OBI online store in the test

OBI online store in the test

In 1970 began with the first store in the shopping center of Alterstal in Hamburg-Poppenbüttel the success story of DIY stores OBI. With the then completely new concept to unite all assortments for Yourself under one roof, OBI has managed today to lead as the number one German DIY market sector and to include Europe to the top. OBI will set trends in selection, market size and shopping experience. Accordingly, an online store for home and garden items already in 2001 as a joint venture OBI @ Otto opened. In 2006 this highly successful project that (GDI) was awarded for example in 2003 with the E-Shop Award of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, however adjusted. And first 2010 OBI announced a completely redesigned Online shop back, to compete with the other hardware stores and mail order houses in online trading. we subjecting the shop a test.

The online store is characterized by a clear layout and logical navigation. especially the Search like us, as there are many filter options as well as hints and tips for the use of each item. Range size and brand choices are absolutely satisfactory. The main products and brands are included in the online shop.

Of the Shopping can quickly and easily respectively. Notepad, cart and account are present and overall good to use. The available payment methods sufficiently, the shipping cost and duration are average. In some selected products but you can also look forward to a free supply it. The shipment will be confirmed via e-mail, announced and can be tracked using a tracking links to delivery. Thanks to the enclosed return label to return sticker and the return was to be done easily.

Had this been lost, the customer would have us can definitely help fast and efficient. During our test, this can be achieved particularly friendly and cheap local rates.

Social media play an important role - with the restriction that they are to be used primarily by customers to share and publish information yet. OBI itself participates only with a Facebook and Pinterest profile to it. This also fits that unfortunately still no app for the online store and the mobile version for smartphones and tablets is not a full replacement for the online shop.

Website and navigation

Clearly structured website and trustworthy impression

OBI online store in the testOBI online store in the test

At first glance, notice that the site held in Orange and silver right clearly and simply structured is. In addition to three different navigation areas - above, below the header and the left - are in the middle of the home areas with current issues and offers which are illustrated with high-quality color images. Below you can find all important information on the certification of the shop, around the online purchase, for ordering and service hotline and various services in the OBI market quickly and easily. Below there are a few brand logos and links that correspond to the categories of navigation areas below the header and the left margin.

Clear structure and attractive appearance convey a modern and serious impression in the online shop test. Clearly visible placed notes on certification of online shops give a feeling of security. Because with 4.59 out of 5 points, d. H. a score very well in the evaluation by the leading German certification company Trusted Shops affects the side particularly trustworthy and professional. This confirms, for example, also identified by the use of the security procedure SSL or maintenance of the correct Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and the sense of security code for credit card payments.

Clear navigation and coherent categories

OBI online store in the test

During the cart as the last category in the top navigation is clearly visible below the header, customer login and Notepad are unfortunately somewhat unimpressive in the link navigation at the top edge integrated. There are also found links to the topics OBI top customer card companies, OBI gift card and contact. Home, offers, advice, markets, trade catalogs and services can be controlled as the cart on the top navigation.

The online store is integrated into the existing website. Nevertheless, this does not set between the other content. Because the entire left navigation area is only for the online store reserved. There, the range in 13 categories divided: garden furniture & Grills, garden equipment, garden equipment, car & Two-wheel, machinery & Tools, bathroom & Plumbing, large electrical & -kleingeräte Building & Improvement, budget & Housing, lights & Electrical supplies, heating & Air, Leisure & Pet and offers.

OBI online store in the test

If you move your mouse over each category, so each opens a menu with appropriate subcategories. When you have finally selected a particular product group, you can limit the selection of displayed items through the filter price range, brand, customer reviews, delivery time winner and novelties. The selection can be sorted according to the categories also Bestseller, Price, alphabet and customer reviews. Quickly and accurately so that you can navigate to the desired product.

Product range and pricing

Good assortment and inconsistent pricing

OBI online store in the test

2010, the online store was launched with 4,500 articles today, according to OBI the range includes more than 10,000 items. We have in our test, but only 8,000 items can count on. This is compared to the steady improvement stores and some competitors be little but perfectly adequate. For all major categories are represented. In addition to packet-shippable goods such as power tools or lights bulky hardware store items such as shower stalls and kitchenettes are offered - items that can not be taken in all OBI markets immediately. Only in a few areas such as floor coverings or hardware is to select very limited or non-existent. Much of it is also only available in the set. So you can buy any nails and screws only in the case set. That may be because the shop focus clearly on the garden area is occupying three of twelve assortment categories. Nevertheless, one can be satisfied if a product in the range is present, usually in different types and from different manufacturers. And also could you also find out about the range at the hardware store, then you can do this under the heading Services.

While the ruling on brand selection clearly positive, it must be in the Pricing as a mixed be valid. Compared to the competition, the price in some product areas is very low, in others also very high. The cheapest 300-gram peen hammer and the favorable impact drill were relatively expensive, the cheapest laminate in beech, however, very favorable. You have to compare with the prices so be sure. The requested us Router Bosch was only at the recommended price of the manufacturer to buy. After all, most prices in the online shop are the same as those in the OBI. you can save the OBI top customer card, after 12 months promises a refund of 10%.

Product and Appearance

simple search

OBI online store in the testOBI online store in the test

The search function, which is prominently positioned and always visible in the header, next to the site navigation offers a different type of product. Although it is not possible to refine your search through various settings in advance, the search is still quite precise and comfortable. be as you type the search term different proposals to different Categories and products of the range and content from our guide & specialist catalogs made. So that the search does not only offer the possibility to search for specific products, but also their use in specific projects meet. The search results are accordingly divided into products in the online shop, counselor, markets, trade catalogs and other.

