planned vacation? So your garden is beautiful, until you come back!

Tips on gardening and plant watering during the holiday season

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We all need him to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life - the holidays. However, gardeners have to make sure that the garden is presentable in the time of their absence.

The idea that after returning from vacation the flowers hang down our heads and numerous garden plants are dried up, does not contribute really in the holiday anticipation.

The problem: Most of a longer holiday falls in the hot summer months when the garden plants are particularly dependent on an adequate irrigation. Some flowers and plants not only the amount of water matters, but also the right time of irrigation.

Contents on garden maintenance and plant watering during the holiday season

  • When is the right time for irrigation?
  • Who watered the garden during your vacation?
  • Tips and tricks to make the garden without the aid remains fresh
  • The bathtub as an inexpensive irrigation system for potted plants
  • The supply through irrigation systems
  • Irrigation over ceramic cone or pumps

Easy care, however, is the pride of many garden owners - the lawn. An additional irrigation is necessary only when it has not rained for a long period. After a downpour, the lawn will always exactly the liquid it needs to grow.

Flowers in the flower bed or vegetable plants in the vegetable garden but do not have the ability to retain water. They are dependent on a constant and sufficient water supply. Something less demanding are fruit trees, shrubs and bushes. This garden plants come with significantly less water in summer.

When is the right time for irrigation?

Flower in the sunsetPlants are watered in the evening, so as not to burn.

Crucial to the state of the garden plants is not only the amount of water, but also the timing of irrigation. If you water your plants during the day, drops of water cling to the leaves. The sun is shining, there is the so-called motion effect.

The water droplets can act as a magnifying glass and the sun's rays burn dark holes in the plant leaves. This not only looks unsightly, but rather harm the plant. The plant can no longer optimally nourish and may eventually die.

Moreover evaporates much of the liquid as you pour the day. The sun and the heat in the day are responsible for ensuring that the garden plants can not absorb all the water. Another reason for the reduced water absorption that many plants almost completely adjust metabolism in sunlight.

As a result, it is best watering the plants at night and explain your "temporary gardener" why the casting plays an important role in plant health.

Who watered the garden during your vacation?

Man irrigated gardenAsk your neighbors for help. Short distances facilitate the daily gardening.

You want to go into well-deserved summer vacation, but do not have any idea who will take over the watering your plants? To ensure that your garden grows and thrives even in your absence, you must give the task of irrigation in the wrong hands.

The neighbor takes over irrigation

They get along well with your neighbors? A good relationship is ideal if you entrust someone taking care of your garden. The time spent keeps him in check because the neighbor has to take no wide Directions in buying.

Explain the particularities of certain plants and make the necessary gardening tools available, the function of which you can still point. Make a plan together, how much water is needed and how it looks with the Gießhäufigkeit at the various garden plants.

Ripe and unripe tomatoesDo you offer your workers to make use of during your absence at the kitchen garden or berry bush.

Teach your neighbor as thanks a souvenir from vacation with or - if you build fruit or vegetables - They thank in kind from the garden. Or you can arrange with the temporary gardener that he may use during your absence to the fruit and vegetable plants.

The advantage: Once you allow the neighbors to harvest vegetables, he will be even more intense and careful care of your garden. so that they also prevent the risk of tomatoes, berries or other gardening products are overdue at the time of your absence and rot.

Repay you at the earliest opportunity by itself take over the holiday replacement. Or download the neighbors after the holiday to take a relaxing barbecue in your garden.

Food on barbecueAfter the holiday, you can invite the busy bees to a common barbecue.

hire friends or relatives with the irrigation

Ask friends or relatives for help, if you do not understand so well with the neighbors or this itself is just on vacation. Ideally, these auxiliary gardeners live nearby, because you have to remember that some plants every night need to be watered in dry conditions.

Therefore, keep the Directions as short as possible.

Also explain the relative or friend exactly how the water pump works, which need care the individual garden plants and where they can find some garden tools.

A souvenir from vacation, an invitation to dinner or barbecue or to retaliate on the next occasion the promise, are ways to thank the reliable helpers.

Tips and tricks to make the garden without the aid remains fresh

GißekanneThe irrigation quantity can be reduced before the start of the holiday.

They have no neighbors to take care of your garden? Your family and your friends live too far away? In this case, an irrigation system makes sense. Usually, such a system with relatively high cost associated.

But there are alternatives that ensure the survival of your garden plants.

refrain from fertilizing and watering strong

Refrain sure to fertilize the plants in front of the holiday. There is a good reason: The fertilizer stimulates the circulation of the plant and by this increased metabolism also needs more water.

If you go on vacation and no one cares about the watering, so-called fertilizer salts accumulate in the leaves. The result: "burn" the plant. Continue watering amount back a few days before the holiday. Thus the plants get used to smaller quantities of water and the garden plants show themselves more resistant to drier periods.

Lawn mower on lawnThe lawn is not mowed before a long holiday.

not mow the lawn before the holiday

Many gardeners make the mistake that they particularly sharply cut the lawn before the holiday, so the green is not overgrown excessively.

Better: Mow the lawn, but you leave it at an average altitude. A radical shortening is not recommended because often make bald patches on the regrowth.

