Ostrich egg lamp

Ostrich egg lamp

tinker lamps made of ostrich eggs

tinker ostrich egg lamp and use it as a light for the Easter decorations, sounds a bit unusual at first. Here lamps made of ostrich eggs are a great and exotic Crafting: engraved, painted, hung and filled with lights, they see that is just great. In our step-by-step guide, we show you how.

Have fun making this exceptional Easter decoration.

Contents on ostrich egg lamp

  • material list
  • Bastelanleitung: ostrich egg lamp
  • larger hole
  • record pattern
  • decorate egg
  • drill larger holes
  • painted ostrich egg
  • LED bulbs attach

material list

  • Ostrich egg (blown out and cleaned)
  • soft pencil
  • Towel (for holding the ice cream)
  • soft brush
  • Dremel 3000-15
  • Precision drill 150
  • Battery-powered LED lamps

Bastelanleitung: ostrich egg lamp

larger hole

Ostrich egg lamp

So after the lamp fits into the egg, you must first opening at the bottom, making the ostrich egg was cleaned can be increased. The hole should have a diameter of 25 mm.

record pattern

Ostrich egg lamp

After having cleaned the surface of the ice again thoroughly, so that you can start to draw the desired pattern on the egg shell. This should first be mapped out on paper and practiced. In order not to break the material, the ostrich egg can be held in a towel.

decorate egg

Ostrich egg lamp

With the precision drill the recorded marks are now pierced. It must be used very carefully and cautiously. The egg should continue to be held in the towel. Thus, little by the way works its way around once around the ostrich egg.

drill larger holes

Ostrich egg lamp

Thus from the ostrich egg lamp in retrospect can leak enough light, larger openings are needed in the pattern. These are drilled out as well with the precision drill - two points on the sides are then connected together to form a slot. Using a brush, dust and particles of the shell can be removed easily.

painted ostrich egg

Ostrich egg lamp

Thus the Easter bulb shines in bright colors, the egg must of course be painted. To this end, various techniques offer. On our item pages on Easter you will find detailed instructions for coloring with watercolors, pencils, colors and biological - who likes a little more fancy - Airbrush.

LED bulbs attach

Ostrich egg lamp

Finally, the LED lamps are stowed within the ice and fixed with a suitable bracket in the ceiling. If the ostrich egg lamp powered by batteries, it can be hung anywhere.

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