Nail anchors and impact anchor: For quick installation

Nail plug - drill, take, hold?

Nail anchors and impact anchor: For quick installation

Nail plug, also called knock-in anchor, are a relatively new development in the anchor market allow a much faster assembly of objects on concrete or block walls. The trick is relatively simple: a specially shaped "nail", The externally reminiscent of a screw, is inserted into a plastic dowel sleeve into the drill hole and smashed with a hammer. 

For different mounting purposes there are different lengths of nail screws. Depending on how far the nail screw must afterwards protrude from the wall, different lengths can be selected.

In this article, the advantages and disadvantages are presented by nail plugs explains their uses and gives practical tips for using. 

Nail anchors and impact dowels: Contents

  • Operating principle of the impact dowel
  • Types of nail dowels
  • Applications for impact anchor

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Nail anchors and impact anchor: For quick installation

Operating principle of the impact dowel

Nail anchors and impact anchor: For quick installation


Impact anchor function by a very simple principle: When driving of the anchor shown in the image under item 3, the tapered end of the nail spreads the dowel and clamps it as a downhole. The fins located on the side of the anchor hook the anchor in addition and give it firm support.

The thread of the anchor nail and the screw head, usually as a cross-slot are not used for assembly, but the disassembly: If the dowels are removed, it is rotated counterclockwise from the hole. Without this device, a nail plug could not be removed.

Types of nail dowels

Nail anchors are divided into so-called

(LaNGStahl-Nageldübel /Zylinderkopf)


LSN / SK ((LaNGStahl-Nageldübel /Senkkopf)

The former are particularly suitable for installation in the technical area and for hanging pictures, lamps and the like. Here, the cylinder head is facing and allows the attachment of objects or be put through screw holes.

LSN / SK are particularly interesting for the assembly of strips, panels and fairings. The countersunk head is then driven into the wood and form-fitting to the wood surface. 

Both nail plug types can be used in solid masonry, concrete and common aerated concrete and lightweight building block constructions. In hollow blocks and shear connector can be used with a so-called injection fixing.

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Nail anchors and impact anchor: For quick installation

Applications for impact anchor

Impact Anchors can be used anywhere where a quick and easy, but not too loaded fixing of items needed. Unlike conventional concrete screws made of plastic, the carrying capacity of a nail dowel is slightly lower.

Ideal for mounting with nail plugs, for example, substructures of wall panels to be mounted on concrete walls or block walls. Here the holes are pre-drilled and then smashed the dowels. Even if you have to hang a lot of large images, will be pleased with the quick installation with nail dowels.

For the interior, especially in drywall, nail plug suitable in many ways. Even for the installation of lamps, trim and baseboards Hammerfix are useful.