of the coconut. Then, it is cut with the cutting device along the line and separated as the upper part of the fruit. The pulp can be removed with a knife and a spoon.

painted coconutpainted coconut.

painted coconut

Now our homemade flower vase Putting the finishing touches. With a wide brush white acrylic paint is applied on the pan and in the interior of Coconut. So that the flowers have a secure footing, the vase is set to an equally white-painted wooden ring.

Finished coconut flower vaseEaster flower vase from a coconut in eggshell finish.

Ready Easter flower vase from a coconut

Is all dried overnight, you can use the flower vase. For cut flowers only a little water is needed in the nut. Do you want to keep potted plants in the fact the vessel, two-thirds must be filled with potting soil. Since irrigation water can not flow from the coconut vase, it could quickly lead to waterlogging, which attacks the plants under circumstances.

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tinker Easter vase made of eggshells

it is the custom for Easter visit to give the hosts spring flowers. With this decoration Tip young Frühlinsblumen are nicely decorated in an eggshell vase that you can easily handiwork. Beat a raw egg gently on her end and remove the upper third of the shell. Pour egg whites and yolks for further use in a bowl and rinse the egg thoroughly with clean water. There should be more available no residue of the content. Next, glue a narrow strip of a transparent, two-sided adhesive tape to the lower end.

Then you cut the flowers so that their heads sticking out a small piece from the eggshell. Particularly useful are small flowers such as crocuses, daisies, Perlhyazinthen and small daffodils. Fill the egg shell with a little water and put the flowers into it. By using the adhesive strip remains the small Easter vase on the table or windowsill stand.

tinker Easter VaseThe small Frühblüher conjure a spring-like atmosphere at the breakfast table.stick tape on eggshellIn order for the egg-vases stand, they are being taped.

tinker Easter vase made of plaster: Video

make Frühlingsvase from Paperclay yourself: Video