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A turquoise vintage cabinet with decorative buttons in the Shabby Chic look

As vintage furniture pieces of furniture are called, who are too young to be considered "antique" to apply, yet come from an establishment in the aging style, which is no longer fashionable in this day and age. Nevertheless vintage furniture is increasingly common to find in the modern interior. Because Shabby Chic combines new pieces of furniture that the "shabby chic" were transformed, with playful Vintage elements.

Thus, from boring means a noble shabby chic cabinet with pastel colored and patterned floral handles in an atmospheric turquoise hue. The advantage is that colors can be customized to personal taste and the operations can easily be implemented without playing experience in home improvement.

The following DIY instructions shows how, step by step, the cabinet painted, waxed, is repainted and decorated with sandpaper. We also give more shabby chic and vintage ideas.

Instructions: make Shabby Chic Vintage cabinet itself

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Thus a boring wardrobe a stylish vintage piece of furniture in the shabby chic look is, you only need a few materials and decorative elements:

  • Cabinet or chest of untreated wood
  • wine boxes
  • Paint colors in two shades
  • Vintage cabinet knobs
  • Sandpaper 120 grit
  • clearcoat
  • Beeswax candle
  • screw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • paint brush
  • jigsaw
  • hammer

disassemble wine boxes

Untreated wood cabinet, wine boxes and colored paintsUntreated wood cabinet, wine boxes and colored paintsemphasize the printed wine box walls purple, coat them with beeswax and paint with the second color.emphasize the printed wine box walls purple, coat them with beeswax and paint with the second color.

This shelf is not only later in "shabby chic" shine, but also lend a touch vintage setting. For this, the drawers get new Vintage fronts arising from old wine boxes printed. Depending on the number of drawers six to eight wine boxes are needed, the boards are mostly just nailed. Use a hammer to nails can remove and disassemble the crates.

Next, the drawer fronts are carefully measured and transfer the measurements to the back of the printed wine box panels. Now the boards with the jigsaw are carefully trimmed.

underline cabinet and wine boxes

Then, the edges should be sanded smooth before the grinding and cutting dust is removed. Now the new cabinet fronts can be painted with paint. First, the boards are painted purple. Once dry, they receive a coating of beeswax, which protects the paint while sanding, so she remains. After that, the order of the turquoise color follows. While the wine boxes dry, the drawer handles are removed and the visible parts of the enclosures in two stages painted with the same colors. Again, the purple paint with beeswax is treated. Insides of drawers and should not be painted, otherwise they might be able to move worse.

Tip: The first color shows through the end of the work under the Second. This guide uses a darker tone and a bright color was chosen second.

Grind Vintage cabinet

Once the paint has dried, the cabinet receives its shabby chic style. To this end, all painted surfaces with sandpaper be processed until the violet tone shines through. Heavily used surfaces such as drawer fronts, edges and shelves, show clearer signs of wear, as a rule, so that the color becomes stronger ground here. On the areas that were treated with beeswax, the dark color shines through under the edited turquoise paint.

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Install drawer fronts and seal shabby chic cabinet

The penultimate step is to fit the new drawer fronts from the wine crates on, mark the position of the drill holes and perform the drilling. After the fronts were mounted on the drawers of the cabinet receives a clear coat to make the shabby chic effect more resilient and less sensitive. Most recently, the romantic furnishing style with decorative drawer knobs can set the scene. Already you have a closet in the elegant "shabby chic",

Drill holes drawers in the new Shabby.Drill holes drawers in the new Shabby.treat the redesigned cabinet with clear lacquer.treat the redesigned cabinet with clear lacquer.replace the simple drawer wooden handles with decorative buttons.replace the simple drawer wooden handles with decorative buttons.Pavers Vintage closet in the Shabby Chic style.Pavers Vintage closet in the Shabby Chic style.Before and after view of the shabby chic cabinet.Before and after view of the shabby chic cabinet.

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DIY ideas for homemade Shabby Chic Furniture

The chic vintage cabinet can be excellently with a shabby chic dresser, combine a shelf and bedside table. With all furniture applies: Old paint previously sanded before being painted with a primer and a second color. In the finishing touches on the artificial flaws and damage are added with sandpaper until the piece of furniture has the desired shabby look. Decorated with playful, floral and romantic accessories you create as a new living experience. Detailed step-by-step instructions to our shabby chic and vintage ideas can be found here:

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