make front yard

make front yard

Landscaping - Tips for beautiful front gardens

A front yard should be timely and should be representative. He gets to see every guest and every neighbor first. Therefore it is said to provide special attention to the front yard. But you make your front yard, not only for others but also for yourself. It is often thought that grass is very cumbersome and costly to maintain. Here, a sent leafy entrance is just as easy to maintain as concrete and paving stone, says the DIY Academy. There are many different ways to make your own front yard beautiful.

No matter what shape and area has your front yard, we have listed for you tips and ideas about design, to make your front yard presentable and to green.

Contents: design of the front garden

  • Space problems in the front yard
  • Front yard as a personal statement
  • Common garden planning
  • From wallflower and Solanaceae
  • Easy-care lawn replacement
  • Green sidewalk

Space problems in the front yard

It is not always in the design of the front garden just about greening. Sometimes Rhododendron and Garden Gnome must perforce share space with bicycles and trash cans. In this case, the challenge is to integrate functional areas into the overall concept.

A leafy screen of wood or a thick boxwood hedge can take on this task.

make front yardColorful garden: Delicate fences with ornaments and colorful flower beds enhance any home's looks. <br />Photo: Alpina

Garden lighting for the path to the front door

Additional design features include the lighting and the choice of flooring for the path to the house. The material used should be weatherproof in any case and have a maximum surface roughness so that the transition to the house when wet is not a slippery challenge. sunken LED lamps are increasingly popular. They provide on a regular basis for a good and glare-free illumination and, as columns of light a special aura. The barrier-free lighting elements can even be combined with motion and thus reduce energy costs.

Front yard as a personal statement

Basically, a front yard should preferably match the style of the house. For example, a wooden fence with lush perennials, herbs and shrubs makes the romantic country house just perfect. underline Buchsbaumkugel or hydrangea, framed by white pebbles, the vibrant city of the city. Since the area of ​​a front garden usually is not very large, this results in the further design possibilities. Shrubs and trees that grow very tall or spreading may cause problems later. You must either be permanently cut back or completely soft in the end, because they take either too much light or annoy the neighbors.

Common garden planning

Also, high walls and hedges have a small front garden look even closer. Moreover, it is often not necessary to protect the entrance from prying eyes. On the contrary, a front yard should be inviting. For the demarcation to neighboring property and the road of rich low to medium-high fence elements. Wrought iron fences shield, for example, but still allow glimpses. Important: When planting hedges and shrubs to plant height and the distances make the neighboring property. These are regulated by law and may vary by regions vary. Who gets along well with his neighbors, may also some without law, as a hedge finally has two sides.

From wallflower and Solanaceae

Often the front of the house to the north or east oriented, as the sunny south-west side of the balcony and terrace is reserved. Therefore, the entrance area has to manage usually with little light. For planting mainly shrubs, bushes or trees for semi-shady to shady areas suitable. Perennial shrubs are all the more perfect, because you can combine them sent to different Blühzeiträumen and plant height. So that the garden remains throughout the year lushly colorful. For dense planting approximately Horstig growing hostas or perennials-me-not, for example, different varieties of ferns, foxglove, campanula, black cohosh and Herbstanemone are, for the medium-high to high range in partial shade.

Easy-care lawn replacement

Although ground cover are considered boring and not very imaginative, but always offer them in if the terrain is impassable or the homeowner has little time. In evergreen form or with flowers, they cover the surface with their vines and prevent in dense growth, the spread of weeds. Popular varieties include ivy and euonymus, which is also available with colorful leaves. Even the shadow acceptable Evergreen is actually not an evergreen, but presents itself in early summer with blue or white flowers.

Green sidewalk

Who has not a spot of green on his doorstep, can have the illusion of one front garden created with colorful flower pots planted at least. Even so, some climber needs only a little floor to then emporzuwinden on the wall or on a trellis.

Source: DIY Academy e.V. - Make your home