The search hits in the product also can be limited according to the categories, price range, brand, delivery time and test winner and novelties. Then you can sort the search results by Bestseller, relevance, price, alphabet or customer reviews. So you can get in the online shop even more quickly to the desired product, which was a router from Bosch in our test.

Informative product representation

OBI online store in the test

The visual representation of the product is limited to only a few manufacturers images that click individually, zoom in and leave zoom, and a single manufacturer Video. The textual representation of the product is, however, detailed and informative. Short information about accessories and technical details round out the simple and good product presentation. Also included are the Praiseworthy Information on related products for personal advice and use of the product in projects from the field guide as well as customer reviews, which may be helpful in making decisions.

Shopping, Shipping and Payment

Cumbersome notepad and useful basket

OBI online store in the testOBI online store in the test

If you want to buy the product right away, you can use as a registered customer's memo function. However, this is something awkward designed. You can see the noted there goods immediately and do not move together in the cart, but must Calling each individual product again, to place it in the cart.

Of the shopping cart however, itself is very user-friendly built up. When putting an article is only a small window that provides an options Continue Shopping See your cart, so you can then go to the same spot, with the purchase immediately opens. It is displayed at all times visible, how many items are in your basket and what is the total amount of the purchase. If one travels over the display of the basket with the mouse, this works out even further, indicating the individual items including image and price.

Easy Shopping

OBI online store in the test

To purchase in the online store of OBI, you have as a customer - Private person or company - to register. One way to test the shop as a guest, there is unfortunately not. However, the registry has some advantages. You can change among other personal data in the account, read their own reviews of products, understand the last orders or last look prestigious and pinned items. In addition, both the invoice as a delivery address also can be left, which need not be identical and can be changed later. Deliveries may be made to both a home address and a post office branch in Germany. The note to be found already in the product presentation. This is especially interesting for working professionals.

Average shipping and sufficient number of species

The shipping cost does not depend on the number of articles, but according to the article with the highest shipping costs within an order. The express delivery is € 14.90, the standard delivery for parcel items € 4.95 and the dispatch with a forwarding € 19.90 or € 34.90. Thus the cost of shipping are similar to those designed for other competitors. However, there are some products where delivery is fortunately free shipping. These include selected Carpots, garden houses and swimming pools. The delivery takes place in accordance with the selected shipping within 24 hours, two to three days, or three to five days after receipt.

OBI leaves us the choice between six major payment optionsInvoice, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. We decided on our test department for payment. While the information is available to the shipping methods and duration even in the product presentation, the information revealed to the number of options only under Services in the top navigation or in the basket on the way to the checkout.


  • Standard: 4,95 €
  • Express: 14,90 €
  • Forwarding: 19,90 € and 34,90 € (selected products and free shipping)

Payment methods:

  • bill
  • debit
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Sofortuberweisung
  • Payment in advance

Satisfactory delivery

OBI online store in the testOBI online store in the test

The order confirmation can at checkout printed immediately or only a short time be received by e-mail later. The confirmation of shipment is also carried out by e-mail. This includes a comfortable Tracking link, so you have to log not only in his account to track the shipment. We have made use of both. Unfortunately worked the time of testing the Service delivery not track properly. The notice of appointment remained on the day of our order.

During our test we had - as expected - wait three working days in our router. With a matching outer packaging and air pillows as filling material goods reached us in a excellent condition.

Returns and Service

Easy returns and friendly service

OBI online store in the test

In addition to the bill was the package also a return note with return label that can be used within 14 days of delivery for the free return of articles. Unfortunately, there is no way the goods in a local market return. And non-packet-shippable items you also have to phone contact OBI.

At least you can customer service at an affordable local rate to reach. This is extremely friendly. Patiently all our questions were answered in detail in our online shop test.

Perhaps it is not even necessary to call the hotline. On the one hand it quickly takes on the homepage the area around the shopping and on the other there is the possibility of using the FAQ to inform. However, these as well as the assistance are pretty good hidden, namely between other links at the bottom of the page.

Social media and mobile devices

In social media services

OBI online store in the testOBI online store in the test

One last chance to make themselves felt, several social media offer. Content of product or advice can be modified via Facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest and Google+ share and spread. The large amount of social media channels demonstrates a clear orientation to the zeitgeist that to gradually leads that OBI has discovered these channels also for himself as a platform for company presentation. Since 2011, OBI is on Facebook and more recently in Pinterest represented.

On its way to mobile devices

OBI online store in the testMobile version on a tablet

Similarly, the use in the mobile sector shows. There are Service Apps for Apple devices such as the OBI color finder and the OBI Plant Finder or a myOBI App, associated with the customer card, leads to the next OBI and supplied with individual services or coupons. A full-fledged app for the online store, there was not yet the time of testing, however.

And even on a smartphone and tablet can be under Calling a mobile version. But this is already the myOBI app restricted to current prospectuses, Market Finder, service instructions, newsletters, customer card as shown. If you want to see the range, then you have to go beyond the traditional view of the online stores. But then one must often zoom in on the web page and abandon the imposable with mouse menus. This makes handling a little. Nevertheless, everything is moving in an acceptable range.

overall rating

The shop is quite recommendable and home improvement, professionals, hobbyists and gardeners especially a real alternative to stationary hardware store. If one does not forget that the range offered is smaller than in the OBI and the prices are not always the cheapest compared to other competitors. For this, the settlement of purchase and return is easy and quick to do. thus a convenient shopping in the online shop is no more obstacles.

3.9 of 5 stars