Take plants from the sun

Before you take your vacation, make the potted plants in a shady place. Either placing smaller garden plants under a bush or use an awning to give the plants a shady spot. Thus, they are optimally protected from direct sunlight.

Dig pot plants directly to the pot into the earth. tip: Place a water storage mat in the pot before planting. In small pots, it is sufficient if you dip it before leaving in water. The clay pot and the earth so have the opportunity to become saturated with water, of which the plant can draw during your absence.

dandelionRemove weeds as possible before a long trip.

Verblühtes and remove damaged

Take before leaving a tour of your garden. Inspect flower beds and plant shrubs particularly thoroughly and remove any damaged parts of plants and withered flowers. By cutting back the plants, the water demand decreases.

Do not worry, you are not prevented by this measure that the plants soon bloom again in your garden. On the contrary, garden plants will quickly again and you can look forward to a new blooms after your holiday.

And another thing: Harvest ripe fruit and vegetables before arrival and remove troublesome weed. After returning, you have to eliminate only slightly digested fruit and also the proliferation of weeds, which indeed makes use of nutrients in the soil, keeping the fact in check.

The bathtub as an inexpensive irrigation system for potted plants

irrigationAs an alternative to bath individual bowls come for an indirect irrigation in question.

A low-cost alternative to an expensive irrigation system is the bathtub. Fill this up to a height of six centimeters with water and set it to the demanding potted plants inside.

Check before departure if the closure is one hundred percent proof, so that the water remains in the bathtub. To survive, the plants then only need sunlight. If you have no window in the bathroom, keep the door open to allow some light from other rooms entered the room.

However, not all plants react the same on the constant supply of water in the bathtub. Inform yourself on a platform like on the needs of individual plants which are listed alphabetically here.

Four additional tips to keep your garden is still beautiful to look at even when you return:

  1. Make small potted plant in a large pot with wet sand.
  2. Use flower boxes with a practical double floor.
  3. Delaying the harvest by the outbreak of the flowers (useful for vegetables such as tomato, cucumber or zucchini).
  4. Examine your plants before departure on pests and fight them if necessary, so that they do not spread.

The supply through irrigation systems

irrigation systemThe irrigation systems from agriculture come in smaller versions for the home garden.

Irrigation systems are always a convenient solution, if you have large plants in your garden and these plants are firmly rooted in the soil. For professional systems in garden centers and hardware stores.

The advantageThe irrigation system ensures that your plants are supplied with water, without having to seek neighbors, friends or family members. Such a system must once only to acquire a rule.

The disadvantageThe investment in the irrigation of your garden is associated with high costs.

So-called Irrigation or watering systems are becoming increasingly popular. One reason for this is that the technology has improved and the systems become more reliable is. These irrigation systems work very effectively, because that the water flows directly to the plant. This way you save money because the water consumption is much lower. Conventional casting methods mean that evaporates a lot of water. The targeted watering the plants absorb the life-giving wet immediately.

Irrigation over ceramic cone or pumps

houseplantsSet all houseplants to a place that facilitates irrigation.

As diverse as the needs of each garden plants and the types of irrigation systems. The easiest irrigation possibility is via a drip tube solution. Modern time, take a computer-controlled water distribution systems.

For what type of system you choose depends primarily on the time you can not take care of the garden. If you want to travel for one week to a maximum of 14 days, a low-cost model is sufficient. High-priced systems require a complex installation - an expense that would not be worth it for the short bridging period.

There are two common irrigation systems. The system works with a Tonkegeln while the other variant is based on water pumps.

Irrigation on clay cone

This irrigation method uses hollow ceramic cone that are pressed into a substrate. Using a hose system to set the internal cavities under water. What is the amount of water will fail depends on the particular requirements. What is important is only that the level of the water reservoir fails high enough so that the water actually reaches the plants.

A particular importance in this case the Tonmembran that provides a metered irrigation. The advantage is that you will need for this irrigation method no electricity and the intelligent system works completely autonomously.

The disadvantage is that you can not regulate the water flow. In areas with very hard water there is a danger that the Tonmembran clogged and must be replaced. But you need a reliable system to bridge a short time, the hollow ceramic cone are ideal.

garden hoseWith the garden hose which reaches upwards pumped groundwater into the patch.

Watering via pumps

The irrigation method on the basis of the pump provides the plants with a constant and predetermined amount of water.

The advantage over the method with the hollow Tonkegeln consists primarily in the fact that you can adjust the amount of water to the needs of garden plants. Hard water is for the system is not a problem and the pump system is considered particularly long-term stability.

The downside: To operate the pump, you need electricity. The following five points may be useful:

  1. Create a flow volume, so that the plants are not in the water.
  2. Consider the water level, you guarantee a constant irrigation.
  3. Use a timer, so that the plants are watered only once a day.
  4. Test the system before the holiday.
  5. Calculate the optimal amount of water.

No matter which type of irrigation you choose during your vacation absence. There are several ways to supply the required amount of water your garden so that you have aromatic vegetables and beautiful flowers even after your return joy of juicy fruit.

irrigation system

Modern irrigation system

In summer, flowers, shrubs and crops need a lot of attention and care in order to prevent a lack of water or dehydration. Read more information on the design of an effective irrigation system here.

Florian Dargatz writes as an editor for the magazine of the holiday GmbH.

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