make Monster Costume itself

Instructions for making a monster or alien costume

make Monster Costume itself

An unusual idea for a carnival costume that can be worn for Halloween, we show in this manual. With this costume you change into a big, green monster, reminiscent of Mike Glotzkowski from the movie Monsters, Inc., or an alien.

Those who want to stand out at a carnival or Halloween from cats, clowns and villains, stands out with this costume from the crowd. No sewing skills required for the crafting of the film costume, instead, you just need a large gym or exercise ball, a lot of newsprint, old fabric, glue and paint. Since glue and paint to dry, you should allow about two days for the crafts.

The following guide explains how to do step by step, a green monster costume itself.

make Monster Costume itself: Contents

  • materials
  • tinker Monster Costume - dressing up like Mike Glotzkowski in Monsters, Inc.: Guidance
  • paste Sitzball with paper
  • draw openings in the Monster Costume
  • paint Halloween costumes tinker horns


  • Exercise ball or seat ball diameter, depending on the body size from 55 cm
  • paste
  • Much newsprint
  • felt-tip pen
  • scissors
  • brush
  • Color to white, neon green, dark green, brown and black
  • Two pieces of old, white fabric, for example a sheet
  • cord
  • Adhesives for fabric and paper, alternatively: a Tacker

tinker Monster Costume - dressing up like Mike Glotzkowski in Monsters, Inc.: Guidance

Click here to see our picture gallery as you make step by step the monster costume itself.

paste Sitzball with paper

make Monster Costume itselfmake Monster Costume itself

Thus the monster costume will receive a round shape, the ball is covered with several layers of newspaper. To do this, tear old newspapers into wide strips and stir in the paste, usually enter for the powder into the prescribed amount of water and stir thoroughly to. Then apply the paste generously with a wide bristle brush on the stability ball. Next, cover the ball with the paper strip so that it is no longer visible. Thereafter, the second and third layer of newsprint follow.

Tip: Since the ball is later removed, we recommend that it be placed with the closure downwards and mark the spot with a felt pen on paper. In this way, the air is allowed out at the end and removed without damaging it from the paper mache ball him.

To give the finished Alien Costume retains its shape on the Mardi Gras celebration, it should consist of thick layers possible Newspaper. The striking eye of the monster stands out visually from the rest of the costume. At the point at which the eye is to be located, one glued paper strip in the form of a circle and glued this place with further layers, the taper at the edge with increasing height and narrower in the middle. The outer edges of the eye to gloss over with paper notes on the rest of the costume.

After that, let the paper mache to dry completely. By the thickness of the layers, this may take several hours.

draw openings in the Monster Costume

make Monster Costume itselfmake Monster Costume itself

Once the paper mache is completely dry, draw with felt-tip pen on the location of the openings are pushed through the later head, body and arms. The lower hole for the body is ideally located at the location of the monster costume, at the closure of the gym ball is. For the arms each is a hole on the left and right side. Draw up and down and to the sides with a felt pen the approximate size of the openings one. The modeled eye is the center forward.

Next step is to cut the paper mache carefully at the lower opening and remove the seal of the ball, to let out the air. Once the ball is small, it increases the opening and pulls it out carefully. The thick layers of paper the round shape of carnival costume remains.

First fitting of the film costume homemade

To check whether the position of the recorded openings is correct, it slips from below into the monster costume. Does the situation, the holes cut into it. So you can move well in disguise, it is advisable to cut armhole a little bigger.

Tip: So the costume retains its shape, the openings should be located in stable parts of the Pappmachés. Otherwise, it will break.

paint Halloween costumes tinker horns

make Monster Costume itself

Next, the film costume is completely painted with white paint. The color application should be as widely as possible, so that the bright green is better. Tip: Hang the paper mache ball on a hanger in the open. This simplifies the painting and lets the paint dry faster.

After drying Tinker horns. To do this, take two pieces of an old Lakens or two white socks and stuff them out with newspaper. With a cord, the individual horns are tied. Protruding ends are cut off. Then fasten the horns with an adhesive for textiles and paper next to the head opening. Alternatively, they can be festtackern on the paper mache. The horns They paint with brown color.

After that, the costume is decorated with neon green color, only the increased eye remains white. For the striking eye of the monster to draw with dark green iris and after drying a black pupil.

In the last step of the big mouth is painted. For it to draw under the eye of a straight line with a semi-circle. Then the teeth are located. Now paint the black mouth and the teeth white. After the paint has dried, the self-made monster costume is finished and you look like Mike Glotzkowski from the Monster AG.

make Monster Costume itselfmake Monster Costume itself